In electrical engineering, a switch is an electrical component that can break an electrical circuit, interrupting the current or diverting it from one conductor to another.
The mechanism of a switch may be operated directly by a human operator to control a circuit (for example, a light switch or a keyboard button), may be operated by a moving object such as a door-operated switch, or may be operated by some sensing element for pressure, temperature or flow. A relay is a switch that is operated by electricity. Switches are made to handle a wide range of voltages and currents; very large switches may be used to isolate high-voltage circuits in electrical substations.

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  1. Mohammad Hamid

    Super Mario RPG (Switch) Review & Comments

    A classic from yesteryear gets a new lease of life, but can this old dog’s newly polished tricks still delight a modern audience? Read the review. Write your own review for Super Mario RPG
  2. RAINS

    For Sale Pokemon Scarlet

    I have the above for trade after purchasing a switch from my nephew. I only have the cartridge and no case at present but i have asked him to look for it. Would like to trade for Mario Odyssey or Luigi's Mansion 3 Thanks
  3. FunkyBunch

    Wanted Fae Farm

    It's a long shot, but I am looking for a boxed copy of Fae Farm on Switch for my daughter. Happy to pay PayPal or BankTransfer
  4. drhcnip

    Wanted Pokémon mystery dungeon

    As title for switch payment via ppg
  5. PCambo

    Question New TV max size 50”

    I am after a new tv for my spare room, it’s going to double as a place to play my PS5 and switch with my son. It needs to be no bigger than 50’ as the gap I have is 120cm that it needs to fit in. My budget is £1k but could up it to £1.2k but no more. I’m used to a OLED as my main tv is a Sony...
  6. Mohammad Hamid

    Super Mario Bros. Wonder (Switch) Review & Comments

    Can this well-crafted evolution of Nintendo’s classic side-scrolling gameplay provide whole new levels of joy and imagination back in a 2D universe? Read the review. Write your own review for Super Mario Bros. Wonder
  7. buddy777

    how do i play any Nintendo game

    Iam an olde lonely guy and Ihave bought a Nintendo Switch and a Zelda game. Igot it all set up and Zelda appeared on screen,the question now is what the hell do i do now? no instructions supplied, most people say hours of fun bur how.Can anyone give me some simple guidance to get me going? Thank...
  8. W

    2 routers, 1 switch, multiple AP's

    I have one router that provides for my phone system and one for my broadband internet. Both routers are and dishing out DHCP from .2 to .252 I have 4 access points wired into my switch. The question is, can i plug both routers into the switch and configure the AP's on 2 different...
  9. bogart99

    Question Nextbase 522GW

    Dashcam will not switch on battery is charged fine showing 4.2v for a 3.7 v battery. Tried all the usual take SD card out put SD card in press reset nothing, dead as the proverbial. Do I assume defunct? If so pretty poor performance as only ever run for a few hours, stored away then when...
  10. Violator

    Question JL E112 Sub Issue (clicking)

    Sub has been fine up until yesterday, when we had two quick power outages in the house (Sub is always on). Noticed about an hour after the outage there was a clicking sound. Switched it off. Now, if I turn the Sub on, I hear rapid clicking and the power light flickers along with the clicking...
  11. TellyTel

    Amazon Eono hdmi cable

    Hi I just got a Denon switch and the hdmi cable supplied is longer than I need, thinking about getting a 1 metre length instead, Its only for video but I was going to get the Amazon basics Eono, there is 4K and 8K versions, likely get the 8K, has anyone used these cables? If not, any others...
  12. MartinH32

    Zappiti Reference - online mode

    Hi, I managed to switch my reference to off line mode but for the life in me can't get it back into online mode - please help!!!
  13. Jimx26

    Red Dead Redemption Coming to Switch August 17th

    Not the remaster I hoped for put pretty cool nonetheless. Includes Undead Night are DLC.
  14. T

    Switch Unable To Connect To TV...?

    Hi guys, My son's Switch is unable to connect to the TV at times. I am not sure why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I have tried using different HDMI ports, different HDMI cables, different TV's, compressed air to blow out any debris in the USB C port and also a different...
  15. ies

    PoE switch 24/48 port

    We are in the middle of a big renovation and wiring the house and office with CAT cable for PC's and CCTV. I currently have an 8 port PoE switch but the update will take us up to 23 connections. Not all need PoE at this time, something like 8-10 maybe. Looking at housing in a 19inch rack...
  16. A

    Issue with HDMI compatibility?

    I have an old Sanyo PLC XU56 projector that receives an DVI input from an HDMI 4 way matrix/switch box. this has worked well for ages with inputs - raspberry pi, Nintendo Wii, laptop etc, with sound taken from the matrix box idirect nto an amp. We have just purchased a PS5. Getting this to...
  17. Mr Kennedy

    Adding a network - Am i missing anything?

    Having some renovation work currently so thinking of adding a small network to the house. This is the plan so far. 5 or 6 sockets with 2 runs per socket (but only one will be used). Terminated in a 8 port switch and then run this to the router. I have seen some posts about access points in the...
  18. Crownshi

    HDMI 4k Switch Advice. Help needed please

    Hi, Can anyone advise me on a suitable 4k hdmi switch or splitter that will work with fibre optic hdmi cables? Because of the distance to my projector I went for fibre optical rather than copper. I want to be able to either switch or split, I don't care which, the hdmi from my amp to the...
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