1. robquy

    Question DS220J or DS220+ for 4K .mkv streaming

    I have spent the the last few weeks of lockdown ripping all my 4K discs to mkv's and compiling them onto a 3.5" sata drives (how bored am I). The drive is connected directly to a Zappiti 4K mini along with some USB3 drives. The ultimate goal is to have everything on sata drives in a NAS. My...
  2. Tomnook80

    Question Streaming TrueHD and DolbyAtmos Logo LG CX appearing randomly

    Unsure if this is exactly the correct forum, but it's related to a streaming. Having sorted all the kinks (I think) out now with my network and Plex streaming I'm having an issue which is utterly maddening. Any remux or indeed any 4K file with TrueHD audio displays a DolbyAtmos logo repeatedly...
  3. Q

    Denon avr-4500h sub problem while streaming from TV

    Hi all, HELP NEEDED!!! 🤷‍♂️😅I'm a newbie in Hi-fi world, so looking for advise... Recently setup my avr-x4500h receiver (at the moment 2 front-Definitive speakers,B&W centre speaker and active subwoofer - Yamaha NS-SW300-connected through mono and subwoofer 1 with double shielded RCA Pro series...
  4. K

    Thoughts wanted on best streaming service to buy films

    I've used the subscription streaming services for years but am now looking at buying some titles online rather than as physical media. Right now I'm favouring Apple TV as it seems to be better quality than Amazon. Should I be considering any other services? Is it realistic to keep all of your...
  5. JabbaNut

    Group Says Latest Game Consoles Can Be Power-Hungry Streaming Devices
  6. J

    Question Software for streaming from a laptop.

    Hi, I have a stereo system with C.D.player, amplifier, external DAC and speakers and I intend to stream music files via my laptop until funds allow me to purchase something of a similar quality to the rest of the system. Until then, could someone advise what I need to do to play DSD and Hi-Res...
  7. Ahill438

    Question How to get better streaming quality to my Pioneer SC -LX83

    Hi I wonder if anyone could advise me please. (I’m new to this so apologies if I make mistakes) I love my Pioneer SC LX -83 and I want to stream music to it to be played in 2 channel stereo until I can find an alternative that sounds as good and goes as loud. Its an old av now but it still...
  8. C

    Streaming compatibility

    I just bought the Rotel A12 integrated Amp that has a Bluetooth incorporated. Can i use Apps like Spotify, Vtuner, Qobuz... with my phone to play with my A12 ?? or do i need an audio streamer hooked up to it ?
  9. JabbaNut

    Sony Says Its Bravia Core Streaming Service Rivals 4K Blu-ray Quality
  10. JabbaNut

    Sony Says Its Bravia Core Streaming Service Rivals 4K Blu-ray Quality
  11. R

    Question No audio when streaming via AirPlay to Sony KD43XH8505BU

    Hello, When streaming from macOS (Big Sur 11.1) over AirPlay direct to a brand new Sony KD43XH8505BU we get video but no audio. It was working for the first week but now isn't. However, when doing the same thing via a hardware AppleTV box it works just fine. Online searches have only yielded...
  12. O

    FPV RC car with low latency streaming, video recording?

    I'm looking for something quite specific and wondering if anyone has any ideas. I've recently started getting into RC cars and I'm having an absolute blast. I think it'd be really cool to move the point of view from 3rd person, watching and controlling the car from the outside, to a first person...
  13. R

    un55mu6300 Streaming issue

    I can not stream live events from a website. Videos, youtube, ect are fine but streaming a game, for example, will not work, just a black box where the game is supposed to be. This is not due to and will not be fixed by an app or device, like a youtubeTV or ROKU. Why is that? I have a good...
  14. P

    Yamaha RX-V685 Podcast streaming problem with RTL (French Podcast)

    Hi good evening to all of you I have a RX-V685, everything work very well. i get a problem with my favorite podcast a french podcast name : les grosses tetes provided by RTL a french national radio. i live in Israel thought an iphone, iPad or any computer I can access to these podcast when I use...
  15. O

    Streaming tidal on PC or not

    Forgive me for i am still learning. I like to stream from my PC. Currently i'm streaming tidal from my PC to my old marantz 2250b and the sound is good, i just feel like i might be missing out on something using the onboard audio output on my pc (3.5mm B450 tomahawk). Recently i ran into an...
  16. J

    (Facebook) Portal TV as Streaming Device

    Hi All, As per the title is the Portal TV any good as a streaming device for watching Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube etc? While it's more than a Chromecast with Google TV I like the idea of being able to join Zoom calls from it without having to be in front of a PC etc. Anyone got any...
  17. A

    Question In stuck for next step, between streaming , all in one etc.

    I wonder what would be the general advice here. This is what i have. 1 Pair MA Bronze Bx5's 1 Pair MA Bronze Bx2 1 New pair MA Studio I would like to be able to play the same music on all 3 at times in 3 different rooms, but it seems that the likes of the Yamaha WXA amp, would not be able to...
  18. Flicks

    Wanted Roku Streaming Stick +

    Hi. Looking for one of these if anyone can help?
  19. nigpd

    Question Green colour when streaming video through 4K firestick and Pioneer VSX-LX 70

    Hi I've got a head scratch that I can't solve and wondered if you experienced chaops might be able to help, please. When streaming video using the 4K firestick attached to the Pioneer VSX-LX 70 receiver and displayed with a Panasonic PT-AT5000E projector, the colour of the screen has a really...
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