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  1. Ptenisnet

    For Sale Free to a good home (must collect) - Stewartscreen Model A Videomatte 200 tab tensioned projector screen

    Must be collected before 9th Dec Free for collection my Stewart screen 4:3 tab tensioned Model A Videomatte 200 tab tensioned projector screen. It’s an old screen but it’s unique in that it unfolds bottom-up rather than the usual top-down direction. 4:3 aspect ratio, viewing area is 170.5 x...
  2. K

    Recs for PJ Screen: 130"+, AT, Elec Motor, Tab Tensioned, Ceiling Recessed, non black room

    I currently watch movies on my Optoma UHD40 4k projection direct on my wall. Its fantastic. I measured the picture last night watching Angels & Demons which was a 2.4:1 aspect ratio movie, and I comfortably got about 133" diagonal image (obviously the full diagonal projection was much bigger...
  3. A

    Grandview Tab Tensioned?

    I'm looking to update my projector screen - the one I've had for probably nearly 20 years is a Beamax screen and amazingly the motor still works fine but I realise I can accommodate a larger screen as it was originally installed in a smaller room. So I was looking at the Grandview Cyber Series...
  4. Darloc

    Recommendation for tab tensioned screen. Optoma or GrandView

    After having some issues with my manual Sapphire screen, I am considering upgrading to a tab-tensioned screen and considering two screens: Optoma or GrandView, both 120". From what I can see, they both look very similar with the same brackets as the sapphire screen, they might come from the same...
  5. Coopson

    Tab Tensioned screen Just Came all the way donw wont go up

    Hi my Othelloline screen model SC-COP100-W just came all the way down when I last tryed using it I can still hear the motor but the screen isn't moving back up anyone know if this is fixable or if you can even get parts for Othelloline screens doesn't seem like a big brand.
  6. P

    Celexon Electric Tab Tensioned Screen Automation

    Hi there, I have just purchased a Celexon Electric Tab Tensioned Screen. It has a control box wired to it which contains the IR receiver for the remote control. Ideally I want to set the screen up so that when the projector is switched on, the 12v trigger can instruct the screen to open and...
  7. Deano@Dublin

    Question Tab Tensioned - it it worth it??

    I have a cheap 106" electric screen that is showing it's age. I see that Sapphire have a 122 inch electric for £560 that I thought would be a nice upgrade. The thing is, the tab tensioned models seem to be double the price? Surely this cannot be worth it? I would have hoped that a good brand...
  8. M

    Cheap tab tensioned screen (Celexon) or better un-tensioned (sapphire or similar) - advice please!

    Hi All. I need a screen for my projector in a home cinema room. Before moving house I just used a matt white painted wall, and to be honest I was happy enough with that, so i don't think I'm as fussy about picture quality as most people. I have moved house however and the new wall is occupied by...
  9. colinstone

    Electric Tab Tensioned Screens

    Well, my current grey screen is pretty flat in the centre, but edges are seriously curled. It is basically just a window blind mechanism with a 2m wide piece of Harkness light grey screen material, recommended for DLPs in early 2000s, with the bottom bar filled with lead shot to weight it down...
  10. hambo

    Tab tensioned screen disaster

    The motor failed on my tab tensioned Euroscreen Linea screen (Draper react screen). It did a weird thing where it lowered the screen to its maximum (all the way to the floor) then packed up. I was off on holiday the next day so I put on the list of jobs to do when I got back. On arriving back...
  11. calibos

    Question VividStorm Tab Tensioned Electric Floor Screens. Any Opinions?

    I have long had a plan for a DIY Electric Raising Screen built into a very long 'FAUX' Radiator Cabinet with Low Profile Speakers and Sub also built inside. ie. In the room it just looks like a long Radiator cabinet with a TV mounted on the wall above it but at the push of a button a large...
  12. D

    Has anyone had tab tensioned screen that doesn't work?

    I've recently got a new XY Screens EC2 tab tensioned screen with the Soundmax 4K acoustically transparent material. It is good overall, but I noticed that the screen was really wavy when I set it up. I wasn't overly worried because I knew I could adjust the tensioning. The problem is that is...
  13. The Fonz

    Elite Screen Tab Tensioned Limit Adjust

    I have recently brought an Elite Screen Tab Tensioned Ceiling recessed jobby. The back drop is 508mm, to limit the back drop to 350mm, you have to do so by the means of inserting an allen/hex key into the roller area and turn. Problem is that the bolt is tilted in such a way that you cannot...
  14. bull

    Question really flat retractable projector screen

    Hi All I have a new UST projector - Dell S718ql. This one is really ultra short throw. it projects from 15cm from a screen. As a result you can see all imperfections of the screen and I mean ALL of them. Something you wouldn't notice with a regular projector in here is very visible. It's due...
  15. Coopson

    New spitfire tab tensioned screen Not level

    Hi I just got a spitfire screen today and after getting it setup I've noticed the screen isn't level when droped, the case is level and the bottom weight bar is level but the left side is slightly higher anyone know if this is fixable ? didn't know if messing with the tension might have some effect.
  16. S

    Question Help with Tab Tensioned Screen

    Hi All, I am trying to setup a tab tensioned screen I ordered from Luxburg and after putting the screen up I am operating the remote to release the screen, I can hear the motor working and can hear the fabric unwinding inside and when I push the up button the pull the screen back inside the...
  17. Harkon321

    How to adjust my Tab tensioned React screen?

    I've got a tab tensioned React screen in a draper sesame case. The left hand side needs adjusting as it's got so waves in it. Tightening the tension has removed most of it but there's still an annoying bit bottom left. Right side is spot on. However I've tensioned it to what feels like the...
  18. F

    Cyber Series Tab Tensioned Projector Screen

    Hi has anyone got any advice on how i can bring my 106inch screen 6 inches away from the wall so it goes in front my tv screen when coming down thank you PS ceiling not an option
  19. A

    Question Projector Screen: Anyone used a Sapphire electric non-tensioned screen?

    Hi all, Just looking for some advice really on the above. This screen specifically: SAPPHIRE SEWS240RWSF-ATR 106 inch Electric Projector Screen Does anyone have any experience with this screen? Mainly based on quality and whether or not you have any issues with it curling at the edges after...
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