Sync and synch are abbreviations of synchronization, the coordination of events to keep them in time.
Sync or synch may also refer to:

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  1. S

    Question A95L Bravia Sync Question

    Looking for some help solving an issue I have with the Sony A95L that i just upgraded to from LG. I have an AVR that nearly all my devices are connected to which is connected to the TV HDMI 3 eARC port and i also have zone 2 of the AVR connected to HDMI 2 and my PC connected to HDMI 4. The issue...
  2. T

    Question Hue sync box with av receiver

    I’m thinking of getting a hue sync box and leds for my tv. I’ve read a lot that they are tricky to set up in a system with an av receiver. My set up is - Lg tv -> pioneer av receiver -> sky tv. I’d like to add in the hue sync box into the set up. Any advice welcome?
  3. lemonswhatever

    Question Xgimi horizon lip sync with soundbar...

    I've got an Xgimi Horizon (FHD version, not 4k, love the picture!) connected to a Samsung HW-S800b soundbar (sounds great!). Soundbar only has HDMI connection so that is what I'm using! However! There is an annoying lip sync issue where the audio is just behind the video, even with the audio...
  4. C


    I use HDMI from the Virgin V360 box to take the sound and vision to the TVs one connect box. Sound and Vision In SYNC. I don't use this route since the sound on the TV is very poor in my opinion. Using the ARC HDMI from the Samsung one connect box to my Denon Receiver sound is in sync with...
  5. Clem_Dye

    Lip sync delays — interesting RTINGs article

    I caught sight of this article purely by chance recently: Your Soundbar's eARC Connection May Not Give You the Best Experience: What We Learned From Taking 500 Measurements Using Our Updated Audio Latency Test I’ve only scan read it, but one of the conclusions regarding lip sync issues, if I...
  6. G

    LG C2 auto power sync issues again

    I have posed a thread about this before but its been 18 months, same issue Ive reset the amp and the tv just gave up on it but wondering if anyone else has had this issue. Now I kind of know what Im doing so is it a compatibility issue. LG C2 and Pioneer VSX 1131 ARC and e arc all working...
  7. marklee77

    Question Yamaha YSP-2200

    hi im new on here looked through a few sites b4 choosing this one i recently got a yamaha ysp 2200 upgraded from a cheap soundbar the ysp 2200 seems to work fine with the tv, i use arc connection and the sound only comes out through the sound bar. i tried hooking up my hifi to the sound bar with...
  8. P-P-S-S

    Philips sync box and lightstrip question

    I’m thinking of getting a Philips Sync Box and lightstrip to use with my new 65” tv. A couple of questions i have though: do I need to get Apple TV to feed to it and use the apps through that in order to get the lights to work? Also does the lightstrip cover only the 3 sides but not the bottom...
  9. T

    Audio sync issues with Playstation 5, Marantz Cinema 40, Philips OLED908

    Hi all, I recently did a bit of an overhaul of my system setup. I have just installed a new Philips 65OLED+908, as well as a new Marantz Cinema 40. I have also replaced all HDMI cables with certified HDMI 2.1 cables. I have three inputs via HDMI, all going directly in to the Cinema 40. These...
  10. teeveedee

    JZ1000 - Game Mode & Lip sync

    I've had a JZ1000 for over a year now and have it connected to a Denon AVR via eARC for all audio. It sends audio from the Freeview tuner and internal apps perfectly well to the AVR and lip sync is perfect. I've had an Apple TV 4K box attached to the AVR with passthrough to the TV for a while...
  11. F

    Is PS5 sync possible?

    Is there any way to keep two PS5 consoles in constant sync with each other? There will only ever be one in use at any one time (eg; they will both never be on at the same time)
  12. G

    Question Lip sync madness on LG C3

    Hi I recently purchased an 55 inch LG C3 after reading multiple reviews. I set up in conjunction with my existing kit (SkyQ and Sonos beam gen2) immediately I spotted an issue......lip sync 🤬🤬. Not worrying too much initially I set about various tweaks but to no avail. The best I can get is when...
  13. S

    Video and audio out of sync with second monitor

    Hello, I have for some time been having a problem with my video and audio whenever I have my second monitor(TV) plugged in(doesn't need to be turned on) via a HDMI cable. Browser based video and audio is out of sync, whether that is YouTube, Netflix etcetera, it all has the same problem. The...
  14. E

    Question Using 2 different consoles

    I travel between 2 places usually weekly and want to have a PS5 at each place. Is it possible to use the same login on both consoles and will I be able to keep them in sync? Will I be able to use my downloaded games on both and will it share the game progress etc. on them?
  15. klyve

    Audio Sync Issue

    Hi Folks I've just bought a "HISENSE 50A7KAU". I'm using it as a monitor for my desktop PC. It's not connected to wifi, just using it as a stand alone monitor. I'm having an audio/video sync issue with this screen. It's connected to my PC via HDMI, and I'm using an external USB soundcard to...
  16. T

    Blink mini indoor camera and Sync Module 2

    I've done a bit of research and I believe the Blink Mini camera with Sync Module 2 will fit my needs. There's a few things I've heard on YouTube reviews but wanted to get confirmation as it wasn't clear. As I understand, the Sync Module 2 when used without a subscription will be used to record...
  17. Gordon Streeter

    Videos out of sync on YouTube.

    Hi, I have been making films and videos for way over 50 years so I am not an absolute beginner. In this last few months I have noticed that when viewed on YouTube they are sometimes (but not always) out of sync although they are perfect when I have edited and uploaded them. I will add that his...
  18. G

    Super annoying sync issue

    Hi. I have just got a BenQ W2710i. I use a splitter to extract the audio from the Sony 4k blue ray and send it to my Monitor ASB2 SOUND BAR. But it's out of sync. By maybe 10 frames. Enough to be annoying! When I connect the Blu Ray directly and listen thru the projector speakers it's in sync...
  19. C

    Question Sound Sync problem on Virgin 360 recordings.

    I am using the V360 with a Samsung Sound Bar,Home Cinema System and the latest Samsung QOLED TV. On watching any TV live no issues. On recordings played back through just the TV or any external source there is a lip sync problem. In my case the sound arrives a micro second before it should. Done...
  20. R

    Ambilight+Hue on 55OLED837/12

    Yesterday i bought a 55OLED837 (2022 model). I had a 49pus7183 which i had connected to my hue bridge for sync of my hue lamps with ambilight. In the settings of 'ambilight+hue' i had intensity set to 3, cause higher it became too flashy. To my wonders after configuring the ambilight+hue on my...
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