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  1. Silverblack

    For Sale Bose Soundbar 700 speaker + 700 Bass module + surround speakers

    As per title i have in immaculate condition the Bose soundbar 700 with the Bass module and surround speakers. They come with all the boxes cables etc… and the Adaptiq headset and remote control. It’s a very powerful system especially in it’s room calibrated state which could only be felt heard...
  2. P

    position of in ceiling surround speakers

    Hi, I have a Sonos Arc soundbar and a pair of Sonance by Sonos in ceiling speakers which are meant to be used as surround speakers as marked on the scheme above in red. Question: where exactly should the in ceiling speakers best be placed? The ceiling is about 2.5m high, how far behind the...
  3. M

    Advice for in ceiling surround speakers

    Hello all Wanted to ask for your opinion on something. I have currently a 5.1.2 system with a Marantz 1608 AVR, Dali Fazon SAT as surround, front and center speakers, a Minx X301 Sub and a couple of Dali E60 as Atmos speakers. The issue I have is that right now my surround speakers are in the...
  4. dannyb0yuk

    For Sale Samsung Q950T wireless surround speakers and subwoofer (no soundbar)

    Please note: the price stated is simply there to fill a mandatory field! I'm honestly not 100% sure how to price these at this exact moment! The price is open to discussion but silly offers will naturally be rejected. These are for all intents and purposes 'As New'. I purchased a Q950T in April...
  5. M

    New room layout where to place surround speakers

    Morning everyone. After years of trying to persuade my wife our room layout was wrong we finally finished moving it around so I need a new home for my surround speakers. I have Dali Zensor 1 at the front with Dali Zensor Picos as the surrounds. My wife insisted they needed to be on the rear wall...
  6. B

    Can hz1500 support wireless surround speakers natively?

    Hi All, I'm looking at the Panasonic HZ1500 as I really like the integrated sound bar design in addition to the great panel. However, I'm wondering if it's possible to add wireless rear surround speakers like you can with active external sound bars. I've been searching for a while but can't...
  7. F

    advice on surround speakers

    which should i get for on the wall side surrounds 1 dali oberon 2 kef t301 set up is 5.1.4
  8. boosive

    Help With Speaker Placement

    Hi, I'm looking into getting a 5.1.2 system set up in my living room. I'm happy with the front, left, centre and atmos speaker placements. However, Its not the biggest of spaces, meaning I dont have the luxury of having my couch/sofa off the wall and more central in the room for example. So my...
  9. T

    Surround speakers cable recommendation?

    Hi, So I have a pair of these back/surround/dipole speakers: B&W DS6 S3. I plan to run the cables from the amp into the attic, the length of the lounge and then down behind our seating area (where the speakers are wall mounted). The distance is roughly 10+ meters (so 32+ feet) from the amp to...
  10. O

    4-Core for both surround speakers?

    I have some Audioquest G4 (4 core) speaker cable. I was wondering if there are any downsides to running both rear surround speakers off 1 run of 4 core cable? The speakers are Monitor Audio Bronze FX. I will just split the pairs and direct them left and right. Then in future if I add 2 more...
  11. Punisa

    The quality of stereo sound drops when making surround speakers available?

    Hi, I have Marantz SR6013 AVR and I'm currently connecting my 7.1 setup while I noticed something - or I think I did. In the settings options (speakers->manual setup->speaker config.) when I make my surround speakers available (had only front left and front right for a couple of days) I think I...
  12. E

    New small centre speaker to go with Aelite 5.1 package

    System Oppo BDP-105 Arcam AVR300 Acoustic Energy Aelite Speakers 5.1 as seen here I'm rearranging my home cinema room and would like to use the chimney breast to install a gas fire (low, modern). I need a centre speaker to embed in the wall above it so it needs to be fairly small depth and...
  13. A

    Question Can I use in ceiling speakers as my left and right surround speakers?

    Hi, new to this forum. l’ve had a ‘correct’ set up of a 5.1 system for years with the speakers being near enough head height when seated and placed correctly around seating area. However now having a ‘knock through’. Plan is to have front l + r + centre speaker at seating height but I have no...
  14. J

    Looking for slim white surround speakers

    Hello, I would like to replace my rear and side surround speakers with something white (white walls) and flat as possible. I would like to hang them on the wall. So far KEF T101 looks good, only 3,5cm deep. But they are quite old and expensive for surround speakers (about 400€ for pair). Do you...
  15. J

    My First Home Cinema.. please help!

    I’m currently undergoing the privilege of building my new home from the ground up. With the plans agreed my attention is now firmly towards the tech. I’ve always wanted a home cinema and after researching this topic it’s of my understanding that the sound is probably as important if not more...
  16. T

    Yamaha MusicCast App - won't recognize surround speakers

    I have a RX-V581 receiver and two WX-021 speakers. I got all three connected to wi-fi and they show up in the app, but when I click on the surround sound icon, it shows their are no surround devices available. I'm using the newest Samsung phone. Any ideas?
  17. Majus

    Buzzing in surround speakers

    Soo i am experiencing buzzing/static noise in both the surround speakers but only in some songs could it be the frequency? or is the song just like that. i am running Denon Avr-4308 and two luxman m-03s as monoblocks asw 750 and some prodex surround speakers genexxa mid and infinity kappa 7.2i...
  18. J

    Question Improving a 5.1 surround system: Addition of surround speakers v 2nd Subwoofer

    I am looking at improving a Monitor Audio Apex 5.1 surround system. I have decided against going down the atmos route at present (wife does not want ceiling speakers and I am finding it difficult to place up-firing speakers). Therefore, what would your priorities be to improve the sound. The...
  19. P

    Denon 4500 - no Zone2 and no audio out of rear surround speakers

    No idea why or when this stopped working, but I've recently noticed my rear surrounds are not providing audio. Cables checked and all is good. Zone2 stopped outputting audio as well. Zone2 feeds a couple of Klipsch outdoor speakers on my deck. The display on the receiver and the iPhone app...
  20. M

    Can I mount surround speakers up high?

    Hi, I have been dreaming of a surround sound system for years and now just planning it for a new rear extension which is open plan kitchen, diner and lounge, room is long and thin. Problem I have is there is nowhere to mount surround speakers in ideal positions having been doing some reading...
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