1. janz70

    PANASONIC TX-P50G30B video files having audio stutter problems with AAC

    Hi all, I know this TV is getting on a bit (8 years old ) but I have been watching MKV and MP4 file via a usb stick without problems for years but recently the sound started to stutter. Missing out words / jumpy - video is perfect. I used mediainfo to check the video/ audio info and have found...
  2. P

    Decision was made.......

    I took the plunge on a 55 inch LG Oled but I have have some screen and sound issues and it is being returned. One thing I have struggled with is the movement of people on the tv, it seems to stutter/judder to the extent I struggle watching it comfortably, it is like I have motion sickness. I...
  3. thevside

    Answered PC to HDTV micro stuttering except in PC/Game mode

    Hello, first post here despite I read you from long time. I use a modern Win10 pc as a media center (i5 with GeForce GT 620 video card) and I had no issues with my previous FullHD Samsung TV that had no Motion Interpolation engine or with another simple fullhd monitor I have. Now I've replaced...
  4. G

    Question TV for someone extra sensitive to motion blur, judder and stutter?

    I am new to TVs in general. I have decided i want to watch movies as a serious hobby and so have been looking for a good TV for watching 24 FPS bluray movies. I don't care much about other features. Sadly i have noticed that i am extremely sensitive to judder, motion blur and stutter. On my...
  5. C

    50PUS6703/12 4k Xbox stutter

    Hello, I am having an issue playing Xbox one x games on my 50PUS6703/12. On another 1080p TV the console is perfect,but when running on my 4k TV I experience stuttering in games,where it can almost freeze for 3-4 seconds then goes back to normal. Very frustrating and I am in the process of...
  6. mt1104uk

    Question 65" 4K TV for a HTPC Primary Source - Judder / Stutter Mitigation

    Hi all, I do 95% of my TV watching via my HTPC that I built, currently running a 1050TI so has all the neccessary hardware support to enable Netflix 4K via either the Windows Store App or Edge. In August, I used a ebay 10% voucher code to order a Philips 65PUS6262. That had to be returned due...
  7. joejoe123

    BenQ W1200 gaming issues

    I use my BenQ W1200 projector with my Xbox One S for gaming such as call of duty etc... After playing for a while though on it every 15 seconds or so the video can become jerky, e.f. if a character is running, it looks like for a few milliseconds he stops then it carries on - this is obviously...
  8. B

    Question Samsung Q6F 4K Playback USB

    Hi, I had the TV for about a month now. I tried to play a 4K movie (~35GB in size) through the USB port with a USB drive and a 1TB harddrive. Both have the same issue, stuttering and artefacts. Does anyone here experienced the same thing?
  9. D

    4k Judder and Stutter

    Hello, As subject implies, I suffer judder and stutter on 4k content Hisense 65" 4k Television (E65K5510UWTS) Denon 4k Amp (AVR-X540BT) PC (i7 7700, Intel HD 630, SSD for O/S, 2TB HDD and a couple of USB HDDs,32gb RAM) 5k Player, VLC, HPC, MPC, Cyberlink etc Judder amounts differ from one...
  10. AlanX

    Reducing stutter on an older Samsung

    Can anyone help, before I embark on a long trial-and-error process? I'm trying to reduce stutter (not judder) on a 55H7000. The relevant controls appear to be under the menu item called 'Motion Plus'. Under this, in Custom mode, I can adjust 'Blur Reduction', Judder Reduction', and 'LED Clear...
  11. jt57

    Panasonic DX-802B - motion stutter

    Hi all. I recently (mid June) bought the 58" version of this tv and am generally very impressed with its performance, but for one very annoying thing.......motion stutter. The worst occurrences of this problem are when watching normal ota program content especially soaps such as Emmerdale or...
  12. Dodgexander

    Question Youtube HDR stutter in Windows 10

    Has anyone else seen this issue? There seems to be a known problem in Windows 10 with VP9 hardware acceleration where playing back HDR videos in browser on youtube causes stutter. I have tried a driver reinstallation to the latest Nvidia ones (I have a GTX 1060) and also different browsers. So...
  13. C

    Phillips 55pus6272 - Judder/Stutter

    Hi all, New here and looking for some help! Recently purchased the Phillips 55pus6272 and I'm noticing stutter/judder in the picture. The best way I can describe it is that it looks like a bad internet stream. This is seen using a Sky box and also when using a Fire tv (both 1080p output)...
  14. leo5111

    Question Sony 900f still have stutter issues?

    does the 900f still have stutter issues with content under 60fps like says? or did newer firmware help?
  15. JamesLFC2018

    Question Why so much stutter on my EVGA 1080ti

    Hi guys, i purchased a evga geforce gtx 1080ti a few months back to go into my system that has a intel i7 4790 3.6ghz, 8gb of RAM, a 250gb SSD and a 2tb Sata hard drive using a Hdmi 1.3 cable on my 43 inch 4K Phillips TV, but when I try play games like PES 2018, FIFA 18, WWE 2K18 I am getting...
  16. A

    Question Looking for 55" TV, sensitive to stutter

    My 7 year old Samsung LE32C530 has served me well, but it's time to go bigger and 4K! My main reason for this TV was for the 24p support, I watch a lot of movies and TV series recorded in 23.976fps on my HTPC and I currently have MPC-HC auto-change the refresh rate to 24hz when going fullscreen...
  17. T

    Panasonic EZ952 4K OLED Stutter

    Panasonic EZ952 Oled Stutter issue: Below i am tracking serial numbers of tv's and whether they have the stutter problem. Tv serial numbers: 095057 340357 ARA - stutter, 55" 095057 350039 ARA - stutter 095057 350186 ARA - stutter 095057 417672 ARA - stutter 095057 460069 ARA - stutter, 55"...
  18. D

    Answered Video File Playback Stutter

    I would like to preface this question by saying I know it is a pretty stupid question and I'm fairly confident I know the answer but just wanted some external thoughts on it. In the last couple of weeks I have been trying to playback video files from my, admittedly rather old, laptop onto our...
  19. christopherw

    Question Samsung 40MU6400 - repeated 25/50 fps judder on mostly static video - changing deinterlacing mode?

    I've just unboxed a new 40" Samsung 40MU6400, calibrated for colour and disabled all of the picture processing. As with all other Samsung TVs I've set up, picture is Movie with Warm2, picture fit enabled. Auto Motion Plus is disabled. Digital Clean View is disabled. Film Mode is off. Watching...
  20. M

    Sky Go on Mac

    Hi Is anyone on here watching SkyGo on a Mac through Safari ? If so is the picture nice and smooth on sports and other fast moving action (maybe odd dropped frame but nothing that could be called a stutter) If the answer is yes what is the spec of you mac ? Thanks in advance
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