1. S

    Sony Bravia KDL.32W706B und DVB T2 HD ?

    Hello, Can the Sony KDL-32W706B actually DVB T2 HD, in the instructions it says the DVB T2 can, and further below belongs but no HD, can the DVB T2 HD? I wanted to get a CL + card but do not know whether I can manage the Freenet works. Grussel.
  2. W

    Kef T205 - T2 sub or PSB 250

    Hi all, I have just upgraded my surround sound to KEF T205 using a Denon x2600 amp. I have a PSB Subseries 250 from my old set up See link Which sub should perform better with this setup? The T2 or PSB 250? I think from the specification the PSB should perform better, but have previously...
  3. P

    Question Recording from Humax HDR T2

    Although I have had my Humax for quite a while I have never worked out whether I would be able to record footage onto a flash drive. I have a series I wish to copy to disc to keep and have actually transferred some of the episodes to my DVD recorder and made a disc from there. However the...
  4. Goosebumps

    KEF T2 subwoofer feeding stereo signal to single RCA input with splitter

    Hi, I have a KEF T2 subwoofer and I am wondering if I can feed it a stereo signal with the help of an RCA splitter. The T2 has only one line level RCA input intended for use with an LFE / subwoofer output from an AV receiver. Thus: preamp outputs left and right channel -> RCA splitter -> KEF...
  5. JabbaNut

    FIRMWARE: Mecool KII PRO S905D with DVB-S2 and T2 tuner (03-11-2019)

    " You can download today a new update for the TV-Box Mecool KII PRO includes the SoC of Amlogic S905D, a Quad Core very similar to S905X but which is specially designed to be integrated into equipment with DTT and satellite tuners. Inside we have integrated 2 GB of DDR3 RAM, 16 GB of storage...
  6. M

    Monitor audio CT 180 T2 advice?

    Hi Guys, new here and in need of advice. I have a friend recently upgraded his speakers throughout his house and i have purchased a pair of Monitor audio CT180 T2s off him. I plan on using these in home cinema set up as rear left and right speakers. Can i bridge across the two pos and neg...
  7. M

    Twin KEF T2 active subwoofer set-up?

    Anyone have an opionion of what a twin KEF T2 subwoofer system would sound like in a medium sized room? Running a Sony STR-DN1060 and T305 5.1 speaker system for both AV and music. The amp has 2 sub connections, gotta be a good reason :- ) Would like a fuller base sound without shaking the...
  8. webbonline

    Humax HDR Fox T2

    Hi all had my HDR Fox T2 for some time now, always worked solidly, just recently tho on startup it will hang saying "start system" this can be resolved by either turning on off or unplugging/inserting HDMI cable, also this evening i was recording two programs at the same time, and the box...
  9. M

    Is my Humax Fox T2 on its way out?

    After searching several forums I've not been able to find anyone else with my problem. There were a couple about loss of sound on HD channels on their Humax Fox T2, but I've suddenly lost sound on all my SD channels. I had noticed that on changing channel that it would sometimes take several...
  10. mushii

    Bargain Tin Audio / Tin Hifi T2 IEMs £25.63 from Ali Express

    Ali express have Tin Hifi / Tin Audio T2 IEMs on offer at £25.63 down from £41.33 US $34.06 38% OFF|2019 TIN HIFI T2 TIN Audio T2 3.5mm In Ear Earphone Dynamic Drive HIFI Earphone Bass DJ Metal Earphone Headset Earplug-in Earphones from Consumer Electronics on AliExpress At this price you will...
  11. Mozzy77

    Kef T2 subwoofer giving high pithched sound when powered on

    Hi all, This summer I bought a Kef T105 set with a T2 subwoofer. I started noticing the subwoofer is making a high pitched tone while it is powered on (blue light), but not when in standby (red light). I ‘ve had it shipped back to the shop I bought it from. Technical service looked at it and...
  12. M

    2tb external HDD with Human HDR- FOX T2?

    Can I attach an external 2gb portable hard drive to this Freeview box straightaway, or does it need some form of formatting on a PC before it will be recognised? I'd read that only 1tb HDD's are recognised. My box has the original Human software on it. Thanks
  13. P

    Humax HDR Fox T2 Panasonic FX650 No Audio Solution

    Connected working Humax HDR Fox T2 to new Panasonic FX650 series smart TV using HDMI lead, picture okay, but no sound even with volume on max, via TV HDMI ports HDMI1 and HDMI2. However, picture and sound okay via TV HDMI port HDMI3. Solution. Change TV HDMI Auto Setting to Mode1. Please note...
  14. RobTi

    Answered Humax hdr T2 power help

    hi I asked this on the remote control forums and then decided to also ask here. I control my Humax by a harmony app and the problem I am getting is if I try to power on the Humax when it’s already on doing a recording then the remote then switches it off. Is the Humax behaving correctly in that...
  15. S

    Can chase play be turned off on Humax Fox T2 ?

    My Digital Stream PVR is 10 years old and taking a long time to turn on, so I am thinking of getting a Humax Fox T2 in case the former dies. However looking at the T2 manual it doesn't seem as if you can switch chase play off on this model (eg. in "preferences") in the way you can with the...
  16. T

    Question What's the best (most reliable/durable) make/model of external USB3 drive to use w Humax HDR-FOX T2?

    What's the most reliable/durable make &/or model of external USB3 drive? Would be using the drive just with our Humax HDR-FOX T2 (BTW this is currently 1TB internally, but is shortly to be upgraded internally with a 2TB hard drive). The external drive would need to be a 2TB drive. We have...
  17. T

    Disk Errors on Humax Fox T2 HDR

    Hi My Humax Fox T2 HDR is showing as 100% full but when I count up the percentages used in the folders, it comes to 75%. All new recordings are failing because the disk is seen as full. When I ran the Disk diagnostic, it returned errors in Current_Pending_Sector and Offline_Uncorrectable...
  18. HHGTTG

    Putting aside my Humax HDR Fox T2

    What do you folks think of replacing a perfectly good Fox T2 with its recording limitations and replacing it with a Humax 5000t? I am prepared to spend my money with no problems but I read so many adverse comments about this machine that it is really a bit off putting. I know forums like these...
  19. RobTi

    Question How cool does the Fox hdr t2 run

    Hi I am getting fed up not having series record on my tv so have just bought one of these and wondered about sitting it and how cool it runs ? Thanks
  20. T

    Question Largest possible USB external drive to store recordings on a Humax HDR Fox T2?

    Hi Is there a large USB external drive I can use to store recordings on our PVR/DVR? I have a Humax HDR Fox T2. I've connected to it (via a USB hub) several (up to 4) external 2TB USB drives. This has allowed me to backup recordings and play them back. This external storage has been handy as...
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