1. M

    Surface (Apple TV+) Pictured above in The Cloverfield Paradox, actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw has been set to star in a series titled “Surface” for Apple TV+, Deadline is reporting this afternoon. The...
  2. Cameron583

    For Sale £899 Microsoft Surface Book 2 15 Inch [i7 & GTX 1060] [Boxed With Surface Pen] [Refurbished]

    I have for sale my trusty Surface Book 2. This was used as my main machine during my final year of university, where I used it as a note taking device for lectures. Since I'm now in full time employment with a work machine, I have no use for this any more. This is a warranty replacement unit...
  3. Z

    For Sale SOLD - Surface Pro 3 i7 256GB HDD & 8GB RAM + Extras

    Hi, For sale is my Surface Pro 3, which is in excellent condition and works perfectly. It has spent 98% of its life placed in the docking station connected to the dell 28 inch monitor. The package is a great start for anyone and provides you with basically all that you need less the monitor...
  4. N

    For Sale Surface 3

    I have a surface 3 with keyboard cover and pen, in good condition with official charger.
  5. L

    Wanted Surface go 2 or older surface

    Hi all. Looking for a windows tablet. Ideally a surface go 2 but would consider slightly older versions. Anyone got anything?
  6. M

    Question Do speakers have to be located on hard surface?

    It may sound like a stupid question but in my current set-up the center speaker is mounted on brakets hanging from the cabinet that is above the TV. The whole piece of furniture holding the TV, receiver and the center speaker has limites space for AV equipment, so the only option was to hang...
  7. Ekso

    Wanted Surface pro 5 or higher

    Hi. My wife wants to move from laptop to tablet... Interested in Microsoft Surface pro. Mist have minimum Win 10 pro i5 or higher 256 hdd 128 GB ram Surface pen Keyboard And if possible a docking Station as she needs usb ports for external mouse, webcam and conf speakers...
  8. T

    The future arrived this week: Surface Duo

    I got a pal in the US to buy it and courier it over to the UK. After an agonising week it arrived. I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this since it was announced about a year ago. Let’s face it, mobile phones have become tediously boring rectangular slabs with minimal innovation recently...
  9. 2012

    Question Surface pro vs Hp x360 any users on here ?

    Hi Surface pro vs Hp x360 any users on here, what are your thoughts. im looking for some advice, Im thinking of getting a laptop for side use. around the house, in bed, when im away. plus I want it to run windows. I mostly use my pc so im not desperate Ive just been thinking of getting one...
  10. R

    Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 - price predictions?

    Hi, I've been planning to buy a Microsoft Surface Laptop for a while, but I've been waiting to see if the price of the Laptop 3 reduces ahead of the launch of the new generation. I wondered if anyone knows when Microsoft usually drops its prices around the launch of a new model, and whether the...
  11. Z

    Experiences with Acoustic Surface (Plus)?

    Hi, I am looking to replace my Pioneer KRP-600M, and i would very much like a simpler setup without surround receiver or bulky external speakers (currently i have custom mounts for 3 Dali Motif LCR's). I am very interested in Sony's Acoustic Surface (Plus). Most reviews skimp on the details...
  12. G

    Bargain The perfect surface top wedges for Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar

    My Ambeo is on quite a low unit and I like it down there away from the TV but the angle has always been a problem, especially as I watch/listen across the narrow dimension of the lounge. Previous searches have proved fruitless but within a few clicks last week I found these. DS2 Desktop Stands...
  13. caz2005

    Microsoft Surface Book 3

    Anyone thinking of getting one? I'm very tempted but I was so disappointed with SB2 I got Dec 18. Some of the issues I had with the 2 have been rectified in this version and I'm desperate for the one device that does everything I need (media, 3d art, painting, etc) but I'm not quite convinced...
  14. lpoolm

    need help recovering a surface pro

    Hi so I have an old surface pro 1 running windows 10, its loaded with rubbish (probably viruses too!) so wanted to do a full recovery. However it will not work!? I go to settings, click through to recovery and it starts, I get to 35% every time and it fails and then stops? I have tried using the...
  15. raigraphixs

    Our Sun - new images captured
  16. Flugel Hound

    Surface mount Atmos (height) speakers - easy fit!

    Need to add a pair of height speakers to my 5.1 setup as have the Sony 1080 amp en route. There is no way i'm tearing the house to bits and making holes in the ceiling and lifting carpets and floorboards across several rooms upstairs so need a solution much like my rear surface mount speakers...
  17. bernado

    Surface Go alternative - small sexy form-factor laptop options

    My son has seen the Surface Go and fancies one for Christmas but I can't helping thinking there will be better spec'd £500ish options worth considering. He likes his tech and is attracted to the form-factor of the Go which I'll admit is nice with the add-on keypad cover, so whatever I choose...
  18. M

    Help me please with screen projector surface difference question !And other question :)

    Hi, currently I'm an OLED TV owner (55") and I want to go bigger with the screen. My first intention was to get a 65" or 77" OLED, but lately the projector idea is hunting my mind.. :). I had no interaction with projectors until now. So I went in a showroom to see a SONY VPL-VW270ES. I was very...
  19. C

    Question Major Defect on surface of xy screens black crystal ALR screen

    Just received a fixed black crystal alr screen direct from the manufacturer. construction went ok but there seems to be some sort of defect on the ALR screen material. Difficult to capture on camera but very obvious in person with or without a projected image . There are streaks covering the...
  20. Aaron Macarthy Beards

    NEWS: Microsoft Surface Event Recap: Prices and Availability

    Microsoft announce new portable Surface devices, a Surface Studio and Surface Headphones. Plus, there's a new Windows 10 update which makes a move towards embracing Android integration. Read the news.
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