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  1. chew1t

    For Sale Switch Lite

    Lightly used Switch Lite in Turquoise colour for sale. Includes box, and all its contents & carry case. Buy now in anticipation of a 2nd lockdown ;)
  2. hods001

    For Sale Nintendo Switch Lite Console, 32GB Zacian & Zamazenta Grey, Boxed

    Very good condition. Can’t see any scratches on it. Always had a screen protector on. Comes with additional protective case which holds 4 games. Comes with receipt.
  3. L

    For Sale Nintendo switch lite

    Working, no scratches or dents. (Screen protector, stick covers and gel back cover) Received around Jan 2020 (as a gift)
  4. R

    Nintendo Switch Lite Same Household

    Hi I am looking at getting my kids each a switch lite, question I have is can they play the same game at the same time on both devices in 2 player mode? I.e Mario Kart 1 purchase Kid 1 - Switch Lite Kid 2 - Switch Lite Same wifi Can they play 2 player using the above? Thanks
  5. paul1979

    switch vs switch lite

    so the switch is like rocking horse poop at the min.... but the thing is i want a 3rd. My eldest has one. I have one [we dont live together] and my youngest wants one [we also dont live together]. Thing is only one available is the lite. My daughter is using mine for animal crossing and does not...
  6. B

    Question Second hand Nintendo Switch Lite

    Hi All I have recently bought a second hand switch Lite, it has the parental locks on, the seller has forgotten and is trying through nintendo to get this changed. I would like to clear it all and start afresh. Is there any way this can be over ridden or factory rest without the pin? Thanks in...
  7. Atomic77

    age of the gamer

    What is the average age of people on This forum? I’m 42.
  8. Doctor Smith

    Question Switch or switch lite

    I'm swaying towards the lite. However, will I miss the rumble and bigger screen? I won't be playing it on the TV, so is it the right decision, going with the lite? Thanks
  9. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Nintendo announces Switch Lite handheld console

    There have been months of rumours and Nintendo were even tight lipped at the recent E3 but now they have finally announced the Switch Lite handheld console. Read the news.
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