1. B

    Question Fire Stick 4k no streams in 4k on Disney + Any suggestions please

    Downloaded the Disney+ App yesterday to my 4k fire stick, settled down to watch the Mandalorian and only available in hd Checked some other things and the same thing only available in hd is anyone else having this issue or have I set it up wrong any help much apreciated
  2. disneyboy

    Question Philips 43PUS6814/12 calibration settings suggestions please?

    Can anyone help me to get the best settings for this tv please? Trying to lighten the picture up without going too vibrant or washed out. Thanks for reading :-)
  3. KevMitch73

    Good movie suggestions for Atmos.

    Hi, Hopefully I’ll have my 5.1.2 set up built this weekend and would like to give it a good run out with some decent movies that utilise the additional ceiling speakers to full effect. I have ATV 4K and waiting for a Sony X700 bluray player. Any suggestions appreciated :thumbsup:
  4. oakland

    Question Definitely time for an upgrade! Suggestions?

    So a friend of mine amp has packed up for the second time. I suggested rather than getting it fixed again it might be time for an upgrade. He's had an atmos demo which he loves but can't have ceiling speakers fitted so I suggested up firing speakers. He wants to keep his current speaker package...
  5. B

    Question Definitive Technology Mythos 2 speakers upgrade - suggestions please

    Hi folks. I'd appreciate your thoughts on improving my FR & FL speakers please. I have a dedicated small listening / HT room (around 2.5m x 3m). Space is pretty limited and in particular I can't have speakers that protrude more than around 200mm / 8" from the (3m) wall for logistical reasons...
  6. delloy1

    Question Suggestions on a 5.1 System for around £1000-£1500 or thereabouts

    Hi everyone Apologies if this question has been asked a 1000 times. I am thinking of updating an old 5.1 system I have as I just don’t use it anymore due to it being an ancient old Denon AVR-3802 in gold! I think it is about 15-20 years old, maybe older. I lost track. I don’t have a huge...
  7. Zigourney

    Rack mount router suggestions?

    I'm considering a rack mount router to replace the standard issue BT Superhub. I currently pay for BT FTTP service 300down/50up and am consistently get more than my rated speeds. I will be upgrading when BT launch a faster consumer service (i need it to transfer very large files to and from the...
  8. Eightshot

    Question Sound proofing a single wall, suggestions.

    Hey, im in the process of removing a chimney breast from a party wall in my living room. This means that a good chunk of that wall will need to be re-plaster boarded and skimmed. Im thinking that while im at it i may as well take the plaster board of the rest of this same wall and put in some...
  9. K

    Suggestions for the modern equivalent of...

    B&W P4 speakers. Although working well, speakers rotated etc. I'm not planning on purchasing new immediately, I shall require replacements at some point. I paid £600 for the P4's new in 1995 and wish to know what would be their equivalent today. I am happy for recommendations of good, used...
  10. Fat_Tony

    Question Suggestions for a gaming keyboard please

    Hi all, My son is after a gaming keyboard, I'm a bit out of touch. He does streaming so aswell as being mechanical I'm told it also needs to be silent or have the option so his videos are not full of clicks. He's showing me keyboards over £100, his last one was twenty quid. Is there a...
  11. N

    Single 360 degree smart speaker suggestions

    I have removed my separates system from my 23x12 living room. Apart from the TV, all that's left is a single Echo that I'm using for radio and background music. But I am missing my Hi Fi when I sit in the room when my wife is out. I don't wish to add back wires and boxes but I'm wondering about...
  12. loudogp250

    Question Replacement suggestions for my Cambridge CXR 120

    Hello from across the pond. After searching a few US forums without success I decided to post my question here. I am in the process of building a room for HT. I am currently using a CXR 120 that has served me faithfully. The issue is that I would like to speakers so that I can experience Atmos /...
  13. TayWax

    Budget Soundbar Suggestions

    Looking for a budget soundbar. I'm no audiophile but obviously still looking for a decent sounding bar. Used mostly for Sky and some gaming however liking the idea of having Alexa built in so I can use it for music as well. Think I've narrowed it down to the Yamaha YAS-109 or the Polk Command...
  14. chezybezy

    monitor suggestions / ramble

    Hi all, It’s been a while but thought I would turn to you guys for a balanced honest opinion. I am looking for advice r.e. monitor upgrade. My initial aim was to hit the sweet spot for my rig which I was lead to believe was 22” 1080p. However am considering if I should go for 1440p 24inch...
  15. Africaman

    Choosing a Video Camera

    I am thinking of buying a new video camera and was hoping to get some recommendations and/or suggestions on what would suit my needs best. I currently have a high-def camera, but was hoping to upgrade to 4K. I thought about maybe getting a Go Pro, but am not sure if it would be best for what I...
  16. W

    Question Multi-zone Amp suggestions please

    Hey all. Hoping for some amp suggestions please, that will suit following requirements. Any suggestions most welcome and appreciated Room 1: TV: Full HD Audio: none Usage: TV from various inputs (eg freesat, youview, consoles) Notes: All wires lead back here from all other rooms All AV...
  17. M

    Answered Looking for audio system suggestions for awkward room

    After having had a full projector and surround system in a large room in our old house, moving to a small cottage has meant some significant compromises. Currently I'm down to a 42" tv with a pair of speakers and a small sub in the corner of an awkward room. Within the next year I'm going to...
  18. Oblivion

    Question 55" TV suggestions for new media room.

    Hi all, It's been a while since I have had to purchase a new TV. Have gone from a Toshiba 36ZD26P to a Panasonic 42PWD6 to a Panasonic TX-P50ST50B which is currently on the living room wall. The new TV will just be for the new room. Have a budget of around £600.00 Really wanted the LG OLED...
  19. MeGuinness

    New TV suggestions

    My 15 years old Toshiba as finally give up and died.... budget of £500 to £600 ...looking for a 55" ...what do u suggest, thanks
  20. P

    CRT Projector (Barco 808s) any hope of selling? Suggestions?

    Hey folks Does anyone have any suggestions for how/where to sell a Barco Data 808s? In great condition, fully working as far as I know (last time we fired it up was probably ten years ago, but I'd be quite keen to have a play and get it going again). I know there's interest in CRT projectors...
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