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  1. J

    Need Help Determining Setup

    So, I'm upgrading from a 21-year old Cambridge Soundworks 5.1 system (back when they built good stuff!). I've almost decided on an Aperion 7.2.4 system for my family room. The problem is the back of the room is open and looks right into the kitchen. So, I have two ideas about the back surround...
  2. colinb4987

    (Near) invisible in-wall

    I'm designing a 5.1.2 home cinema/lounge. I've strict instructions that the room's primary function is a lounge. In other words: Screen will be a 75" Samsung Frame or similar, so it looks like a/some pictures when "off" Sub will have to be behind the MLP/sofa (in a bay window), tucked under a...
  3. A

    Marantz sr5015 rear speaker dialogue delivered with static

    Recently bought the 5015 and love it except: any dialogue that emanates from the rear speakers is associated with static under all surround sound modes. Of course the normal dialogue sent to the rear speakers is very low levels, but my rear speakers are close enough to our seating spots where...
  4. Leebrown2222

    5.1 help!!!

    Hi guys, I'm really after some help here as I am losing the will to live. I've recently picked up the Sony HT RT4 surround system and I'm having a nightmare! I have set everything up And I'm running everything into my TV and then to my receiver via HDMI ARC. Everything seems to be working spot...
  5. Rev0Knuckle

    Dali Surrounds

    Simple question. Which surrounds for 5.1 (eventually 5.1.4) in a room which is rectangular room of 18'3" X 11'5"? The speakers will be placed near to the rear wall but I do have a 40 cm gap from the wall with which to use for placement. I'm torn between Dali Opticon 1 & 2 and/or Oberon 1 & 3...
  6. speed1268

    Question Under carpet cable

    Hi All, Having a re jig and will need longer length cables which are under carefully, At the moment they are Qed silver anniversary from awhile back. Has anyone got advice on more flexible easier fitting cables, They are for my rear MA Soundframes! Cheers
  7. lenso1

    Rear surround speakers as matching front speakers

    Hi. I'm new to av receivers. I have Yamaha receiver . I don't want its surround feature. I just listen stereo music. I want to match rear surround speaker sounds with front speakers without connecting them to same front speaker out. I want to use rear speaker outs power too. So I can get best...
  8. B

    Question AV Amp with wireless rear speaker capability ???

    Hi Currently I use a Sony STR DH800 in a 5.1 configuration. I also use the Sony S-Air rear amp to wirelessely power my rear surround speakers. All small speakers are MS10 on stands , with a Mission sub. I think its time for a change - and I do not like sound bars , nor do I want to stream...
  9. A

    Onkyo Surround Problems

    Hey guys, I have recently set up my Onkyo TX-NR646 amp and I cannot get the surround to work. The best I can get is say there is sound coming out of the left rear speaker, it will come out of the left front speaker too, and vice versa, same with the right side too. I was watching The Dark...
  10. J

    Question Dali Zensor 1s wall mount with alot of tilt

    Hi I am looking for a pair of wall mounts or brackets to wall mount my Zensor1s (~4.5 kg). Its a 5.1 setup with seating up against the wall so the only place I can put the Z1s (surrounds) is up on the wall (top corner), which will be kind of my shoulder level. Not the best position I guess but...
  11. F

    Wired in Front, Wireless in Back

    Hi All, So I know this is a highly contentious topic, but I can't believe someone hasn't come up with a solution yet on how to do it. Hence me asking here as there is a good chance someone has The issue is this. Its to do with setting up 5/7.1 and using a wired and wireless type solution. I...
  12. V

    Answered 5.1 speaker setup recommendations

    Hi, I have bought some wharfdale dx-2 5.1 speakers to go with my Denon x2400h amp and am trying to work out best speaker placement. Like most living rooms, I don't have a meter between the sofa and the back wall and the rear speakers will have to go on the wall slightly behind and to each...
  13. Racy Jace

    Question Alternative rear speaker to B&W LM1 in light wood finish?

    I'm after an alternative speaker that will sound simlar to B&W LM1 as my rear speakers but blend in with the furniture better. Any ideas? Cheaper the better as I'd like to get a 4k blu ray player like the oppo 203 or simlar.
  14. Planter

    Answered How do you know which speakers work well together

    I'm relatively new to HT so need some advice from some pros. So, when moving from a 2.1 to a 5.1, is it easier to just use all the same named company speakers. I appreciate LR & C should be from the same manufacturer, but what about the surrounds. I have been to a few retailers and listened...
  15. Killak

    Question Good compact speakers for surrounds

    Hi Guys, Wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. I currently have B&Ws 685 s2 and matching HTM62 centre for the front of my Sound System. The rear 4 speakers are all Bose double cube speakers and are wall mounted. All are connected to a Yamaha RX-A3020. I'm looking to...
  16. Roberto10

    Question Help with Home cinema speakers

    I am converting my garage into a cinema room(garage size 4.5 x 3.6 meters), I have an Optoma HD141X projector, Sony STRDG820 AV receiver, 2 Tannoy Mercury f1 custom, 2 Sony SS-SR120, 1 SS-CN120. Are these speakers good enough or should I upgrade? I also need a subwoofer if anyone could recommend...
  17. Robhex

    Pioneer LX58 Surround "Back" Speaker Atmos/issues

    Hi all, Have a new LX58 and using with a Pioneer Blu-Ray player sending the bitstream to it but Atmos doesn't seem to send anything to my single Surround Back speaker (plugged into the Left terminals). Anyone come across this before?
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