1. R

    Question Help - Unplanned Surround Sound Upgrade - What Are My Options?

    Hi, Redecorating, and decided to upgrade TV from an 8 year old 55" Viera Plasma to a 65" LG OLED. Hadn't planned on upgrading surround sound, but may as well see what my options are. With the new TV in place there is about a 6" gap underneath where my Yamaha YAS101 was, so Ideally would like...
  2. R

    Question Converter/decoder so LG cx sound can play on DTS surround system

    Hi all, Total noob here. I've bought an LG CX and had planned to push sound through my Sony DAV-IS10 surround system. However, LG CX does not support DTS. Is there any kind of converter or decoder I could out between the TV and surround system so that I can use the surround system for the TV...
  3. Rolph77

    Surround sound through headphones via AVR??

    Hi, I have searched through the forums to try and find the answer to my problem but have had no luck, apologies if it has been answered elsewhere! I would like - a pair of surround headphones for late night listening of streamed TV, a PS4 and Blu Rays when the missus has gone to bed and the boy...
  4. D

    Anyone have any experience with Fluance surround sound ?

    These look tempting. But not easy to find good reviews....Amazon doesnt count right ? Wondering what the overall sound footprint are w these speakers...? Fluance surround sound set up
  5. M

    Older Yamaha receiver HTR 6260--continued confusion over straight, cinema DSP and surround decode

    Folks: I am new to the forum but I have reviewed several threads on this subject, yet I still am not sure I understand it all correctly. It seems to me that Yamaha has made their system more complex than it has to be, but that just could be me. My system is a very basic 5.1 setup. Here is my...
  6. J

    Upgrading from KEF HTS HTS2001 5.1 surround system

    I recently upgraded my TV to 4k and my amp to a Denon AVRX2700. I currently have the KEF eggs but have never been happy with the centre speaker clarity on voice and the Sub doesn't seem quite right (might be the way I haveit set up tho) either with weird popping bass sounds in some scenes. The...
  7. L0N3STARR

    Need help setting up my Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound!

    Hi all: I consider myself decent at Audio / Video stuff, but this all is going a little over my head, so I'm hoping I can get some help. First off, here's what I have: 6 in 2 out HDMI Switch (True Matrix SPDIF Splitter)...
  8. G

    Surround and centre to match Studio 590's?

    Hi, I am currently using a Yamaha RX-A1040 with a pair of JBL Studio 590's. These have always been used as a stereo system. I am moving to a new home where I will have space to create a home theatre in a space 4.2 x6.4 metres. I am looking for recommendations for the surround (rear) speakers and...
  9. rickwhoo

    Surround Receiver Connection

    I have an LG 70" Smart TV and an old Panasonic surround sound receiver with xfinity 4k DVR TV service. The surround receiver only has optical connections and the xfinity only has HDMI. How can I get these to work? I currently have the xfinity box connected to the TV with HDMI and optical from...
  10. BreadrunsAway

    Question Size of rear surround speaker (Wharfedale Diamond 11)

    Hi Everyone, I'm finally going to register here and ask a question because I'm about to "upgrade" my surround rear speakers which are currently Wharfedale Diamond 8.2's. Earlier in lockdown I finally upgraded my cheap surround sound which came with an old blu ray player to something more...
  11. T

    Yamaha MusicCast App - won't recognize surround speakers

    I have a RX-V581 receiver and two WX-021 speakers. I got all three connected to wi-fi and they show up in the app, but when I click on the surround sound icon, it shows their are no surround devices available. I'm using the newest Samsung phone. Any ideas?
  12. B

    Pioneer VSX 930 surround and atmos channels have stopped working

    Hi first time poster. I upgraded to an LG oled tv. Trying to get atmos to work on it and I have done something to stop the surround and top speakers from functioning. I’m certain it’s within the receiver as I can get audio in stereo. I’ve checked the troubleshooting and the PCM is off. ive...
  13. ++ Jase ++

    No Surround Sound with Youtube

    Just wondering if this is normal as I've only just noticed (and it's the same on series X) Basically yesterday we had a power surge and I thought my Denon AMP had it, to test I loaded up youtube on my PS5 to test the 5.1 surround (using one of the demos) but the rear surround also came through...
  14. G

    poverty spec surround decoder?

    Don't laugh but has anyone tried one of these? There are several similar models if you look around. Just want 5.1 from hdmi and a volume control. Kids, mortgage, car, sent the Arcam to be fixed one time too many....... thanks
  15. H

    No surround sound from tv + home cinema system

    I have just bought a LG home theatre system to go with my LG smart tv, set up fine with hdmi cable set the sound to hdmi arc as advised on the initial setup and worked well initially but suddenly no sound coming from speakers unless using Bluetooth, or alternatively only using tv internal...
  16. F

    Replacement for Pioneer Surround Sound with Dali speakers - Going Wireless!?

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for some help and support to find a repleacment for a Surround sound system. Current system: Pioneer SC-LX57 with Dali 5.1 surround speakers with Panasonic Plasma TV. Connection - PS5 & Media Center (KODI) Challange: My current setup is now over 8 years old...
  17. R

    Question Surround sound only?

    Is a surround set up required for 4K UHD discs or do they all carry 2 channel stereo as well? cheers
  18. gasolin

    Crazy idea, surround receiver for bi amping.

    Im looking to optimize my power,sound from my B&W 607 (stereo) Thinking of a power amp of 150-200 watt pr channel in 8 ohm when it occured to me , why not use a surround reciever for bi amping ? Many surround receivers can be used for bi amping, using more of the max power the power supply has...
  19. JustinT350

    Surround Speaker placement with two rows of seats?

    Morning all, I'm hoping this will be a fairly easy problem to solve, but I'm trying to figure out the best place to have my surround speakers? I'm finding some films, I'm not hearing a great surround sound from the rear. I have two rows of seats, and currently the surrounds sit just beside the...
  20. F

    Sound Setting Question - Neural:X vs Dolby Surround?

    Newbie here: Have a Marantz SR5010 and 5.1 setup. Went to watch Mad Max on Blueray today and noticed that the default/auto sound setting was Dolby TrueHD + Neural:X. I also had the option to switch to Dolby TrueHD + Dolby Surround. Any opinion on which I should choose or why this would be the...
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