1. dedekam

    Technics Ottava SC-C30 Bluetooth out of sync

    Hi, i connected my new Technics SC-C30 to my TV today. With Bluetooth activated the sound is heavily out of sync- any tips on how to adjust this? My old Marshall Bluetooth speaker did not have this issue. My TV is a Samsung Qled, around 1 yr old. Also, when connected with an optical cable, can...
  2. JimmyJaxxon

    How to fix audio delay on my TCL 50EP660 via optical output to my receiver?

    Hello, I encounter an audio delay when connecting my TCL 50EP660 via optical output to my receiver (simple Hi-Fi receiver without HDMI). The receiver mode is set to stereo. The source is a normal cable tv channel. A playback through the internal speaker of the tv are in sync with the video...
  3. T

    Question Setup multiple tvs for a business

    Hi all, I have minimal tv knowledge, but I get by. I am also in technology consulting, so I know a little bit. I have a non-technical client that wants to setup multiple 50" screens in his yogurt shop. I believe 4. He wants the screens to all be synchronized to play the same video, but also...
  4. C

    Question Yamaha RX-740A Multi-Zone Syncing?

    Hi, all. I have a Yamaha RX-740A with a 7.1 setup in a TV room “Main Zone” and two wired speakers in the kitchen connected to “Zone 2”. These two rooms are close to each other and when I play both zones (simultaneously) the sound in one zone slightly lags the other zone....yielding an echo like...
  5. D

    Question File Synchronisation software

    Would appreciate opinions from folks who've used file/folder synch software... Please recommend me free file/folder synchronisation software that: Is simple to master and doesn't have many bells & whistles (Most Important Aspect!) Would synch both ways between internet connected (wired &...
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