1. K

    Surround Sound Audio help

    Hi there, so a friend of mine has just bought a Pioneer vsx-2014i (5.1) He's paring that with an Optoma s331. Pioneer doesn't have a hdmi in ports and or a hdmi out, so for audio the only option is a 3.5mm/aux from the projector to AV. Question is will this produce a true surround sound...
  2. Ash90

    Need suggestion on bipolar surround

    Hello , Does Wharfedale DFS bipolar rear surround speakers does really give a good effects ? When compared to budget bookshelf ?? Which to consider ? BF or DSF for rear sur . ? Since my use is more likely for movies . I love rear sounds ... please suggest
  3. D

    On-wall surround speakers at 1.8 meters high

    I'd like to get a pair of surround speakers to make up a 5.2 system. I am aware that ideally the surround speakers should be placed at ear level but that isn't possible. Would I get good results if I place a pair of on-wall surround speakers at 1.8 metres from floor level? Is so what speakers...
  4. C

    'Hybrid' surround possible ? (eARC Soundbar plus AVR for sub and rear)

    Unclear which of the subforums this may best fit into, I think this one seems most likely, apologies mods if I'm wrong. I have a Sony A80J and bought a Sonos Arc soundbar at the same time. I play the majority of my content from a PC connected to the TV via HDMI. Whilst this setup is OK, I'm...
  5. F

    Stereo to surround?

    Greetings all Last year a bought a Naim Uniti Nova, which is a stereo 2 channel integrated system. I regretted this purchase because I have good surround speakers. What do I need to buy to transfer the stereo signal from the Nova into a 5.1 ( or more) surround? been googling it and I got...
  6. K

    Getting blue Ray player and surround sound to work on Firestick or normal TV without watching blue Ray help

    I have a LG 2007 blue Ray player.. DVD receiver model no. HT752TH-DH and surround sound. I'm wanting to connect this up to the the TV so the sound comes out when watching Firestick ps4 normal TV etc. When plugging the blue Ray player in through scart or hdmi the sound obviously only works on...
  7. K

    Sony HT-RT4 surround speakers issue.

    Hello guys, I have an issue with my Sony HT-RT4 sound bar which is connected through HDMI ARC to a SONY KD-43XE8077 TV The issue is that the sound bar seems to treat every audio signal as stereo. So, if I am listening to a stereo signal, then what I hear in the sound bar I also hear in the...
  8. Lanius1984

    For Sale (SOLD)Monitor Audio Bronze 5.1 Surround Speaker Set with REL Quake Sub - Excellent Condition

    For sale is my 5.1 surround speaker set. I've recently updated my setup and slimmed down to a soundbar. The items included are: Front Pair: Monitor Audio Bronze BR5 Centre: Monitor Audio Bronze BR-LCR Rear Pair: Monitor Audio Bronce BR-FX Sub: REL...
  9. D

    Dolby atmos/dolby surround

    I have notice that with Netflix and sky my receiver says Atmos/dolby surround. There is also an option for just DD+. Which is the best option? When you select Atmos/surround it then turns into ONLY atmos as in pic so very confused. Don't want an upsample only native sound. Using a C9/Denon...
  10. S

    Apple TV 4k -> Denon AVR-X8500HA surround speakers not working

    I installed 5.1 speakers and test tone from 8500 works fine to all speakers. This means wiring is correct, speakers and amplifiers are fine. Apple TV 4K has audio set to "Dolby Digital 5.1" AND the 8500 detects this because it displays Dolby trademark icon and "DSur" on front display. However...
  11. Calania

    How to best mount my surround speakers

    Hello, I recently got a pair of good KEF speakers and am trying to find the optimal place to place the surround speakers in my room. The surround speakers are currently mounted on the back wall as shown in the following picture However I feel that they are maybe too far away from me so I...
  12. G

    For Sale Yamaha 210 Series Home Cinema Surround Set

    hi guys Due to a recent upgrade, I've got my Yamaha 210 Series Home Cinema Surround set for grabs. Had it for a number of years and they are fantastic speakers. In mint condition as well taken care of. This set constitutes: 2 tower front speakers NS-F210 2 satellites speakers NS-B210 1 center...
  13. J

    Using low impedance speakers for surround speakers only - likely to burn my village down?

    Hi all, I'm aware that using low impedance speakers places a higher load on the amp which can overheat it. My question is if i'm using within spec speakers for the fronts and sub, can I get away with using lower than spec impedance speakers for the rears only? This is for a budget system in...
  14. M

    For Sale 5x Kef Eggs - 2005.2 surround sound speakers

    5x Kef 2005.2 surround sound speakers. 3 have the foot to stand on, 2 do not but have an attachment to fit to tall Kef stands (I do have a couple of these but they are in very poor condition). The speakers all work well but are a bit rough cosmetically with scuff marks (see pictures below)...
  15. T

    Satellite for surround sound positioning (Q800a)

    Bought a brand new Q800a for £450 (yippee at that price). Thinking satellite speakers but think they’d have to be positioned right next to the sofa. Big room but 65inch is plenty big enough. Soundbar will have to be on the floor as the LG tv screen starts 4cm from table so can’t fit soundbar on...
  16. S

    Surround sound not working with PS5

    Hi, I recently bought a PS5 and am trying to connect the surround sound system to it (Sony HT-RT3) and also my Sony Bravia 55XG8096 but the surround sound will not play for Blu-ray movies. Sometimes it will play the audio description version in surround sound but the normal soundtrack. No...
  17. fatrich

    Tag McLaren AV32R AV Pre-Amplifier Surround Sound Processor

    Just had a thought i have a Tag McLaren AV32R AV Pre-Amplifier Surround Sound Processor in the loft how much are they worth these days? im sure it has the 7.1 upgrade Thanks in advance Richard
  18. Goldie85

    For Sale Dali Zensor 5.1 Surround Sound with Pioneer Sub

    4 x Dali Zensor 1 speakers 1 x Dali Zensor Vokal centre speaker 1 x Pioneer S51-W subwoofer Everything is in great condition! Not used a great deal. The Dali speakers are all boxed as new with covers etc. The Pioneer sub is not boxed but again in great condition. No wires supplied...
  19. J

    Looking for new Surround sound system that is UHD compatible

    Hi my old surround sound system has bitten the dust. It was an all in one system and is over 10 years old. My current set up is as follows: my TV is a Samsung UE40M/U6400. On the back of it, it has a Digital Audio out (optical) port, 2 HDMI ins (1 & 2) and an HDMI in 3 (ARC). I have a ps4...
  20. P

    5.1 Side Surround Placement.... Smaller 'satellite' speakers at 90 degrees or 'better' ones slightly in-front of MLP?

    Hi Guys, If you had a rectangular room.. sofa about 6" away from the rear, large screen at the far end of the room length-ways, 5.1.4 setup which option would you choose for your 'side surrounds' ? Option 1) Q-Acoustics 7000LR type speaker at 90 degrees to MLP (maybe just a tad behind). (I...
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