1. L

    For Sale Synology RS1619xs+ 4+2 bay NAS, 16 TB (4x4TB Exos), 8 GB RAM, Rails, New in Box

    Hi all, First (attempted) sale here. This unit is new in the box and has never been turned on. It's only been opened for photos. If you're seriously interested and want me to power it on, install DSM, and take photos of that before purchase, please let me know (though by "serious", I mean...
  2. zantarous

    Synology 1821+ upgrading RAM

    I appreciate this maybe a very new device and no one on this forum has one yet, but if someone does have you upgraded the RAM? I am looking at the pricing of OEM and it is astronomical so looing at 3rd party options and wondering what makes to go with, I guess the usual like Crucial or Kingston...
  3. L

    For Sale DS115J Synology Nas Server 1 Bay No Hard Drive

    No HDD
  4. W

    Synology 220+ vs Qnap ts-230

    I am a first time NAS buyer for my home use. I am the only person who will be using the nas. I am looking mainly for storage for my music collection & photos. Also to access my storage remotely. I also want to remove some of my files away from the laptop & onto the NAS. I will backup the...
  5. R

    Synology DS920+ , AV receiver , plex server no hdmi

    Hello fellow AV genius :). I have a situation that I am trying to figure out. I have a NAS synology 920+ running plex server and I want to buy an AV receiver to play my movie collection . My problem is I want play the signal thru the AV to the tv but I dont have a HDMI on the NAS. I trying to...
  6. N

    Synology NAS as alternative to Google Drive/OneDrive?

    Hi Folks, I am hoping that this can be done easily, but we will see! So, I have a Mobile phone and I currently have OneDrive AND Google Drive subscriptions. I got one drive for free with my phone for a year. The Google one I already had (just 100GB for £1.50 a month or so). These constantly...
  7. T

    Upgrade Synology drive

    I have a Synology DS213J I bought a 4TB drive to upgrade from a 2TB drive. I took the 2TB drive and cloned it to the 4TB, however when I put the 4TB drive in the NAS, it only shows as 2TB. Anyone know how to resize the disk without having to pay for special software?
  8. mfp2gosling1

    Synology DS920+ Login issues

    Hi, I bought a 920+ just over a week ago to host my movie collection, so I started loading it up with my Bluray collection, got about 4Tb on a 8Tb drive so far, only 1 drive fitted at the moment but will shuck my other 2 WD Elements drives once I’ve moved the movies into the NAS. Everthing was...
  9. paulbuk

    Wanted Synology NAS - DS218+ or DS220+

    Looking to buy a Synology NAS for home use, either DS218+ or DS220+. Anyone got one they are looking to sell? Thanks!
  10. M

    Help Synology NAS and streaming Cyrus setup

    Thanks to the advice received I have upgraded my system and am really happy with the results (Cyrus amp 8 vs2 ,8 power, CDI and Dali Opticon 6 speakers). I have just purchased a Synology NAS DS216 PLAY on the basis I wish to stream from the NAS over ethernet to my HIFI rather than using my PC...
  11. B

    Ripping to Synology NAS

    Im looking to transfer my audio CD, DVD and Bluray collection to a Synology NAS but am struggling to work out what hardware and software I need to acheive this. I guess I need an external optical drive capable of reading CD, DVD, BD and 4K BD but its really the software needed to get the data...
  12. Tomnook80

    Question Synology 920+ Won't log me in securely 'certificate invalid'

    Evening, I have just set up my 920+ however, I cannot access it securely via Https. I've configured the DSM settings to allow redirect to https but everytime I get an invalid certificate error. The certificate is up to date, any idea why I constantly get 'the site is not secure' errors? It's my...
  13. S

    LG TV won't play movies from Synology NAS

    I've just got an LG TV (OLED 48" CX) and Synology NAS (220+). They are both connected to the router via ethernet. I've dumped a lot of movies onto the Synology in various formats - .avi, .mp4, .mkv, etc. I'm not using Plex or any other video streaming apps on the NAS. The films play all fine...
  14. Tomnook80

    Question NAS queries, Synology 920+ PLEX and HEVC formats

    Hi all, I have a shiny new Synology 920+ arriving in the near future and having not had a dedicated NAS setup in a long while had a query for those in the know. My current setup is LG OLED48CX and Shield TV Pro 2019, everything is wired via CAT6 through ports I put in when I networked my...
  15. D

    WD to Synology

    Hi all You guys have helped me to buy a Synology ds220j after my wd mycloud was proving more difficult than helpful. I have set the Synology up, but now need to get everything (photos, videos and music) from the WD Mycloud to the ds220j. Doing this over the network will take forever. I'm...
  16. M

    Problem with synology and LG

    Hi! I have a NAS synology DS413j and a LG OLED 65B7V i want to view my files (photos and videos) om my tv. i go to the app photos and videos and i can see three folders: music video photo. On the NAS i have all my photos and videos in the same folder ”photo”. Catalogized in different years...
  17. petermorlion

    Question Synology NAS video to Yamaha Musiccast

    Hello, Does anyone know if it's possible to send video that is stored on a Synology NAS to a Yamaha receiver? In the Musiccast app, I can browse my NAS but I can only play music, not video. My Synology NAS supports Airplay and also DLNA, which are both supported by the Yamaha receiver. But I...
  18. HeadBanger

    CCTV cameras for Synology

    Can someone recommend some decent CCTV cameras to run with Synology’s Surveillance Station please? Those around the outside of the house can be Ethernet but I will also need some WiFi only ones for our garage and surroundings. Good definition in the dark without additional illumination is a...
  19. J

    Synology DS220J - Xbox One SMB Connect Issue

    Hi, I've just bought a synology ds220j which I am accessing via my Xbox One (using VLC) to watch videos etc. I can see the drive as SMB and again as UPNP. Trying SMB it says "Your input can't be opened" but UPNP works fine. I'm assuming UPNP is using the installed 'Media Player' and that it...
  20. Movieman

    Question Plex and Synology NAS

    I’m currently running a synology CS407 NAS with DSM 3.1 software. I have all my media on their films, music and photos, I’d like to put plex on their for a more slick interface with my TV for watching movies. Is this possible with DSM 3.1 or does it have to be a higher version? If it is possible...
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