1. jjcs

    Yamaha RX-V485 lip sync solution

    Just posting this here in case it helps anybody else, as I scoured the internet for a solution and could not find one. I purchased a new receiver (Yamaha RX-V485), connected to a Sony A8F. Cable box (with Netflix) and playstation connected to the receiver and going to the TV through ARC. I've...
  2. HariSeldon

    For Sale Hue Play HDMI Sync and lights

    Brand new, unused, sealed in box. Bought for room project that didn't happen. Hue Play HDMI Sync box - £195...
  3. Dragomiloff


    Hi, First of all sorry for my poor english, i'm from Spain and I'm not used to write in english Recently I bough LG C9 65" and DENON X1600H and I was wondering if anyone knows what settings use on LIP SYNC for both devices. I have ZIDOO X9S connected to the TV using amp with 5.1 speakers...
  4. A

    Q90R soundbar with GZ950 lip sync issues

    I've just received a Q90R soundbar and have also been blown away by the sound. However as others have mentioned, I'm having minor lip sync issues. I currently have a 48Gbps HDMI cable linking my panasonic GZ950 to Q90R, and when the video is about 100ms ahead of the audio (minor but I can't...
  5. T

    Unable to sync controller to PS4 after bluetooth to my phone

    I have recently been playing around with Playstation Remote Play with my Playstation 4 and had success playing on my desktop PC. Today I discovered I could also get a Remote Play app for Android and installed on my phone. This seemed to work great too and I successfully mirrored my PS4 screen...
  6. P

    LG 65 C9 - picture and audio sync - please help?

    I purchased an LG 65 C9 recently and have some issues I wanted to raise on here and get some thoughts As at present I’m not impressed and frustrated that I’ve parted with a good chunk of cash. Screen settings The TV is connected to a Sky Q 2TB box. The standard screen settings are not doing it...
  7. J

    TV withn no Bluetooth Audio Sync lag

    Looking for a good 32 Inch tv which i can use bluetooth headphones with any ideas ? Have tried using a fob type device liteblue on current sharp tv but little bit of lag just drives me mad
  8. J

    Audio delay & lip sync - how best to get it bang on?

    Hoping for some direction here on the best way to do this. I've recently upgraded a bunch of my home cinema stuff. I got a Pioneer vsx-934 and then paired it with a set of Wharfedale 220's and a 11.CS. It all sounds great but I think my slightly old 2016 Samsung KS7000 is struggling a bit with...
  9. dUnKle

    Kindle Sync Issue

    I have kindle reader on my iPhone and my iPad and also my kindle voyage Everything been fine up until about a month ago when sync stopped working. No longer could I stop reading on another device and start on something else I tried loads. In the end I completely reset my kindle and deleted...
  10. C

    LG soundbar sync with TV audio

    Hi guys, i kind of need some clarification. I have bought LG 7100 PLA and connecte it through optical cable with soundbar LG SH. I haven't really understand how i can handle the sound, some issues i see/saw: I as of now use the output audio from the tv to both tv speaker and LG sound bar...
  11. B

    Output issue on Pioneer VSX-923 AV amplifier

    Hi Over the last couple of days I’ve started having an issue with the output from my amp, essentially its showing a snowy image and intermittently flicking to the actual source image for a split second and then back to snow again. It is doing it on everything when I switch between input...
  12. D

    TV withn no Bluetooth Audio Sync lag

    Looking for a good 32 Inch tv which i can use bluetooth headphones with any ideas ? Have tried using a fob type device on current sharp tv but little bit of lag just drives me mad
  13. D

    Samsung UE32N5300 Bluetooth Audio Sync

    Does anyone have a Samsung UE32N5300 and use bluetooth headphones looking to purchase one but want to check the audio does not go out of sync I normally use wired headphones but see this one does not have a headphone jack.
  14. R

    Question LG 55SM8600PLA Picture/Speech Sync

    I have the above television connected to a SKY Q box and have it set up so that when I switch it on with the SKY Q controller it loads SKY immediately. Unfortunately the picture and speech are marginally out of sync. To overcome this I have to revert to the TV dashboard and reload SKY. Has...
  15. J

    LG C9 55" & Sonos Beam - lip sync?

    HI all I'm strongly consdering buying the LG C9 (55") this week, and plan to run it with a Sonos Beam and surrounds that I already own. I remember reading last year about lip sync issues with some LG TVs. Does this happen with this TV ? Has this been addressed since? Anything I should...
  16. Getinthehole!

    Harmony Elite software and sync

    Good morning all so this morning my Harmony elite remote decided not to work. I have then reset the remote and lost all settings without remembering the software was on an old windows computer which is long gone and we are now fully integrated into Apple. Will my old settings still be...
  17. MartinH32

    Harmony Elite sync issues

    Hi, I've been using my Harmony remote for several years but recently although it says sync is successful, the changes I've made using my harmony aren't being transferred to the actual remote. Some are, some aren't. I've one particular activity where I've added sequences to the touch screen which...
  18. V

    Bravia Sync Forgetting Inputs After Turning TV On/Off

    I have a Sony AG8 and a STR1080. On the 1080, i have the AG8 connect via ARC and an Amazon FireTV and Virgin Tivo connected on port HDMI 2 and 3. I can control all TV and FireTV fine though the 1080 via the Sony remote. The problem i am having is that before my TV was upgraded to Oreo last...
  19. TyneBridges

    Another LG sound sync problem

    I have a completely unexpected sound sync issue with a new LG TV, a 49SM8600PLA. Reading this forum, I see that similar issues have been reported with LG TVs several times. For casual viewing I use the TV's internal speakers only, with enhancements (Dolby Atmos and AI Sound) switched off...
  20. Andrew Farrar

    Hue Play Sync Light Inputs

    Ok I have jumped and bought the Hue Play Sync Box and have three Hue Play lamps running off of it. I notice on the power plug of the Hue Sync Box, there are inputs for what look like more Hue Pay lamps. Can you have a total of 5 Hue Play lamps powered by 3 on the HuePlay power socket and an...
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