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  1. J

    Question Atmos speaker to compliment Monitor Audio Apex surround speakers

    I have a Monitor Audio Apex surround system powered by a Yamaha RX-A2050 receiver. I would like to add 2 apex speakers to the system, but the wife will not entertain the idea of ceiling speakers. The Apex speakers are curved in shape, so its not practical to fit them on top of the front surround...
  2. A

    Wanted Monitor audio gsfx or gxfx surround speakers

    Please advise colour, age, usage and condition. Thanks
  3. 30CenturyMan

    For Sale PSA MT-110SR (Pair)

    Boxed and in great condition. Priced to sell at £550 for the pair.
  4. blossom

    For Sale Canton surround speakers 2 x front and 1 x Centre

    Had these from new, 2 x CD10 MkII and 1 x CD50 centre Fronts come with stands and Centre with wall mount. Fronts fair condition the odd dink. £20 Centre been on wall so in very good condition. £30 all work fine. The sub is faulty and needs a repair so will throw this in for nothing and a...
  5. Gazaman

    Surround speakers upgrade???

    Hi all. I'm after some advice with upgrading my 5.1 speakers. I currently have Tannoy eclipse two front speakers Tannoy | Product | ECLIPSE TWO A tannoy eclipse 2 centre Tannoy Eclipse Centre (Black) Tannoy TFX rears and sub Tannoy | Product | TFX 5.1 My avr is a marantz nr1711 and...
  6. Desafino

    Surround speakers recommendation ...

    Hi Guys, I've got a 3.1 home theater setup, and I'm currently looking to add a pair of surrounds. Current setup is: > Marantz NR1710 receiver > Triad passive soundbar -Nano LCR 3.0 (ONWALL NANO LCR 3.0) > Episode Evolution Sub (EPISODE - EVOLUTION SERIES 8" SEALED SUBWOOFER - GLOSS BLACK) I'm...
  7. X

    Pedantic question about placement of Dali surround speakers

    Hi everyone, I'm probably being a bit overly pedantic, but I was wondering about the placement of my new Dali's in a surround configuration. I have a pair of Oberon 5s for the front and a pair of Oberon 1s for the surround. Now, each speaker in a pair is marked either left or right, so...
  8. K

    5.1 surround speakers - stands or brackets?

    Pretty simple question really, do i mount the surround speakers of a 5.1 system as recommended, a couple of feet above the listening position using speaker brackets or do I mount them on stands which I know would be the recommendation if asking the same question for the front speakers. The...
  9. Desk

    What height should my Atmos ceiling and surround speakers be?

    I'm lucky enough to be setting up a new 5.1.2 system this coming week, but haven't quite figured out speaker heights. I've a high vaulted ceiling, so the Atmos is going to be two Gallo Acoustic Micro SE pendant speakers. Question is, how far above the listener's head should they ideally sit...
  10. alan1958


    Recent issue with my old gear (Denon AVR1911 & Kef Eggs) I moved my furniture, including all 5 satellites. I don't know how I've done but I'm certain I've mucked up the back right/right rear wiring ( it's ALL under the flooring) Stereo is, perfect. Pop IN the BLURAY of Abbey Road, WISH YOU...
  11. K

    Help with my home cinema and new surround speakers

    Hi everyone! I am starting my own home cinema and I need some help with few stuff. I'm uploading a few pics from my room, to see if you guys can help me. I brought from my father's house 2 JBL E80 tower speakers and one EC25 central speaker, and one Yamaha YST-SW030 subwoofer. Last week I...
  12. O

    Surround speakers placed on floor? (5.1)

    Hey I’ve been using a 3.1 setup for a few weeks (Q Acoustics 3010i’s and 3090ci) andwas recently given a pair of mordaunt short m10’s to use as surrounds. I purchased some stands and placed them as shown in the photo. However, unless I sit dead centre to sofa, they can be too close to my head...
  13. W

    For Sale SOLD - Kef T105 surround sound with upgraded T301c centre speaker

    ***Further reduced*** This is cheaper than i'll advertise elsewhere as I know my wife can't see these posts! :D I am still looking to sell these as a set. For collection, however buyer can arrange courier at their risk. I have the original packaging for the speakers and sub, so there would be 2...
  14. D

    surround speakers : Dali Oberon or Dali Spektor ?

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum so please go gently ! Over the last few years I've been assembling bit's and pieces for my home system, namely Sony str-dn1080 (which I hope to upgrade next year), Dali Oberon 5's, floor standers, Dali Oberon Vokal for centre Dali Alteco C-1 as...
  15. kenshingintoki

    Speaker placement in a rectangular room & maximum distance surround speakers can be

    What is the maximum distance surround speakers can be from the viewer or is the farther away the better? I have a potential 6.4m X 3.5M home theate room but I'm struggling to decide how to position everything speaker wise or whether to shift the gear to a 4mx3.25m room instead.
  16. Waynester

    Question Question about rear surround speaker placement

    Hi guys currently using 2 x Q Acoustic 3010’s on their proper ST stands as rear surrounds in my setup... just managed to sell them within 90 minutes of putting them on Facebook, pleased with my £135 sale! I’m trying to decide on a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 2’s on stands OR the Bronze FX...
  17. G

    Question Discreet, decent and affordable cabling for surround speakers???

    Hi there, I’m fairly new to the home cinema game and my current setup is my first foray into it... Sony STR-DH790 AVR & Wharfdale DX-2 5.1 package. I run that with the Sony AG8 55” OLED. Anyway, I’m looking for some suggestions re- speaker cables as the ones I bought initially are too bulky...
  18. fallinlight

    For Sale JBL 3635 18" THX Cinema Subwoofer

    JBL 3635 18" THX Cinema Subwoofer - £450 £400 £385 £350 £250 £200 £180 Atacama CC01 30 cm Centre Speaker Stand SINGLE in Black Satin £75 £70 £60 £50 SOLD XTZ M6 Home Cinema PAIR of Left/ Centre THX ULTRA Certified Speakers £1,000/ £500 each SOLD XTZ M6 Home Cinema Left/ Centre THX ULTRA...
  19. Dazza

    Question Which Surround speakers when space is an issue?

    I need small surround speakers for the front but lack of space is a problem. See attached image. Looking for recommendations to upgrade (long overdue!) my Elac surrounds? Thanks
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