1. W

    Yamaha RX-A3060 YPAO not doing angle measurement for rear surrounds

    I recently added a pair of rear surrounds to my system. They work, and YPAO detects them when I do the auto-setup, but when I use the "boomerang" to do the speaker angle measurements, it misses them out. Is this intentional, does anyone know? I can't find any mention of this in the manual or online.
  2. S

    Cables for atoms and surrounds

    Looking for some cables for 4 atmos and 4 surrounds. Will need to be fished through walls/ceilings connecting Arendal speakers from a Nord amp. Longest run will be around 12m. I’ll probably end up getting a 100m roll. Looking to spend around £80 ish Thanks
  3. grims dale

    Just bought some KEF tdm front 3 which model should I use for surrounds

    As in title I used to have a pair of KEF 34DS and I thought they worked nicely with my KEF ls50s at the time I'd like to buy another pair of KEF TDM23F for surrounds but the only place that they could go would be where my KEF IQ 10s were in the picture you can see where my original TDM34 s were...
  4. markb1980

    Dali Alteco C1’s as on wall Surrounds?

    Hi all, after carrying out upgrades to my sub and front speakers over the past few months (thank you to @Jester1066 @Gasp3621 for all the advice) I am looking to upgrade my surrounds. I currently have Q Acoustic 7000i as my surrounds which are wall mounted due to sofa being against the wall. I...

    Question Atlantic Technology IW-155SR Surrounds

    Anyone come across these speakers Pair of Atlantic Technology IW-155 SR THX 150w In-Wall Surround Speakers I need bi/tripoles as surrounds due to having to have them on the back wall, obviously been looking at the MK speakers but these seem interesting. Thoughts?
  6. walleyeau

    Question Speaker stands for Yamaha MusicCast 20 surrounds

    I'm looking for some speaker stands for my Yamaha MusicCast 20 wireless speakers. I've found one make called Vebos. They seem to get OK reviews, but being based in the Netherlands (and I'm in Australia), delivery charges are crazy, so I'm looking for options. The speakers have a wall mount...
  7. H

    Monitor Audio surrounds with Q Acoustic Fronts?

    Hi, I have just bought a pair of Q acoustics 3010s and 3090c for fronts to replace a 1 series 5.0 which have served me well My initial thought was to buy 3020s next and put the 3010s to the surrounds but with the layout of my room not being ideal my right surround is just under a meter away...
  8. R

    Question Upgrade amp or reduce surrounds?

    I currently have a Denon x2200 amp powering Q Acoustics 3010 fronts and 3020 surrounds in a 7.1 setup. I’d love to add Dolby Atmos speakers but wondering which way to go. Do I take two of the rear surrounds off and replace with upfiring Atmos speakers on the fronts giving 5.1.2 or do I just...
  9. S

    Question Surrounds - Side or Rear Wall?

    I need some help with surrounds positioning in a 5.1 system. Speaker-wise I’m looking at the Monitor Audio Silver range, with FX surrounds (switchable between bi-pole and di-pole). I’ve read that rear-wall-mount (bi-pole) is optimal if my sofa is against the rear wall, but side-wall-mount...
  10. J

    In-wall vs on-wall surrounds

    Apologies for all the speaker questions lately, this forum has been a great help and I have been buying based on feedback from here! Any help/thoughts are greatly appreciated. I have an opportunity to pick up KEF Ci160QL or Ci160QS in-wall speakers for a good price and can sell my T301 speakers...
  11. lee1980

    New surrounds and future upgrade

    Moving speakers etc in to new extension (about 5.0m x 2.7m) Have wiring in walls for just rear surrounds and hdmi lead for future projector. Will be a 5.1 and possibly a 5.1.2 for atmos. Have: Denon avr x2200w amp B&W older 600 series as front, centre and rears now. Want to add wall mounted...
  12. helicon2

    Question Types of suitable surrounds for planning an upgrade

    Hi all, I currently have a rather old 5.1 System comprising of a Pioneer VSX-D2011 amp with Acoustic Energy Evo Three’s, One’s, Centre and Sub. It’s now around 17 years old (oh how time flies) so looking to upgrade. Ultimately, I’m looking at a 7.1.4 system but going to start with replacing my...
  13. absolutely80s

    Question Help Needed! How can I make my Rear Surrounds Wireless?!

    Hello everyone.....been a while since I last posted, but here I am, in need of advice, as I think I've reached a critical point in the relationship with my home cinema set up. I've just moved home, and the room into which my home cinema will live is a nightmare for cabling the rear surround...
  14. Donnacha

    Question Wharfedale DFS vs Eltax HT for Bipole Surrounds?

    Hi was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the Wharfedale DFS (specifically 18) vs. the Eltax HT2 as bipoles for rear wall surrounds? I want to try out some bipoles and I can get either pretty cheap, but didn't know if one was better than the other (I'm guessing the Wharfedales have a...
  15. Respawn

    Question Rear surrounds for 5.1.4 system

    Hey I'm currently in the process of building my dedicated room. I am putting in MA in wall speakers behind an AT fixed screen. I have MA C165's for Atmos. My room is very narrow at around 2.3m wide and just over 4.5m long. I'm hoping I can squeeze in 2 rows of sofas which I know will mean...
  16. kepha

    Question Monitor audio silver fx / bookshelf surrounds

    Hey everyone, I currently have a 5.1 setup with MA silvers using the FX speakers on the rear wall behind the seating position. The current setup isn't the most ideal - but I am also buying with the future in mind and planning ahead. I was keeping my eye out for a second set of FX speakers to...
  17. TheBlueRaja

    Left and Right Surrounds on 5.1 and 5.1.2 setup

    Hi All, Looking here:- 5.1 Speaker Setup Guide and here:- Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 Speaker Setup Am i right in saying that in a 5.1 setup i can mount the left and right surround speakers at between 110 and 120 degrees of my listening position (so they could be just behind me pointing at my head as...
  18. N

    Question M&K Speakers as in ceiling surrounds

    My current thoughts for the new room are like this and the intention was to move to ATMOS, however i'm not sure if I should ditch this, and concentrate my limited budget on just upgrading my speakers in the initial instance, with cabling pre installed for expansion later. The room is 5.1m from...
  19. S

    Monitor Audio Apex A10 vs Kef T101 for surrounds?

    Hi folks in a bit of a pickle as I don’t have much space for rear speakers. So I was looking at the Monitor Audio Apex A10 or Kef T101 or maybe 301 for surround duty’s. I have Monitor Audio Silver 8s for fronts and a BK sub powered by a Denon x7200wa. Would either of the above be a good match...
  20. kungfuman

    Question In-wall speakers for surrounds?

    I currently have a 5.1 set-up comprising of Monitor Audios Silver range - with the RXFX for the rears. My HC room is quite small - 4m x 4m with my seating area backed against the far wall of the screen. My issue is because I sit against the back wall, the rear effect speakers protrude off the...
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