1. oxonjeff

    Humax Freeview/Freesat menus with HDMI switcher - strangeness

    I have discovered some odd behaviour with my Humax Fox T2 HD-R and Foxsat HD-R They are both connected to an HDMI switcher ( i ran out of HDMI inputs on Samsung UA8000 ). When both Humaxes are powered on, and say i'm currently viewing Fox T2 , if i press the MENU button on the Fox T2, the...
  2. muljao

    Digital optical switcher unit

    Just wondering does anyone use one of these units that allows you switch between inputs in case there isn't enough inputs on your system. I have not seen a coax one, do these exist?
  3. Cromulent

    Does it matter what HDMI switcher I get?

    The TV I own only has one HDMI port, but I want to plug in my Amazon Fire 4k Max and a Nintendo Switch OLED. I want to get one that is 4k compliant, but I was wondering if it mattered which one I go to? If I get one that says 4k will I be safe? They seem to be about £20 on Amazon, whereas the...
  4. E

    HDMI Switcher - is there such a thing as a wall panel?

    I'm currently helping plan out a dedicated cinema room at my parent's new house build. My father loves the idea of having the cinema, but is a complete technophobe so has never used a computer and just about manages to get by with his phone and TV Remotes! The room is built so I'm at the stage...
  5. sep8001

    KM Switcher that does not require power

    Hi A long shot but I am looking for a keyboard and mouse switch so that I can use my keyboard and mouse with two machines. At present I have to unplug them from one machine into the other. I do not want to install a software KM, as I do not want to use the two machines at the same time, just...
  6. H

    Using my receiver as a switcher

    Hello, Currently I have a 5.1 set up with the Yamaha RXA860 receiver. However I just just purchased a Dolby atmos soundbar. I have used the sound bar into the earc of my tv to replace the Yamaha system but have left the old system in its place as all my hdmi cabling is into the receiver. Is...
  7. N

    Tv to HDMI to switcher

    Hi. I’m hoping someone here can help. I have 2 HDMI cables running behind my wall to my tv. One is for my PS5 and one is for my Sky box. Unfortunately the one to the PS5 is broken. In moving the tv cabinet I accidentally broke the head. Resolving the head looks beyond my expertise. It’s also not...
  8. paulefox

    Sonos Arc HDFURY Arcana HDMI switcher

    Hi, does anyone have any knowledge of a good HDMI switch that the can recommend. I have just got the arc and the fury which work great but would like to add my Apple TV as well. thanks
  9. I

    Multiple Video/Audio Inputs to one Video/Audio Output

    Hi forumites I have a desire to connect one PC and two games consoles to a single TFT monitor. I have two issues with this, namely: While the PC and one of the games consoles both have HDMI outputs, the other games console does not - the best I could come up with was a SCART-RCA converter...
  10. follytree

    Question Video Switcher Advice Ross Carbonite Solo Black vs Roland V-60HD for wacky show

    Hello Thank you ahead of time for any thought you give this post. I am building a live feed live cinema show in which id like to be able to switcher between and control at least 4 PTZ optics sdi cameras and possibly couple more hdmi ins. I am trying to build a bomb proof system that is as...
  11. C

    Help with Speaker B switcher device or relay for Cambridge Audio amp

    Hi I have a Cambridge Audio Azur 350A stereo amplifier. Speaker Set A is connected to a pair or ceiling speakers in my bedroom. Speaker Set B is connected to a single stereo ceiling speaker in my bathroom. There is a button on the front of the amp to turn on or off the Speaker B in the...
  12. L

    Question Using an HDMI switcher with a soundbar?

    OK first of all, I'm a total AV noob. I know very little about this kind of stuff. Having said that, I'm looking for a setup that is SIMPLE. I have a Samsung TV (model UN43J5000AF). It has 2 HDMI ports, neither of which are the "ARC" type (I have confirmed this). I only learned that this "ARC"...
  13. reevesy

    3 (or 4) in 1 out hdmi switcher recommendations

    hi all..... been looking through posts but cant find anything posted recently.. basically simplifying all my boxes and bumpth down to 2:1 stereo ..but as my receiver does all my hdmi switching to my wall mounted tv i thought it would be an idea to get a simple switcher..cheap but reliable! 3...
  14. lpkotsev

    HDMI switcher/ splitter 1 in 3 out for avoiding cable meneuvers

    Hello there, I am stuck with a problem of HDMI connection. I simply don't want to take out and put in the HDMI cable every time from the source to the displaying device. I have read quite a lot about HDMI switchers/ splitters, but not sure whether anything could help in the following situation...
  15. T

    Question need help finding compatible HDMI switcher for Sharp Aquos LC-46D65U

    Hi, my first post here. Sharp Aquos LC-46D65U purchased new in 2009, mounted on wall with no access to rear HDMI inputs, trying to get a switcher to connect multiple devices to side input (5). All devices work fine when connected directly but not through a switcher. I've tried a few no-name...
  16. exponential

    Question HDMI switcher compatible with Harmony

    Hi all. I hope this is posted in the correct section? Anyway, I'm having a bit of a change at home and selling a few items to reduce the box count but due to this, will require a good HDMI switcher as my TV on has 3 HDMI inputs. I need to keep one of these reserved for HDMI/ARC so that leaves...
  17. S

    USB Production Switcher

    Afternoon all. I'm new to the AV world, so please bare with me. I've been tasked with finding a USB production switcher. Essentially, we are looking for a USB version of the ATEM Mini ATEM Mini | Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini We would like to have the picture in picture option so that we can see...
  18. Drongo


    Hi I'm after a HDMI input switcher, so I can attach multiple consoles to my TV. Ideally, I'd like the switcher to have at least 6 inputs (preferably more) and be capable of supporting 4K /60 Fps. Remote switching would be nice, but not essential. Obviously, I don't want to introduce any...
  19. L

    shared front speaker in in home theatre with amp for stereo

    Hi, I currently have a separates stereo system, with a Technics SU-A600 mk3 amp and Kef Q60 Uni-Q shelf speakers. These are bi-wired (using A & B) speaker outputs. I am researching setting up a new Atmos HT (5.1.2), and want to use the Marantz SR6013, using the existing Kef's as front L/R, so...
  20. K

    Question USB Switch

    Hi Everyone I hope you’re well and happy. Does anyone have any experience with using two computer with one keyboard? We are using a touchscreen connected to a pc works great but we also connect laptops to screens to mirror the display via HDMI. The touchscreen function works on both devices...
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