A subwoofer (or sub) is a woofer, or a complete loudspeaker, which is dedicated to the reproduction of low-pitched audio frequencies known as bass. The typical frequency range for a subwoofer is about 20–60 Hz for consumer products, below 100 Hz for professional live sound, and below 80 Hz in THX-approved systems. Subwoofers are intended to augment the low frequency range of loudspeakers covering higher frequency bands.

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  1. S

    For Sale REL PREDATOR HT-1508

    Moving house , downsizing to smaller accommodation, this time with neighbours, this unit has had very little use , as only plays when the grandkids comes over , which is not often , it's in prestine condition , all accessories including original packaging , please feel free to come for a demo ...
  2. Ian Collen

    Discussion thread: Mitchell & Brown launches Symphony Bar400 soundbar

    Read the news: Mitchell & Brown launches Symphony Bar400 soundbar. The UK brand has added an affordable audio solution to work alongside its range of affordable TVs, complete with a wireless subwoofer for a 2.1-channel 400W solution.
  3. B

    Question Kef Ci50 soundlight system (Denon AVR-660H)

    So I have recently replaced my Onkyo TX-SR607 (Think the HDMI input failed) with Denon AVR-S660H. I’m running a built in ceiling speaker system Kef Ci50 Soundlight. But the built in subwoofer does not appear to be working? As it did with the Onkyo. I have tried just about every set up there is...
  4. S

    Question Sanity check: Am I correctly understanding what I need to do if I want to buy a second sub?

    Been doing a lot of research as dual subs seem to be complete rabbit hole. Current setup: Denon x1700 AVR driving 4 Klipsch RP-240d, a Klipsch RP-640d (centre), and an Arendal 1961 1s* subwoofer, and two Klipsch RP-500SA as heights in a 5.1.2 setup. I currently have the 1s in the right hand...
  5. thesnodger

    For Sale SVS SB-2000 Pro Subwoofer - Black Ash - boxed, pristine minimal use

    Only purchased in this in October 2023 as new/old stock, but changing my soundbar, so now I have to swap this for a wireless sub :( Not happy as this sub is really good for the price. Warranty is valid until end of 2025 as it was sitting in a box unused for almost 3 years before I bought it...
  6. P

    Protective cover for subwoofer

    Hi Guys, I thought I'd share an idea of a cover for a subwoofer my wife made. I've recently got a Yamaha NS SW300 subwoofer and due to space and layout in my living room, I keep it squezzed in between a sofa and a cabinet when not in use. Therefore sometimes placing other stuff on it. When...
  7. heavymetalmat

    Question Upgraditis looking for some advice please

    So, im currently rocking kef q500s and been looking at either.... Getting some q acoustics 3050i for the larger drivers Adding a subwoofer and keep the kefs My setup is currently a 3.0 running through a yamaha avr but listen to a lot of music in 2ch stereo and feel like the bass is somewhat...
  8. L

    Help troubleshoot sub output not working

    I have a Marantz SR8012 AVR. Recently it has been giving me some grief. The latest one is the two sub out does not work. There is no signal out from either sub 1 or 2. The cable and subwoofer works because if I connect to another source of audio or simply tap the RCA banana plug on any metal...
  9. aliencinema

    For Sale Q acoustics 2070s subwoofer

    Selling this on behalf of a friend Q Acoustics 2070s subwoofer, works great, there's a few marks and part of the vinyl is lifting on one end ,no grill ,price reflects these
  10. B

    Svs sub interference low rumble sound without volume.

    Hi all bit confused regarding my setup. Ive got a denon avc-x3800h with klipsch speakers and 2 svs sb1000pro, the speakers are wired but my subs are wireless with the svs wireless triband transmitters all works great apart from my left sub! It kinda makes a weird low bassy sound (SOUNDS LIKE...
  11. Smeemi

    Traded in subwoofer with issue

    I traded in a klipsch spl 120 subwoofer with It was delivered on the 9th April, using a courier (UPS) they arranged. The subwoofer was in near mint condition, aside from one mark on the top of the subwoofer so I put the condition as good - minor signs of wear. I packed the subwoofer...
  12. CincyMatt123

    Question M&K subwoofer Push-Pull Polarity

    I am replacing the plate amplifier in my old MX-100 dual 12 push-pull subwoofer. I am in the final stage of replacement. I cannot seem to get an accurate answer on the polarity of the 2 12-inch drivers. One fires forward externally, and one fires up internally from the bottom of the cabinet...
  13. D

    For Sale Kef KC62 active subwoofer now £900!

    Just 8 months old and covered by an extended guarantee from Richer Sounds until August 2029. All packaging, accessories and receipt included. This is currently being used in a system with a pair of LS50 Wireless II’s but I’m selling to go back to a full AV system as I have more space now...
  14. Gandalf2665

    Underseat Subwoofer Frequency settings help

    I have had a Teyes CC3 2K head unit fitted to my van and added a Pioneer TS-WS140D Underseat Subwoofer. I already have 2 x Hertz Door speakers and 2 x Hertz Tweeters fitted. I have no clue what to set the various frequencies at according to the options supplied with the head unit equaliser...
  15. jedifozzie

    Deal Agreed Cambridge Audio Minx x201 Subwoofer in white £199

    As title bought direct from CA in feb and is a little over a month old. It's all fully boxed like brand new totally unmarked. Probably used no more than 10 hours. Great feature and sound for the size and still packs a punch Bought it to go with my KEF LSX II but had a change of plan and gonna...
  16. M

    Question Newb needs help

    Hi i recentlly plugged a subwoofer & 2 computer speakers into my tv & was blown away by how much they improved movie watching im now deperate to know how a proper set up would sound but iam completly clueless about what equipment i need & what specs they should have i only want to watch movies...
  17. K

    Crossover confusion

    I’m new to setting up a home cinema system and I’m bit confused to how the crossover works on the subwoofer. I have recently purchased 5.2 system with 5 minx 22 and dual minx x201 subwoofers and my question is if the 2 LFE connections from the amp to the subs is capped at 120hz how can the...
  18. missnetto

    Question Polk Replacement

    Hello all, struggling with all the many soundbars out there and a lot of them are so expensive but I am looking for a replacement for my Polk command bar. If you have any suggestions even if they are older sound bars and sub. I wouldn't want satellite speakers unless they were wireless.
  19. A

    For Sale KEF R400B Subwoofer

    Such a solid beast. Looks are great too. Perfect condition. Only had very light use. All as new. Be £650. This is collection where full demo will be given. If you want to have it shipped you would have to arrange and be at buyer responsibility. This would need doing on the phone so if that...
  20. K

    Question Need recommendation on cheapest AVR with XT32 and SUB EQ HT

    Hey all, Been lurking for a couple weeks now as I’ve been upgrading the old HT gear slowly. Just picked up an XPA3 from a member last night, and the last thing I’m in need of is an AVR that will support Atmos with XT32 and SUB EQ HT. I’ve looked at so many dang avr’s I’m losing track… trying to...
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