American Subwoofer and Speaker manufacturer
American Subwoofer and Speaker manufacturer.
  1. S

    For Sale SVS Prime Elevation - "the world’s most versatile home theater speaker"

    Due to house move these - are now for sale. Having been utilized as the Atmos channel in a 5.1.2 setup they are in superb condition. They come in the original box with the instruction booklet, mounting template, mounting brackets and screws.
  2. Bilbo 69

    Question Svs sub amp for centre channel

    Does anyone no if this is doable I want to use my spare amp I have from a svs pb4000 and use this as a power amp for my svs ultra centre speaker can this be done any input on this thought will be appreciated Many thanks 🙏
  3. Ned55

    Wanted SVS 1000 Subwoofer

    SVS 1000 sorted now
  4. rad007

    Question B&W PV1 replacement

    I've had my PV1 since its release and have been enjoying this little bass making machine ever since. I have had to get it repaired 3 times in it's lifetime and now its coming to the 4th repair as sub just clicks instead of subbing. My question, would an SVS SB-3000 micro be a suitable...
  5. B

    For Sale 2 x SVS SB1000 - 1 working 1 faulty

    I have 2 x black SVS SB1000 subwoofers for sale. One of them developed a fault and instad o rectifying i did the sensible thing and upgraded. They have now been sat in my office for a good period of time doing nothing. A couple of dings to the boxes that are a bit bigger as per photos - one...
  6. A

    What Cable for SVS sb-2000 pro to Marantz SR7015

    Hi all, I'm looking to get a 15 metre cable to run through the wall to the sub. What is the cable I need to do this - do I need two for L and R? I don't have either the sub or the receiver yet, Which makes it a little bit harder to figure out
  7. T

    SVS Pc12-NSD Bash Amp Blown?

    I think my SVS PC12-NSD amp is blown. It keeps blowing fuses when I power it on. No light on the back, just a spark where the fuse lives and a blown fuse when I check it.... Yesterday I was watching youtube videos, nothing special, probably a science/space video. My speaker levels were pretty...
  8. A

    svs sb-2000 pro - what wiring/wall face plate

    Hi all Following on from my post here I'm just trying to nail down some of the wiring. I'm going to get my electrician put in a wall plate for a second svs sb-2000 pro on the renovation project I'm doing, so that if in my space I need the second subwoofer, I've got it wired in. What...
  9. danprice

    For Sale SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer

    Black ash finish in excellent condition. Supplied with power cable. Collection only please from NE20 Newcastle.
  10. H

    For Sale Mission E32 Front /rear / centre speakers & SVS PB10 Sub

    For sale are a set of Mission E32 speaker. Excellent condition £150 for the fronts and rears ,centre speaker . SVS PB10 Sub £100, the front material has come loose in the past, just taped it back. X2 Atacama Speaker stands £SOLD Collection preferred but would meet within a reasonable mileage.
  11. S

    Question SVS PC-2000 Pro or SVS SB-3000 - which to buy

    Hi, I need some advice. I'm deciding between buying the SVS PC2000 Pro and SVS SB-3000 (unfortunately I don't have room for the PB version). We have an open living room (so including the dining room and kitchen) it is approximately 6000 cubic feet; specifically, the living room is less than...
  12. paulst10

    Alternatives to SVS SB16 Ultra?

    Hi all, having slowly found myself getting back into AV, I've been considering going dual subs again. I like the look of the SB16's, the size is perfect and the convenience of the digital gain and phone app is major plus.. But it's been out since around 2017 IIRC and can't help but wonder what...
  13. P

    Connecting SVS to both Denon AV and Rega Elicit

    Hi all Currently have an SVS SB-1000 Pro connected to Rega Elicit (via high-level) with KEF R3s but have just invested in a Denon X-3500H and wondering how to keep the sub connected to both the Rega/ Denon and then switch between high-/ low-level for either music/ movies? For music, I’d...
  14. SteffMarinov

    Deal Agreed SVS sub sold, Adam Audio monitors SOLD

    All sold now, thanks! SVS subwoofer sold - happy to consider offers on the Adams. One of the Adam Audios pending (from Facebook market), they needed a B speaker which leaves a matched pair of A and B speakers. Edit for added speakers: Selling my 3 Adam Audio A77X active studio...
  15. K

    Klipsch The Fives, SVS Prime Wireless Pro or Mission LX Connect for living room mixed use

    These speakers are going into my living room setup next to my TV, so they will be used 50/50 for TV/movies and music. My space is not that big as my current speakers are actually too big for my needs :D. The Mission system seems like a pretty good buy but there is not a lot of reviews etc. about...
  16. D

    Want to add Armos height speakers to KEF KHT6000 system

    I have the KEF KHT6000 5 speaker system currently. I am using a Pioneer Elite sub as the amp in the KEF sub died. I have a Denon X2700h receiver which supports Atmos. I want to add height speakers. Was thinking of the SVS height speakers unless someone has a better suggestion. BTW, really like...
  17. C

    Living Abroad

    I will be moving to Dubai shortly and selling all my equipment as it is too expensive to ship out. When I get settled there I am thinking of buying the following as they seem to be good value there. Audiolab 6000a Amplifier, Audiolab 6000CDT and SVS Prime tower speakers. My room size will be...
  18. pwood

    SVS app saving custom presets

    I have just got my SVS 3000 micro and the ability to dial in with the remote app is great. However I would like to save my own custom preset to use but there seem no way to save any adjustments only select the presets that are there music movie etc. I’m clearly having a moment but can’t see the...
  19. R

    Wanted Svs prime elavations and towers

    Looking to set up an atmos system around the elavations, already have a pair of prime towers and Centre, also have an old svs sbs system, two options, use the sbs for atmos duties and get another pair of towers or bookshelves or get the elavations and use the sbs as rears, let me know what you have
  20. stevos

    Smallish on wall to replace svs prime sats

    I've been using a pair of prime satellite speakers as my surrounds for years but my upgrade to the anthem avr has highlighted they aren't up to the quality of my mains. I can't justify the get anything close to the price for the surrounds and having a small room means I can't realistically fit...
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