1. bogart99

    Stylus tracking weight gauge

    Having misplaced my stylus gauge, was an old one where you counterbalanced the stylus against a piece of metal on a balance like an old type kitchen scale, I need a replacement. All now seem to be electronic. There seems to be one predominant design knocking about badged under numerous names...
  2. M

    Dual 1209 TT Cartridge and Stylus for 33 and 78 playback

    Hi, I am sure this question is easy for someone or has been addressed before, but can someone please advise what is a good cartridge and stylus for a vintage Dual 1209 TT. I have read on a few forums advice on Shure, Ortofon and even AT and whilst I understand a little, I am quite new to getting...
  3. Rick Robinson

    Best EPS270 stylus for Technics SL3300

    Hi, I have a Technics SL3300 that’s still going strong and that I’m about to pass on to my son (as my Dad passed it on to me) when a new Rega Planar arrives; I’ve been buying Thakker EPS270 styli for it for a while, but they need replacing frequently; can anyone recommend a better stylus for...
  4. John

    Stylus for chromebook

    Anybody have any experience of what stylus to get for an Asus chromebook ? My daughter has tried a one which didnt really work and is going back tomorrow. But is there one to get that wont break the bank ?
  5. peter312

    Upgrade stylus or new turntable?

    Having moved house three years ago, I was forced to downsize my collection of Hi-Fi components. I now have the space to start putting what I’d call a more “traditional” system together i.e. Turntable, CD Player, Amplifier and Speakers. I have recently purchased some Dali Oberon 5 speakers, a...
  6. H

    st17 stylus on new lp`s

    hi all my first post on here looks like a good place. I have just brought a hacker gondolier record player with a Gerrard 3000 deck it looks to be in brilliant condition what i would like to know is it has an st17 stylus in which is correct one (dont know what the cart is at the moment) would it...
  7. O

    Suitable replacement stylus for Linn K5 cartridge

    Hi all. I have a Rega Planar 3 with Linn K5 cartridge. However the stylus is now worn, after many years and needs replacement. It would appear the stylus is no longer available. The replacement I've been recommended is: audio technica atn95ex. Could I please ask you, the informed, your...
  8. pinkmarmalade

    PYE 1226 Stereogram Cartridge Issue

    Hello, Recently acquired a PYE 1226 Stereogram which appears to be in full working order other than the small metal clip that holds the stylus in place that has unfortunately snapped. Have not been able to find any information on the model online and attempts at finding similar cartridges have...
  9. GreyMutton

    Help with pioneer 12d stylus

    Hi all, Just looking for some advice as I've just bought and old pionner 12d turntable as a gift. It still has the Shure cartridge on it. The M75 I think. Now I don't know that much about setting up these things but I know that it's not much use without a stylus :facepalm: So can anyone help...
  10. G a f f e r

    Stylus Zenith Alignment

    OK so after looking at my TT, it got me to thinking about the Zenith alignment (alignment of stylus and cantilever along the long axis of the cartridge) of the stylus in my cart. Most of us probably think that they arrive from factory perfectly parallel to the cart body sides, but often they...
  11. 7

    Question AT 3600L stylus upgrade query

    Hi all, I am new here. Does anyone have any recommendations for upgrading my stylus and / or cartridge? I am using an Audio Technica 3600L on a Sansui SR212 turntable with a trusty old Toshiba amp. It sounds okay, but I am thinking a better stylus would improve sound quality and perhaps be...
  12. StratManSi

    Replacement Stylus?

    Hi All, I have an old but mint Pioneer PL-112D that I bought a few years ago for a planned vintage Hi Fi vinyl revival that didn't happen! I had a quick test of it then it ended up being stored for a few years. Anyway, I now have somewhere to put it so I got it all set up and found the...
  13. LAMitchell

    Expert Stylus Ltd Phono cartridge repairs and review

    A while back I had the misfortune of my Ortofon Jubilee phono cartridge losing its diamond tip, it literally fell off! At first inspection I though the cantilever had been snapped off but this was not the case. I looked into seeing if it was possible to get it repaired by Ortofon and they do...
  14. chaz

    Question Case for Samsung + with place for a stylus

    There is such a thing as a case for the Samsung S8 Plus where I can put one of those stylus in?
  15. G

    Old SONY PST 22 turntable - what to do??

    Morning all. After spending the last 30 or so years in the loft, I have at last brought my old SONY PST 22 turntable into the lounge and am starting to play my old vinyl. The PST 22 is direct drive and although "entry level" at the time of purchase, I believe that I'm correct in saying that it...
  16. P

    Question Which styluses go with which touchscreens?

    Or is it styli? ha! Anyway, I'd like to know what kind of stylus will be compatible with my HP Pavilion x360 13-u100na. Here is the spec. I bought a HP Pro Tablet 408 Active pen thinking it would work because it was being sold bundled with another Pavilion x360 by PC World, and I assumed all...
  17. tabs

    Question Project Elemental Turntable Stylus Help

    only bought it yesterday, played one record and the needle fell out, its the ortofon 5e cartridge.. can it be put back in or is it scrap ? .. thankyou
  18. M

    Question Flexson VinylPlay Stylus Replacement

    Hi folks, I've got a Flexson VinylPlay which I'm really happy with. However I need to replace the stylus. I've checked their website and their own brand is out of stock with no indication of expected availability. I know very little about this element (stylus replacement) so after some...
  19. Sami

    Question Replacement Cartridge/Stylus

    Hi Guys, I am just about to upgrade my Debut Carbon to an Xperience 2 Pack - I've managed to find one on the cheap so I plan on getting the Ortofon 2m Black as a further upgrade with the money I am saving... The problem I have is that I have no idea how to properly replace and align a new...
  20. lettuce

    Replacement Stylus For AT-LP120?

    I just managed to snap the needle on my Audio-Technica AT-LP120, will need a replacement, i know the factory fitted needle is the AT95E, but everyone says thats not a very good needle ( i can get 2 for £29), what is a better alternative to get? Now im no audiophile, and i know a good...
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