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  1. P

    For Sale SVS SB16 Ultra Piano Gloss (2 Available) + extras

    Selling 2 SVS SB16 Ultra due to current apartment restrictions. I can no longer enjoy them here so have to sell. They are in Piano gloss edition and in excellent condition. Bought a little over a year ago if I remember correctly (I can look up the receipts if needed) Will include 6 isolation...
  2. Margate73

    For Sale Various speakers and home cinema: Denon, Dali, SVS, Sony, Tannoy and other pieces for sale

    I have a number of items to sell (my late father, an avid home cinema and A/V enthusiast who passed away earlier this year). All items in good/excellent condition, working and packed up with original boxes (my father never threw away any box!) He loved everything A/V and spent a lot of time on...
  3. Phil.LFC

    SVS SB or PB to supplement BK Monolith?

    I’m just finalising my cinema room upgrade and Richer Sounds recommended I get the SVS SB1000 Pro rather than the PB1000 Pro I’d chosen. They seemed to think it would work better as they are both sealed subs. The BK is over 10 years old so it’s the original one, DF. Having done much research I...
  4. Ataripower

    For Sale SVS SB1000 Gloss black Sub

    For sale, my excellent SVS SB1000 Gloss black finish Sub woofer. Purchased it brand new in August 2020 but didn't set it up for about 6 months so its only had about 6 months of use, about once a week in a dedicated room. It is immaculate and unmarked and looks new. Not sure how long the SVS...
  5. T

    SVS 3000 Micro

    I'm thinking of pulling the trigger to buy two of these for my room which is approx 3.5M X 4M. I already have a good DIY sub, however after reading comments on the DIY subwoofer building forum I think I may have paid too much for the driver (approx £500) which is a 11 inch Scanspeak Revelator...
  6. M

    SVS SB3000 pair - how to connect?

    Help from those who know! I have a Denon X6700h AVR and feed to a Emotiva XSP-1Gen2 pre-amp to musical fidelity Poweramp for L&R front channels. I use this setup with Home Theatre bypass setting for movies using all channels & AVR off with pre-amp & power amp fed by streamed FLAC to quality...
  7. sydvest

    Dual SVS 1000 Pro's vs single 2000 Pro

    It's easy as that. Currently running a 3.0 LCR setup in my living room. Next upgrade is a subgrade. As the title stated: dual 1000 Pro vs single 2000 Pro (or Micro 3000). My budget allows me to either get a dual 1000 Pro setup, or a single 2000 Pro/Micro 3000 setup. Image below is my place...
  8. P

    SVS-SB1000 Pro makes high pitch coil whine

    Hi, I just purchased an SVS-SB1000 Pro subwoofer from one of the forum sponsors which arrived today. However, as soon as I unboxed it and connected it up I can hear a really loud high pitch electrical noise from the sub. It almost sounds like it's some sort of coil whine which is very...
  9. M

    Subwoofer Advice: BK P12-300SB-PR vs Alternatives

    Hey all, Recently fallen into the speaker rabbit hole and I've really gotten lost trying to narrow down which subwoofer to pick. Here's my current setup: B&W 620 Floorstanders (goes down to 58hz apparently) 3m x 4.5m x 2 (W,L,H) Room - Guess work here Denon x2300w Primary usage is a split...
  10. W

    Xtz 1x12 edge or SVS pb1000 pro or SVS 2000pro as second subwoofer?

    Hello,after long time with one sub it is time for duals! But which one? Xtz 1x12edge or SVS pb1000pro or his bigger Brother pb 2000 pro?.my only option where to put is af the Back next to the other sub is at other side of the sofa(arendal 1.5 ) in a corner and a antimode 8033.a friends...
  11. PhilRaw

    Best speaker stand for SVS Ultra Bookshelf?

    Hello, I am looking for recommendations on what speaker stand would be most suitable for SVS Ultra Bookshelf speakers. These are large bookshelf speakers and as such a lot of stands are not suitable. Please could someone advise? Thanks, Philip
  12. Alang75

    For Sale SVS PB13 Ultra - Light Oak - Reduced

    Downsized my AV kit so this needs a new home. Sub speaks for itself everyone looking at it should know its capabilities. This is strictly collection only due to the sheer size and weight of it, will need a decent size car and 2 people to manage it in/out. I have owned the sub for 5/6 years and...
  13. L

    Just how bad are Klipsch subs?

    Hi guys, Apologies for any lack of etiquette (if any) I’m new here. I’m buying a new house soon and my new living room will finally be large enough to shoe horn atmos into it. I’m planning on a 7.2.4 setup. From what I’ve read, Klipsch subs are a bit on the dud side and SVS are where it’s at...
  14. J

    SVS PC-2000 - Speaker Stand

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of upgrading from my current PB-1000 sub which is lacking a bit in my room to dual PC-2000s. There seems to be a good deal at the moment if I buy 2 PC-2000s and I don't mind the bin type shape. At the front, my set up is that I have 3 large speakers which I've got...
  15. B

    SVS Ultra 13 amp just blown

    Is a replacement Sledge my previous BASH amp failed years ago On turning power on at wall saw a flash and small pop and fuse went Replaced with the spare and it instantly popped (assuming 2nd one is a spare) Anyone know where can still buy these amps from and how much please ? I guess...
  16. D

    Which sub to replace a BK XXLS 400

    I have a BK XXLS400 sub which has been serving me well for 11 years. I use it with an Antimode 8033C I am pretty happy with it but It is now time to replace it. However my room is pretty small at 5m x 2.3m x. 2.3m. I have the BK in the front left corner, the sofa at the back wall at the other...
  17. CaroleBaskin

    What to do with spare SVS driver and amp plate?

    Hello! I have a spare driver and amplifier for the SVS PB-3000… I’m wondering if they can be utilised in some kind of prefab enclosure (possibly modified to fit?) I think the PB has an option to run in sealed mode so could possibly be utilised in a non ported cabinet too? Or is it generally a...
  18. F

    Arendal 1961 1v dual vs svs pb2000pro dual

    I'm thinking about whether to choose between Arendal 1961 1v dual or svs pb2000pro dual. My room is not that big. (3.5 m × 5 m × 2.5 m) The ratio of movies and music is about 7:3. which is better?
  19. C

    SVS Prime Elevation Couch Distance

    Ive got a pair of elevations as front heights RN. They're about 9 feet from the MLP. I'm thinking about getting two more for rears. But the couch is only about 2 feet from the back wall. Unfortunately my living room makes it impossible to do ceiling (vaulted) or side wall (open floor plan on...
  20. T

    RSL CG3 system or SVS Prime 5.1

    I’m considering a new speaker system. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the RSL and/or SVS systems. Music is my main consideration and was wondering which setup provides better sound quality. Also I presently use a def tech pro cinema 600 and would those 2 mentioned systems be an...
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