1. C

    Looking for a new tv suggestions

    I currently have a Panasonic cx680 55“. My set up is Apple TV, Sonos beam v1 and PS4. Possibly ps5. I am mainly using it for Apple TV stuff, Netflix, prime, iPlayer etc. I am looking at possibly ps5. I am hoping to get a smart tv that has all the apps so I can potentially ditch the Apple TV...
  2. 09Klr650

    What's the current go-to device for easy region-free blu-ray players?

    As a black friday item I have made the last-minute choice to get a blu-ray player. There are a few old and obscure movies I want to try to watch this year. However many were only released on blu-ray in other regions. So is there a currently-in-production model player out there that still uses...
  3. D

    Network Attached Storage suggestions for small home and business setup

    Can anyone suggest a NAS solution for my situation? My current setup is a main computer that I work at most of the time in my office and a laptop that I work at when out of the house. From the laptop I often RDP into the main computer where more heavy duty programs are running. The main...
  4. W

    Paint suggestions for speaker build

    I'm currently in the design phase, and soon to enter the build phase of my first attempt to design and build a pair of speakers. The main cabinet will be painted gloss black(not piano black). It will have a raised panel on the front of the cabinets matching the O/D of the tweeter. I'm torn...
  5. B

    Suggestions for in wall small speakers

    Hi, I need some speaker guidance. My current setup is Sony 65 inch 4ktv, Yamaha AVR RXA1050, BK electronics sub, Monitor audio silver LCR and MA radius surround - all in the living room my next to be setup is: dedicated small cinema room. wall width is 280cm and height is 240cm. so i can get max...
  6. Ross Rona

    Bargain Any suggestions on eBooks for newbie gamers ?

    I just hit my 4th victory royal this week using the help of an eBook. This eBook game me tons of tips and tricks on how to master the game and get victory royals. I would LOVE for find more eBooks to expand my gaming skills as a newbie
  7. blainey

    Monitor Suggestions

    Hi all, looking to get a new monitor to work to all the strengths of the PS5 so need something with HDMI 2.1. Don't want anything too massive but hard to find which ones out there fit my requirements, hoping someone might have some suggestions. Thanks
  8. paulyoung666

    Suggestions for Samsung 55q7f replacement ….

    I’ve got , or going to get £1099 store credit at RS , I’m prepared to add maybe £400 to it , 55 or 65” , unlikely to get last years model and this years 65” are in short supply , help 🤣
  9. P

    Wiring and connection suggestions

    I just purchased a new home that I am currently renovating and want to wire it for whole home audio. I have 3 different TV locations (Man Cave, Living Room, and Bedroom) that are planned. I would like to set up a 5:1 speaker arrangement in the Man Cave and Living Room and a simple 2 channel...
  10. teenaxta

    How big is the upgrade to open back headphones (SHP9600)? Suggestions for first cheap open back headphones?

    I have freebuds pro which i use most of the times. Now I want a pair of headphones that really elevate the experience which ill mostly be using at home for songs and gaming. I've had Sennheiser hd440, Soundcore Q30 and most recently Hyper X stinger. They were all decent and yes I could...
  11. vectra1

    New system suggestions please.

    advice needed. I sold my old hifi this week and am in the process of purchasing something new. I guess the best bet is my starting point. What I have now is my surround system. Denon 2600 Panasonic UB820 ~ 4k player Lenovo thinkbook 15 G2 laptop ( to stream from ) Iphone 11 plus for Deezer &...
  12. L

    Printer problem - any suggestions?

    I have a HP 2400 printer connected to my PC. I have been trying to print a letter from MS Word (and I also tried pasting into Notepad) and every time I try the printer scrolls out one blank sheet of paper then stops. If I print a picture it works fine. If I print a document in MS Word which...
  13. T

    Replacing 20 year old Pioneer AV Receiver, XV-D222, suggestions

    Hope you can all help with suggestions as to what to replace my 20 yr old Pioneer AV DV Receiver with. I expected to be able to go and buy a similar one incorporating a Blu-ray player to save space and remote controls, but these don't seem to be made now. I've upgraded the system over the years...
  14. Grumpyman

    Satellite Receiver Suggestions please

    Hi All. Currently using a couple of TM5402s and they work great but don't have much need for the motor these days as the wife gets her euro TV fix from youtube. So i was looking to get a newer more modern box. But I don't know what is good. Don't need the motorised. Was looking at the TM-Twin 4k...
  15. A

    Question Looking for TV Show suggestions Sci fi/fantasy and detective

    Could anyone please suggest a TV Show to me with genres: detective and sci-fi/fantasy. Examples: X files Fringe Eureka Terra Nova Supernatural Forever Grimm Treshold Buffy the Vampire Slayer Angel Lucifer Death Note Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
  16. M

    Question BENQ joybee GP1 trips the ac/dc converter

    When I try to power on, the blue light flashes, but if i depress it, it forces my power supply to trip and shut down. So before I start pulling ribbon cables and boards, I thought I would ask if this has happened to anyone else and if so does anyone have any suggestions
  17. G

    Help with suggestions for Flac players

    Hi, I need some help finding a player for my Flac files which can be controlled via app on my phone, pc and which also has optical out. I can see a lot of high resolution players but they seem to be portable devices without optical out or I see network streamers which isn't quite what I need...
  18. itsdigger

    Question Hardware or Software graphics equalizer or tube preamplifier

    It started with my newly assembled small 2.1 stereo. I have a new PS Audio Sprout 100 (running @ 75 wpc @ 6 ohms) and a set of Jamo Concert 9 Series C 93 II 6 ohm speakers also a Klpisch Reference R-8SW powered 8 inch subwoofer. Connected to a Windows 10 computer via S/PDIF Digital Input to the...
  19. riverboat2001

    Suggestions where to get UK epg xml (paid or not)

    I've used Emby successfully for years. Because I'm in the UK and use Freesat, I've always had to use Nextpvr to manage my TV Tuner. However this is no longer viable due to a "falling out" over emby live tv being a paid for service (my take on it) So I turned to MediaPortal. It works like a...
  20. Liam01

    55" Samsung Q70T rubbish, tv suggestions?

    Since boxing day I've had a Samsung q70t set up, from the first moment I viewed tv channels through it, I could see it was poor with screen motion, the next few days have confirmed how bad the picture can be, and the dedicated thread on here had just confirmed everything. So I will return the...
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