1. J

    My burn in issue with LG C8 where the subtitles appear.

    Here's a photo of my two-year old LG C8, showing burn-in where the subtitles appear.
  2. Charlweed

    Enable vobsub subtitles in DLNA videos?

    I expect this would require a software update from LG, but I figured I'd ask anyway. I have old-school anime files on a DLNA server. These videos have VOBSUB-style subtitles, where the subtiles are in video form, not text. Newer videos use subtitles in SRT, SSA or ASS format. My LG TV, an...
  3. C

    Subtitles causing screen brightness change (pumping brightness) on HDR content.

    PROBLEM: I watched Netflix "Giri/Haji" or "Duty/Shame" (which is in HDR), it's half English and half Japanese and when the subtitles appear on screen the whole screen goes a tiny bit brighter, and when the subtitles disappear the screen goes a tiny bit dimmer. So the effect of subtitles coming...
  4. Countfox

    TTS reader software/program or App capable of reading aloud subtitles live

    Does anybody know of any TTS reader software/program or App capable of reading aloud subtitles live? One is watching a foreign movie and would like to concentrate on actors and movies rather than read text at the bottom of the screen. Moreover, if one can't read fast enough one is left behind...
  5. A

    Question Two sets of Subtitles on Amazon Prime on GZ2000

    Hi All, Using Jack Ryan Season 1 to test my new GZ2000, Roku Ultra, UB9000 setup and came across an interesting one... (note that I'm also using a Logitech Harmony single remote.) When the subtitles come up to translate - I get two copies overlapping and in different colours. This happens...
  6. Pollywoggle

    Question Huge subtitles on BBC iplayer on Apple TV 4K?

    Apple TV 4k complete newbie so apologies if this is a daft question (a search didn’t throw any light).... I had a quick look at “The Bridge”, on BBC iplayer and the subtitles seem to take up a quarter of the screen, is there any way to make them smaller? Not sure where to start looking?
  7. wilted

    Q80T setting subtitles to off by default?

    I recently got a Samsung Q80T and love it, except it plays all movies from the USB with subtitles. I can turn this of by going to the settings icon in the far right of the screen, but this is a pain every time. Is there a setting that turns all subtitles off by default, so if I actually want...
  8. bogart99

    Amazon subtitles

    Have a U8Q but unable to get subtitles on Amazon Prime films everything else is fine.
  9. gfplux

    Subtitles breaking up

    We have a Samsung TV QE55Q9FNALXXN bought in December 2020. We have the subtitles on all the time for both terrestrial TV and Netflix. In the last couple of weeks some of the subtitles are breaking up. This occurs whatever the source Indicating the fault lies with the TV rather than the...
  10. Fido87456

    Question Netflix - English subtitles for the film Alpha

    Has anyone managed to watch Alpha on Netflix and have it display English subtitles for the foreign language parts only? The only only option I have is for English (CC), which results in subtitles for [Breathing], [wolf whimpers], [Thunder clap] etc which really spoil the atmosphere. I've...
  11. al shookup

    Trying to get rid of subtitles!

    Does anyone know a simple way how to remove subtitles from downloaded torrent programmes please?
  12. regular_guy28

    Handbrake (Subtitles) Idiots Guide

    Hi, I am in the process of making backups of my blu-ray/dvd collection but am struggling with subtitles in handbrake. I begin with creating an .mkv file using MakeMkv. I then run the MKV that I have created through Handbrake to reduce the file size. I just can't get subtitles to work the way...
  13. F

    HDR Subtitles too bright

    Hello I own a Panasonic 820 4k player and an Atv4k. The problem is that the subtitles are very bright when running HDR movies, so I prefer to turn them off. In DV and other formats, the subtitles are a lot more dimmed. The tv is calibrated etc. Are there any possibilities to adjust the...
  14. N

    No subtitles when playing from usb stick - Samsung QE43Q60R

    I have movies in my usb stick that play perfectly on vlc media player, for years. However, in plain 2020, samsung qe43q60r is not able to do it, some movies are not played at all, others are played without audio (animes with dual language) I've checked and the tv firmware is updated. Does...
  15. JSWolf

    Question How do you get closed captions with Disney+?

    Is there a way to get closed captions with Disney+? I'm not needing them, but I am curious if this can be done.
  16. D

    Question Getting artifacts around subtitles when there is motion on screen

    Hi all, I am the recent owner of a Sony Bravia XBR65X950G. I'm really liking the TV except for 1 little thing. I've noticed that there are artifacts around subtitles when there is motion happening on screen. This video shows what I mean. Happens around 0:04 : The above example is while...
  17. S

    Question Need help with subtitles in LG smart share

    So I've been trying to get my C9 to display external .srt files from windows media center on my pc to the smart share webos on the tv. But I can't for the life of me get it to work. I can get it to work if I transfer the files to an external hdd and plug that in to the tv. The other way I can...
  18. REJI

    Question Plex subtitles

    Can anyone help. I'm having trouble with forced/embedded subtitles on plex. I'm starting to go round in circles. Watched a few videos and read a few forums but still no closer. Any help would be appreciated
  19. P

    Question Panasonic 50EX700 subtitles problem

    Hi!:) I have a question about subtitles in my Panasonic 50EX700 TV. It's quite a problem as I can't read 2 different lines of subtitles at once... so when I watch something with subtitles and for example 2 people are talking at the same time I can only see what 1 person is saying. The subtitles...
  20. P

    Question Captioning (Line 21 analog) on dvd players with HDMI - not formatted

    Hello! The problem for many years with captioning and DVD players was that DVDs that used line 21 analog captions viewable through non-HDMI connections would have this type of captioning not pass through if HDMI was used to view the DVD. This style of caption is popularly seen as white text on...
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