1. yolaspinto

    Question Stuttering and Frametime spikes RX 5700 XT, how do I solve this? [VIDEO]

    This spikes on the frametime graph are the reason why ALL my games feel stuttery. I've been having this problem since I built my PC around April. I tried lots of things but none of them worked, does someones have a solution for this? Here is my video so you can see it: View...
  2. M


    I subscribe to Wigan TV but the picture stutters and scrambles when I try to use it. I have a Panasonic Viera smart tv. Can anyone help me please
  3. M

    Question Sharp Aquos LC-43LE653U stuttering on YouTube then restarting TV

    When playing YouTube the video pauses then goes and sometimes restarts the TV. When it pauses the remote doesn't work or takes a long time to work. This is the only device it is happening on. I don't know if it matters but I just got a new modem and WiFi6 router. Thanks.
  4. Whitling2k

    Question Q80T 65" - audio stuttering

    Hey - I've had my Q80t for about two months now, and I've noticed a strange feature. It seems a bit sub-par for such an expensive screen... Anyone else experienced it, or have any ideas? So, every now and again - like 2-4 weeks apart, my TV audio starts stuttering, crackling and popping. The...
  5. J

    Need to reset my Panasonic HCx920 Camcorder

    I've been using my Panasonic HCX920 camcorder for live broadcasting for several years with excellent results. I basically set the camcorder to record at 1080p60 and set the mode to Intelligent Auto Mode. Unfortunately I have fouled up the settings recently such that I get poor video quality in...
  6. brandy123

    Question Stuttering on all games ?

    Hi guys I’ve recently noticed a lot of stuttering in games I’m playing but I just put it down to mods I might be installing like for say pes 20 that stutters a lot in game but I’ve put it down to maybe mods, But my son just bought me fifa 20 and it noticed it is stuttering within matches so I’m...
  7. N

    Audio stuttering

    Not sure if this is the right term. It could be split second audio hesitation. Anyway it is a tiny interruption in sound, particularly noticeable in music. It's not something I have ever experienced with my sound systems before. It's happening when playing the new Bang and Olufsen Beosoundstage...
  8. T

    Picture freezing and stuttering urgent help required

    I’ve just brought an LG 50um7450pla . When watching most programmes it seems ok but when watching match of the day it keeps suffering every 15 seconds or so when someone moves quick it can’t keep up with itself and the image freezes for a split second then catches up a bit a bit more dressing...
  9. J

    Question H50A6550UK picture seems to stutter very occasionally ,is it the TV or the Sky box?

    I have a slight stuttering problem on my H50A6550UK it looks like it judders very occasionally and if there is head or lip movement it looks slightly robotic.(A bit like maxheadroom ) I mainly watch Sky HD and it's usually Sky I see it on.(old school sky hd 2TBbox) The question is, is it...
  10. thevside

    Answered PC to HDTV micro stuttering except in PC/Game mode

    Hello, first post here despite I read you from long time. I use a modern Win10 pc as a media center (i5 with GeForce GT 620 video card) and I had no issues with my previous FullHD Samsung TV that had no Motion Interpolation engine or with another simple fullhd monitor I have. Now I've replaced...
  11. joejoe123

    BenQ W1200 gaming issues

    I use my BenQ W1200 projector with my Xbox One S for gaming such as call of duty etc... After playing for a while though on it every 15 seconds or so the video can become jerky, e.f. if a character is running, it looks like for a few milliseconds he stops then it carries on - this is obviously...
  12. chez1hunts

    BMW 4 Series stuttering issue

    Hoping some one may be able to give me some advice on an issue thats just started on my 63 plate 4 series 420d X-Drive 55K miles, serviced at BMW in December. All of a sudden when acceleration my car will slightly stutter, you can feel it each time, it's an automatic. It's not all the time this...
  13. A

    Stuttering UHD picture on Amazon Prime??

    Hello, A few months back I bought an LG 55UJ750V. I don't have too many sources of UHD or HDR to fully appreciate, other than what's available on Amazon Prime. I turned the Trumotion option off at an early stage, and generally use the 'Cinema' setting, slightly tweaked to suit. The normal...
  14. C

    TX-49DX600 - Media Player Video Stuttering

    Hi, i'm new in the forum. I've got a friend with this TV and we can't play smootly some 4k videos. We've got some videos that play fine and anothers with stuttering. I used mkvtoolnix to remove all other streams (audio, subtitles, even the chapters) to find out if a audio stream (maybe DTS or...
  15. M

    E6 stuttering picture

    Hi, have had my E6 series oled for around 3 weeks now - all seemed well but did notice a slight stutter on my picture during Wimbledon. A new update went in recently and now the stuttering picture is almost constant but only on sky or freesat. Have contacted LG who are unaware of any issues...
  16. Finguz

    Streaming has stuttering audio

    Hi, I have recently purchased an LG OLED55B6V, and really love the picture. However, I am having an issue with the playback of UHD .mkv HEVC files, which I have transferred to my WD MYCloud, that is connected to the TV and/or Nvidia Shield via a 3 year old Dlink 8 port Gigabit switch. The TV...
  17. JasTheBald

    Question LG 49UH610V Stuttering on Screenshare

    Hi all Wondering if someone can help me? My TV pictures stutters quite badly when using screenshare, and sometimes on youtube app too. I cannot find any settings within the TV that could alter this so not sure what to do? I use a windows phone for screenshare, a friend has also tried his...
  18. Venomx999

    Question Stuttering on upscaled content ?

    Hi guys, i have a Youview Humax dtrt4000 box, and im having trouble playing back upscaled content that i've recorded. It only seems to stutter on american programmes. For example, the gadget show HD ( UK ) was fine, Taskmaster HD (uk) was fine. SD content from america on the HD channels (...
  19. P

    stuttering Amazon 4K Streams on Sony TV

    Hi all, I'm getting stuttering (every 10-15 seconds) when streaming amazon 4k videos on my sony KD43XD8088 using the built in smart tv amazon app. I've tried both wifi and hard wired and get stuttering on both. I've run network speed tests from the tv to rule out my home network and get 90mbps...
  20. T

    Question I'm new to 4K and Samsung KS8000 needed! Stutter/Judder/Flickering.

    Hello Everyone, ANY HELP, MUCH APPRECIATED! Please take the time to read and help if you can. I'm fairly new here :( I've always considered myself a little tech savvy in the sense that I like my TV's, consoles, gadget etc. And know how to work them etc. However, I'm struggling here. Up...
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