1. Y

    Very thin sub build.

    I’m in the design phase for a thin (5.5” max) sub build. Design constraints courtesy of the wife so it’s gotta fit under the couch. I’ve found a few good subs that will fit the bill but I’m looking for any input for drivers others have used and are happy with. I’d love to go with a jl audio...
  2. stevefish69

    Wanted Seaton Submersive Sub

    Still on the lookout for another Seaton Submersive Subwoofer, or a PX for my Single Submersive for a Master and slave Pair.
  3. B

    For Sale Mordaunt Short MS 309i

    I have this little subwoofer up for grabs, It serve me very well. It is in very good condition for its age. Price is negotiable.
  4. W

    For Sale SVS SB2000 black Ash

    SVS SB2000 in ash black, selling as cinema room is now back to a lounge😢😢. no dents in grate or any scratches. bought from AV online in late 2017. £450 Will post photos still have original box so will packed up. prefer collection as this is heavy
  5. mr_yogi

    Sub Support; Spikes? Chopping Boards? SuperSpikes? Etc.?

    Hi, I've just got my first Sub, a BK Double Gem, and I'm thinking how best to set it up. The system in 100% stereo, exclusively used for music, and the sub is connected through the high level inputs, from my power amp. And I'm using the supplied spikes so far. I listen at low to medium volumes...
  6. Roberto1975

    For Sale Rel T5

    REL T5 for sale. I have owned it from new, used in my living room. In perfect working order. Good little sub, great for music. Some light scratches in lacquer but nothing beyond that. All cables and original box.
  7. xchinox

    For Sale Cambridge Audio 5.1 setup (5x Minx Min12 + Minx X201 Subwoofer - Black)

    Cambridge Audio 5.1 setup (5x Minx Min12 + Minx X201 Subwoofer - Black) everything comes boxed in excellent condition.
  8. S

    Arcam AVR400 B&WM1 Sub pairing

    Hi all, what sub would you pair with a Arcam AVR400 and B&W M1’s for a 5.1 setup? Most of the sound will be approx. 80% film. The room is open plan but the living area part is 3.2m by 4m. One requirement is wireless for the sub so I have been looking at Rel/SVS. Putting budget aside, what...
  9. RicksonGracie1972

    Help with Sub Set Up

    I'm hoping someone in here can help with my Sub set up so that I know I'm getting the most out of it. I've taken photos of the back of my sub and the Speaker Configuration from my Receiver. I guess I'm a little underwhelmed by the overall sound from my system and whilst I appreciate its at the...
  10. J

    Recommend 65" TV for use with subtitles on constantly

    Hi All, Could someone please recommend a 65" TV that would meet the following requirements. Subtitles will be on constantly as my wife is deaf, sound is not that important to me. Will be used approx 8hrs/day. I like a good picture so quality is important, sources will be terrestrial TV...
  11. AVRAG

    Sub for Dali and Denon X4400 setup please??

    Any recommendations to suit my set up please? Denon X4400 Vokal, Zensor 3s, Zensor 1s, Altecos preferably 300-400 but might MIGHT push to 500 if I really need to… needs to suit a lounge set up 3m x 4m
  12. M

    Subwoofer for Denon DN-A 100

    Hi Guys, I currently have a Denon DN-A 100 amp with 2 AUNA speakers wired into it, got it as a birthday present ages ago but don't know that much about Hi Fi at all. I've had that set up for a bit now and lately started looking into getting a subwoofer for it. I've had a look at some options...
  13. Baz59

    Help please choosing Subwoofer

    Hi everyone, Looking for recommendations regarding a new sub for my set-up. I have recently changed my fronts, centre and rear speakers all of which I am very happy with. I am currently using a KEF 20b (specifications below) purchased new way back in 1996 so pretty old and dated!!! Thinking...
  14. Paul7777x

    Wanted BK XLS200.

    Preferably black but not essentially so. I’m after an inexpensive one so I’m not overly concerned about the box condition. As long as the amp and driver are in vgc, I’m happy. I can send a box if necessary, and arrange a courier.
  15. S

    What car for sub £3k?!

    So I am now having a change of heart and moving away from the idea of buying a 12-24 month old car (skoda superb 272, skoda Octavia vrs were the main runners) and being stuck with a circa £400 a month pcp for 48 months - mainly due to personal circumstances whereby it might not be the wisest...
  16. J

    What sub?

    Hi, thinking of adding a sub to my system for a fuller sound, currently running Quadral chromium style 8s in a room 7.5mx5.5m. Budget <£1000 thinking svs sb or pc 2000? The monoprice monolith 10. @ £499 looks tempting. Any advice? System used for music and tv/films, running a NAD c388 amp.
  17. Gazaman

    For Sale Q Acoustics 3070S Subwoofer

    Selling my Q acoustics 3070S subwoofer due to upgrade. Boxed and in as new condition. Photos will follow when I get home. Collection only.
  18. C

    'Hybrid' surround possible ? (eARC Soundbar plus AVR for sub and rear)

    Unclear which of the subforums this may best fit into, I think this one seems most likely, apologies mods if I'm wrong. I have a Sony A80J and bought a Sonos Arc soundbar at the same time. I play the majority of my content from a PC connected to the TV via HDMI. Whilst this setup is OK, I'm...
  19. DavidT

    Subwoofer direction of driver query.

    With a forward firing ported subwoofer does it matter which direction the driver is pointing? My new subwoofer can point either along the back wall or down the side wall towards the front speakers.
  20. bungieben

    Fisual Rca subwoofer cable circa £70 not working

    Thought i'd be good and buy a half decent 15m discreet cable for dual subwoofer addition only to find the cable don't work. New i should have done it myself ruddy thing ain't soldered on the centre pins. rant over
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