1. R

    For Sale Audio Technica AT95 cartridge with VMN95ML stylus fitted with aluminium headshell

    As title really, got one these cartridges here fitted with the ML version stylus. Cartridge has had about 1 hour of use (so its not even approaching "run in" status) and is in as new condition. Reason for sale, I replaced my original technics TT having just replaced the stylus in the cartridge...
  2. pommehomme

    Strange noise from AT-LP120USB from speaker with stylus not touching rotating turntable

    I am puzzled by a noise that comes from my AudioTechnica AT-LP120USB turntable. I purchased this new in 2016 and have not used it much, but this seems to be rather new. I have recorded this noise, which makes listening to LPs impossible, with the turntable rotating and the stylus perched just...
  3. C

    Stylus & Cartridge Compatibility (Shure)

    Hi, I have just got a pioneer turntable and it has come with a Shure M75ED cartridge, however, the stylus is broken. My other turntable came with a Shure 75 6 Stylus in a box but had been upgraded to an ortofon so the 75-6 is a spare, but i'm unsure whether that is compatible with the M75ED...
  4. JAS2001

    Needle landed on slipmat, should I be worried?

    So I was about to play a 7”, dropped the needle down gently with the cue lever, but I missed the vinyl by a few millimeters. The needle getting dragged on the slipmat caused a horrible sound so I lifted it up immediately. Could this have damaged the needle? (Also the mat is a cork one)
  5. Loomah

    New Cartridge for Rega Planar 3 (1986ish)

    Hi all I recently posted a thread in these forums looking to bring my Rega back to life (Rega planar 3 and beyond) This was all VERY useful but the stylus I was recommended by @Ugg10 (Nagaoka JNP-110) seems to be impossible to source at the moment so I have asked one supplier/retailer for...
  6. A

    Technics 1210 turntable, distortion even after changing cartridge and stylus

    Hi, I have distortion when playing vinyl on my decks. They were ok with the old needles Stanton 505s and 500s, but they don't make them any more. The new N500S aren't as good and after a while this distortion started. I figured changing the styli and carts would solve the problem, i got Numark...
  7. J

    New stylus leads to increased surface noise

    Looking for.advice please . Have a Project Debut Carbon Debut SE with an ortofon blue cartridge. Recently got a new stylus as old one had had a couple of years play . Have had two new stylus now and both sound bad compared to old one . Increased rumble , discernible surface noise off the vinyl ...
  8. A

    Stylus cartridge very close to record surface

    I've spent some time setting up and balancing everything on this Gemini PT-2000 that I recently acquired. It all seems ok and plays fine, but to my eyes the stylus cartridge body seems extremely close to the surface of the record. I don't think it's the weight of the tone arm, as you can see...
  9. atkins14

    Vintage Luxman PD282 Turntable and Shure ME97HE - Stylus Advice?

    So I am completely new to turntables, but thought I would put use my dad's Luxman PD282 turntable that he bought new in 1978/79 which has been sitting in the attic for nearly 30 years... It currently has a Shure ME97HE Cartridge, unfortunatley the stylus is broken and quite corroded. Looking to...
  10. T

    Turntable quiet after Stylus Replacement

    I have Soundlabs G056F Turntable connected to Pioneer Amp. Lovely crisp loud sound. Then I decided to replace stylus, not that I noticed sound was deteriorating, just thought it was time. Now sound is far lower than other devices connected & quite distorted if I turn volume up. When I put old...
  11. Crock56

    MC Cartridge life/damaged stylus

    Hi, I have an Ortofon MC Gold Cartridge and the stylus is wonky, ie leaning to the right looking at it from the front and also the main body of the cartridge is sitting very low over the actual record. I don't recall knocking it but .... ??? turntable is a Roskan Radius 5. Any thoughts or...
  12. Derek Lindsay

    Stylus quality

    Hi I have an aiwa turntable px e850 and I bought a cheap replacement stylus.My question does a cheap stylus damage your vinyl and is it better to upgrade your turntable Thanks
  13. C

    replacement cartridge & stylus

    Hi. New to AV Forums. I'm getting back into the LP game with my modest 100+ collection of albums and a few 45's. My son gave me a Technics 1210-MK2 turntable. I need a new Cartridge, head and stylus. He had a DJ combo on there before. Mine will be for my listening enjoyment. What are...
  14. bogart99

    Stylus tracking weight gauge

    Having misplaced my stylus gauge, was an old one where you counterbalanced the stylus against a piece of metal on a balance like an old type kitchen scale, I need a replacement. All now seem to be electronic. There seems to be one predominant design knocking about badged under numerous names...
  15. M

    Dual 1209 TT Cartridge and Stylus for 33 and 78 playback

    Hi, I am sure this question is easy for someone or has been addressed before, but can someone please advise what is a good cartridge and stylus for a vintage Dual 1209 TT. I have read on a few forums advice on Shure, Ortofon and even AT and whilst I understand a little, I am quite new to getting...
  16. Rick Robinson

    Best EPS270 stylus for Technics SL3300

    Hi, I have a Technics SL3300 that’s still going strong and that I’m about to pass on to my son (as my Dad passed it on to me) when a new Rega Planar arrives; I’ve been buying Thakker EPS270 styli for it for a while, but they need replacing frequently; can anyone recommend a better stylus for...
  17. John

    Stylus for chromebook

    Anybody have any experience of what stylus to get for an Asus chromebook ? My daughter has tried a one which didnt really work and is going back tomorrow. But is there one to get that wont break the bank ?
  18. peter312

    Upgrade stylus or new turntable?

    Having moved house three years ago, I was forced to downsize my collection of Hi-Fi components. I now have the space to start putting what I’d call a more “traditional” system together i.e. Turntable, CD Player, Amplifier and Speakers. I have recently purchased some Dali Oberon 5 speakers, a...
  19. H

    st17 stylus on new lp`s

    hi all my first post on here looks like a good place. I have just brought a hacker gondolier record player with a Gerrard 3000 deck it looks to be in brilliant condition what i would like to know is it has an st17 stylus in which is correct one (dont know what the cart is at the moment) would it...
  20. O

    Suitable replacement stylus for Linn K5 cartridge

    Hi all. I have a Rega Planar 3 with Linn K5 cartridge. However the stylus is now worn, after many years and needs replacement. It would appear the stylus is no longer available. The replacement I've been recommended is: audio technica atn95ex. Could I please ask you, the informed, your...
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