1. M

    Lip Sync LG C! and Marantz 8802A

    I have a new LG OLD C1 and can not get the lip sync to be correct. Any setting suggestions for the 8802A running ARC from the LG
  2. NatD

    Philips Hue Sync Audio / Connection

    Help please! I am upgrading my system later this year and would appreciate some advice with regards to connections. I have a decent set up now, but it’s time to upgrade so I will have: - QN85B Samsung TV Q950A Samsung Sound Bar Nvidia Shield TV Pro Mac Mini Philips Hue Gradient LED My question...
  3. pewex1988

    JVC RS400 audio lips sync issue on 24Hz

    Hello, I have had a JVC D-ILA RS 400 projector for some time. It is not an outstanding projector. But it has a nice black level and colors .. But back to the problem .. I have the impression that the 4K e-shift in the JVC RS400 works better when we set the refresh rate to 24Hz .. I have the...
  4. Ritchie1972

    Philps OLED 806 out of sync with HW-Q90R

    Since i bought the Philips OLED 806 55 inch TV, i have always a problem with my Samsung HW-Q90R soundbar. The soundbar is connected with a HDMI 2.0b cable on the ARC, connected to the HDMI 2 eARC 4K 120Hz. When i switch on the TV, the soundbar detects eARC on the soundbar display. And now the...
  5. M

    Sky q lip sync

    I appreciate this will have been asked a thousand times, but is there a definitive reason as to why the video is faster than the audio (so, adding an audio delay just worsens things?) My sky q box is hdmi into TV, then hdmi from TV (arc) into soundbar My soundbars an old one, so can't pass video...
  6. Smt

    How to sync hifi to TV wirelessly? Chromecast (maybe?) and more......

    Hi. I am trying to get my TV to sync to my hifi for better sound but have drawn a blank so I have come to the experts for some help. My TV is on the other side of my lounge from the hifi and it's not possible to wire them together elegantly so I am looking for a wireless solution. I have a...
  7. jdevil

    For Sale PHILIPS HUE Play HDMI Sync Box & Play Light Bar Twin Pack Bundle

    Selling a fairly new Philips Hue sync box and twin light bar. I purchased this last year during the lockdown period but didn't end up using it due to moving to a small flat and baby on the way so need the money now for baby expenses. So while 13 months or so old it's never been used, just opened...
  8. T

    What tools do I need to sync Emby to the cloud?

    I am wondering how to sync media on Emby to the cloud? Besides an Emby account, what other devices, software, and services are needed?
  9. J

    Youtube music sync across devices

    Does anyone know if it's possible to sync YouTube ( paid for version) music playlists between devices? I created a playlist on my Windows laptop, expecting to see it appear on my android phone, on the logged in app, but it doesn't. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  10. T

    Advice needed: Samsung, Sky, Hue Sync set up

    I'm in need of some advice please re setting up some lights for complete home cinema experience. My current set up is: TV - Samsung QE75QN800A (with One Connect box) Soundbar - Samsung Q600A (connected via eARC) Panasonic bluray DP-UB820EB Sky Q Also have Alexa so able to use voice commands...
  11. K

    Panasonic 65 inch jz1000 audio sync...

    Does anybody know how to activate the audio sync setting when in HDMI mode.? I have a Freeview recorder connected via hdmi. The video is slightly out of sync with the audio. When I go into sound settings on the tv to select audio sync it is greyed out. The only time I can use audio sync is when...
  12. H

    logitech harmony sync problems

    I had a Samsung tv with Harmony touch, all was good. I assigned tv, tivo, firestick, netflix and tv smart hub all onto remote with old logitech software, no problem. Now i have a LG tv trying to set up the same with new harmony desktop app........i have achieved nothing it's far too...
  13. Jay1318

    Lg C1 and LGSP9YA not in sync

    Brand new 65" C1 and LGSP9YA soundbar. All hooked up with good cables, etc., but the sound is not in sync. I've searched and searched and it seems this is simply "just a problem" that doesn't really have a fix. If I plug my cable box (or xbox) directly into the soundbar, there's no lag. But I...
  14. snerkler

    ITV HD sound out of sync?

    Anyone finding that ITV HD (channel 103) sound is out of sync quite often recently, especially watching the FA Cup with the pundits in the studio? Other channels all seem to be OK (except Sky F1 UHD which has always been shocking)
  15. W

    WiiM Mini Sync Multi Room??

    Does anybody know if there's a way to sync mullti room, I tried doing the auto sync in each different room but they're an awful long way out from ech other.
  16. M

    Audio sync (again) 43UP81006LR

    I bought the above tv 4 months ago, and have repeated audio delay issues (lip sync). 1) sat TV is generally OK, but often I need to add 30ms audio delay to the Plex and/or Prime app to get lip sync. This is annoying, and not consistent, but manageable. 2) if I turn on my eARC connected hifi...
  17. D

    Sonos Lip Sync Issues

    My current set up is the Xiaomi UST 4K Projector (Chineese Version) along with Apple tv 4K (not the very latest one but previous one) and for sound I use the Sonos Playbase and 2 Play 1's. For watching i use the apple tv to stream everything from Netflix and also use the Plex app. I seem to...
  18. canigetawitness2020

    Will setting Blu-Ray player digital audio output to PCM cause A/V sync issues?

    I'm wanting to play Blu-Ray and DVD discs on my Blu-Ray player. I know that the discs have 5.1 sound built into them. I'm wondering if I set my Blu-Ray player to output PCM sound, if I would have A/V sync issues when playing the discs with 5.1 sound. Or, should I set the Blu-Ray player to Bitstream?
  19. T

    Damaged IC of my Philips Hue Sync box

    Hi, My Philips Hue Sync got damaged during a power surge and an IC was damaged. I sent a photo of the damaged IC (circled in red) to Phillips Hue and asked them whether they can tell me the part number so that I can purchase a replacement one but they could not. Please can someone help. Thanks.
  20. R

    Needed -Atmos Soundbar buying advice to avoid lip sync issues.

    I currently have an 8 year old 5.1.2 system with Yamaha receiver and Q acoustics 7000i speakers but am looking to replace this with a soundbar+rears+sub. I have a Sky Q box and watch the main channels in HD/UHD ,Netflix and Amazon. (Mainly drama,films,sport) My TV is a 2020 Samsung...
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