1. V

    Going around in circles trying to get Samsung (US) TV to sync to SKY HD+ RF Out

    Hi, I have an interesting problem which I have yet to crack! Long story short: I have a Samsung US TV (UN40J5200AFXZA). This has an NTSC Tuner so I cannot use Freeview Signal (PAL). No matter, I only wanted this in the bedroom where I have an RF Out co-ax signal coming from the SKY HD+ Box...
  2. Macey

    Lip Sync Issues with Sky Q

    Hi, Not sure this is the best forum for this post but plenty of others like it appear here! So, I have recently setup the JBL 9.1 sound bar and am experiencing lip sync issues through Sky Q when Dolby Digital or DD+ are selected (delay is also present when streaming from Apple TV on an Xbox...
  3. ussjtrunks

    Sky q lip sync live uhd channels?

    Any of ye get lip sync slightly out on live skysports hd broadcasts. I don’t understand why tbh, normal hd channels are fine and uhd downloads have no issue. Only live 4k channels are a fraction off
  4. P

    Series X Sky Go sync issue (Samsung TV, Sonos soundbar)

    I know diagnosing this is going to be a nightmare, but maybe - just maybe - someone else has had a similar issue? I have a Samsung Frame TV and a Sonos Arc Soundbar, connected via HDMI-eARC and set to passthrough. There have been lots of compatibility issues, which are finally now all sorted by...
  5. M

    Video & Audio become out of sync...

    Hi. I have a fairly old DVD recorder-player (Sony RDR-HXD870) connected (via HDMI cable) to a much newer TV (Philips 50PUS6504_12). My problem is that, though the picture quality is excellent, during playback the video and audio are constantly drifting apart, should you pause the playback, for...
  6. bailey87

    Hue disco lights - which app for 10+ lights in sync with music

    Hi I have about 20 Hue colour lights I would like to have respond to music (e.g. like a disco). However I can't find any apps that are able to handle more than 10. e.g. ILightShow seems decent, but can only have a maximum of 10 lights responding at any one time, with the others just set as...
  7. rdbrotherton

    Lip Sync Issues with Sony XH9005 and K450 Soundbar

    Hi guys, I have a fairly dated soundbar in the form of a Samsung HW-K450, nothing fancy but better than TV speakers and has been adequate for my needs to date. For a number of years I'd been using it with my Samsung TV (RU7470) and have experienced zero problems with sound and picture sync on...
  8. A

    Sonos Playbar sound behind LG CX

    Hi all, I just got an LG CX and using it with my Sonos Playbar and two play:1’s for surround. I’m having an issue where the audio seems to be a tiny bit behind what’s happening on screen. It’s a fraction of a second but it’s noticeable when watching lips when people are talking. I have spent...
  9. D

    Lip sync issue - Q90T - how to fix?

    Hi all. I have the Samsung Q90T. I have the tv connected to a Denon receiver. the inbuilt apps have no issues with lip sync under the auto setting in sound, expert settings. however, when a roku or firestick is connected to the tv directly, I get bad lip sync issues and cannot seem to correct...
  10. J

    Philips hdmi sync box connection issues

    Hello, i was hoping someone with a Philips hue setup could help me. I have a Philips hue play hdmi sync box and a gradient strip hooked up to my LG CX tv. The lights sync fine with my Xbox connected to it if I play sound through the tv speakers but if I switch the sound output to HDMI ARC to...

    Lip Sync Issues Sky One

    Does anyone else get lip sync issues on Sky one programs, particularly Magnum pi? Happens when sound comes through the amp or the TV. Also sound drop outs are worse than normal.
  12. F

    Sound out of sync on LG CX48 working as a PC monitor

    Hi, just noticed that after a while my videos (movies, youtube etc.) played on my PC are going out of sync (slight delay of sound compared to video speed). At the beginning I thought it is something wrong with my Pc, so I tried to reinstall my apps, web browser etc. but the issue kept coming...
  13. T

    Several av issues including lip sync / Marantz + Oled

    Hi I am new here but been into movies since a long long time. I ran into some issues with my new home theater setup and I don't seem to be able to fix them. If anyone would be willing to help me out / point me in the right direction that would be awesome since i am getting a bit desperate. I...
  14. M

    Philips Hue Sync Box turning on by itself (voltage change related?)

    Hi all, I've had a Hue Sync Box for about 2 months now and have had this ongoing, extremely annoying issue where the Hue Sync Box turns on by itself, and consequently turns my TV on as well. This happens almost every time I operate any electrical appliances or sockets in the flat. Yesterday the...
  15. O

    Apple TV lip sync issues

    Delighted to have just upgraded my home cinema after about 14 years. I now have a denon x3700h, to also play ATMOS content as I have those speakers. Tv is an LG cx and I use Apple TV 4k for all my content. I set frame rate matching (to prevent judder and to run the content as intended), this it...
  16. M

    Audio sync problems ripping DVDs using Handbrake

    I am trying to rip a collection of DVDs to put on a PLEX server in due course. I am using the free Handbrake software to do this. Despite ripping a variety of discs and trying different settings on the frame rates - most at 30; an old film at 24 and a number selecting "same as source" and using...
  17. P

    Lip sync issues PS5-Onkyo TX-NR686-LG NANO916NA

    Hi there, So I have my PS5 going through the Onkyo amp to the tv but have noticed the lip sync is off. I have tried playing around with both the Onkyo's 'Auto Lip Sync' (on or off) and the LG's 'AV Sync adjustment' (HDMI Arc values 0-60 or Bypass). Hope someone can help, Alex
  18. j3roen

    AV out of sync (audio lagging). Post your results please.

    I've had my OLED 55 BX for a few weeks, and am very happy with the picture quality, but I just can't get the AV sync set correctly. I am thinking of returning it if I can't fix the delay. There is about a 42ms delay (the audio is lagging) according to my tests. This delay is seen when using the...
  19. fordieUK

    70PUS8105 + Sky Q Sound goes out of sync and TV crashes

    I bought a 70PUS8105 before Christmas. Since the outset I've had issues with the sound going badly out of sync, stuttering and the TV crashing. But only when watching Sky Q. I have an Apple TV, Sky Q and Sonos Beam plugged into the TV. I've checked that all the devices are running the latest...
  20. Saxo Appeal

    Panasonic HZ1000 Issues with Xbox Series X / Sony Soundbar / Hue Sync Box

    Ok this is completely doing my head on the Panasonic HZ1000 ! In Options I have Game Mode set to ON, but when I switch on my Xbox Series X that mode is not automatically switched on. I know this because when I press Menu on the Panny remote, in Picture settings it’s still stating Viewing Mode...
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