1. lobsterhunter

    Bargain The Lighthouse on Blu-Ray at HMV for £4.99, seems to be £7-8.99 elsewhere.
  2. D

    FireTV box stuck in setup loop since update

    I decided to do a factory reset on my 1st generation Fire TV box [Not stick or cube], During the setup it did an update, Since the update the box will no longer load, It goes through the setup process until "Loading" appears in the bottom right, But then goes back to the start of the setup...
  3. ohh_danielson

    Am I stuck to 1080p on my monitor?

    Hi all. I got my PS5 this week and initially set it up in the front room on the 4k TV, and it looked great in 4k. I now have it on my computer monitor which I thought would class as 4k but it's 3440x1440, so I think with it being an ultra wide monitor, and PS5 not supporting ultra wide, it's...
  4. A

    Stuck Pixel created in Laptop display due to mishandling

    Hello all Wanted to know I have a patch of stuck pixel(red color) created due to jerk while handling, wanted to know can the stuck pixel go away by itself overtime automatically, it's creating a red patch at this moment as in image. My laptop has a 15.6 LCD Display
  5. GalacticaActual

    Stuck pixel 55B8 lg oled and richersounds warranty.

    Hi all Well, something else to keep me stressed Noticed pixel stuck on green today on my b8 55inch oled TV Any ideas on if it will go away? The TV is two years old and not been an issue so far. Only noticed today, but now can't not notice it! Was bought from richer sounds with 6 year...
  6. N

    Help - Spider stuck on the inside of my TV screen

    Hi there, I noticed last night that a small spider has somehow gotten in to my TV set (Sony 65xf9005) and appears to have died and is stuck in the bottom/middle left hand corner of my TV screen. Although it is only small, my eye is constantly drawn to it and it is driving me mental. I bought...
  7. T

    Question Stuck - marantz and sky with Atmos

    I have a Marantz 7010 with Atmos and a Sky Q box that supports it. I don’t appear to be getting an Atmos signal. I have done the following: Dolby Digital Plus activated on the sky box Movie with UHQ output with Atmos explicitly listed on the film hdmi directly into the amp Checked the movie...
  8. Trist

    Verifying stuck at 1%

    Hey folks, An update seems to have been pushed to my Xbox One and it’s seemingly getting stuck on the verifying stage at 1%. I’ve tried holding down the power, eject and sync buttons and erasing everything and but it asked for the update again and got stuck on 1% again. I’ve got internet...
  9. A

    Sony HW40ES manual lens shift stuck

    Hi, After 5 and half perfect years with my HW40es I've encountered my first issue. I moved house recently so I had to set up in a new room, while moving the vertical lens shift wheel i think i've gone too far and now the lens is stuck in it's lowest position, moving the wheel in either direction...
  10. L

    Second Month into owning LGCX and already a stuck pixel...WTF?

    I spent a lot of money on this tv. I have a 65inch LGCX. And second month into owning this TV, I ALREADY have a dead pixel. What can I do about this? It's a pixel that's dark-dark blue on the bottom, middle of my screen. It remains dark dark blue even when the TV is turned off! I followed all...
  11. subsonicbassist

    Which 5.1 set ups should I look at if I am stuck with only speakers that have to be wall-mounted?

    I have some Yamaha HTiB speakers with an upgraded Yamaha RX-A680, and these speakers are relatively clear but a bit shallow and underwhelming. Plus, the center seems to be getting some distortion when big explosions happen and I think it is due to the rear porting on these speakers amplifying...
  12. O

    Stuck on choosing an amp - ~ £500

    I'm stuck on choosing an amp in the £500 range to power two Dali Oberon 5s. I'm torn between a Yamaha AS801 or a Rega Elex-R which is ~ £150 more expensive. I also like the look of the Yamaha and having the tone dials though I supposed I'd rarely use those. Can anyone recommend one over the...
  13. erics3

    Onkyo 1100 stuck in standby.

    Onkyo RZ 1100 blinking standby and no function of any kind. Any ideas?
  14. Grangey.

    Electric screen stuck going up

    Hi all, Last night my electric screen (cheapish Amazon one) jammed when retracting, at about 1/3rd up. It still goes down to its in use position- but just jams at the same point when retracting. No idea how to start to resolve this. It’s the tab tenasioned type and I’ve tried really loosening...
  15. Gh0stw4lk3r

    Philips PUS6703 stuck on Philips logo

    It all happened when watching some Netflix on this Saphi TV . Netflix started to get distorted and ended in a black screen. in a attempt te restart the TV , the tv now only shows a philips logo. if i take out the power cord and wait for half an hour and plug in the powercord, within 1 second the...
  16. C

    Question LG OLED55C8PLA Stuck pixel/s

    A couple of weeks ago I noticed a stuck green pixel on my 1 year old oled tv and after calling LG's support I learnt that the warranty doesn't cover 1 stuck pixel. I paid closer attention to the stuck pixel today though and it looks quite big to be a single one so I was wondering if there are...
  17. GalacticaActual

    Vauxhall Zafira 2002 elegance automatic transmission problem

    Hello everyone. So , the Mrs Zafira is playing up again. Its an automatic transmission , and every so often seems to get stuck at 40MPH. Sometimes 3 or 4 times in the space of the journey, sometimes just once while out. Revs dont go up or down and power seems to drop. Then if you take your...
  18. R

    Denon AVR-X2500H Network stuck after firmware update

    Dear, I have the following situation. (Sorry my English) I bought a new Denon AVR X2500H. I did the initial setup, set up the network, executed the Audissey, everything is fine. I had to check and executed the update firmware and Receiver downloaded and installed over the network. Then the...
  19. KidGnome

    Question Considering 55' NU8000 and Q7FN, what is the best choice?

    I'm about to buy a 55' model and I'm stuck with the choice between NU8000 and Q7FN (I have a good deal for these 2 television at my local shop). The Q7FN would cost me 50% more than the NU8000 model, 1.135 euros vs 740 euros (respectively 1314 dollars and 857 dollars). The tv would go in my...
  20. gazhodge

    43 to 49 stuck where to go

    Hi all, I'm looking for a bedroom tv, 4k HDR 43" to 49". Ive had a look at a few which started with a Samsung UE43NU7470 43 which I have seen in Curry's and wasn't very impressed (OLED in the front room lol) The search then lead me to the PANASONIC TX-49FX740B which really impressed me and...
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