A stream is a body of moving water.
Stream or streaming may also refer to:

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  1. ShardsOfMe

    For Sale Bluesound NPM-1 BluOS Streaming Module for DALI EQUI Sound Hub

    Bluesound NPM-1 BluOS Streaming Module for DALI EQUI Sound Hub. Boxed and superb, 'as new' condition with Wi-Fi dongle and inserts. I have since upgraded to the NPM-2i (the only difference between the two is that the latter has AirPlay 2). £210 delivered.
  2. Unlucky Alf

    Question Quality of streaming audio compared to disc audio?

    Despite having a home cinema setup that I’ve tweaked a number of times, I still have trouble hearing what’s being said on a lot of shows. I’m giving some thought to selling my setup, as there doesn’t seem much point having it if it’s not really improving the sound from the TV, but would be...
  3. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: WiiM launches debut streaming amplifier & comments

    The newly launched WiiM Amp caps a successful year for the company as WiiM broadens its portfolio with its very first streaming amplifier. Read the news.
  4. D

    looking to upsize

    Hi looking to upsize i currently have a Samsung QE65Q85RATXXU, i love the picture quality this set provides me and would be looking for something of equal picture quality i will be using it for gaming, streaming and broadcast tv and i am looking for 75 to 85 inch 80 would be the sweetspot but i...
  5. T

    For Sale Marantz PM7000n Streaming Amp

    Bought from Audio-T 2.5 year ago, it's in mint condition as it sat in a cabinet being controlled by the HEOS app. Sounded amazing paired to some Kef Q350 & a Rel T-Zero. Replaced by an SR5015 when my old Sony AV amp reached the end of its useful life last year. (Using the SR's 'Zone 2' outputs...
  6. Sparky1970

    Question Sky Q

    I've called Sky today to negotiate my renewal, it appears that I will be paying more in January 2024, the advisor kept on about Sky Glass but I'm not sure I need that as we have Sky Q and 3 mini boxes, we watch a lot of tv on Sky Q but I not sure if you would be able to watch the same content...
  7. T

    S90C Audio Issue - Streaming Only

    I have a new 55" S90C, gen 2 panel on latest FW. I'm having audio issues through the TV speakers only while streaming on both the native apps as well through an Xbox (Same issue on Netflix and Amazon). Basically the dialogue track is super low and all I can really hear is the soundtrack and...
  8. TB303

    Cheap system for a teenager who into vinyl, RPI DAC?

    Hello people, I've reached the dreaded moment where there's another audiophile in the house. he's 13 and wants a turntable in his room, which also means speakers (probably active), the room is quite small so I'm thinking active nearfield monitors. Frankly I worry more about the expense of...
  9. gava

    What could it be?

    On two occasions now I started streaming via my C399 and on some tracks heard a horrible crackling sound coming from the high frequencies on my right speaker. Nearly had a heart attack!! At first I thought it might be the recorded source, but it has happened on both Qobuz and Radio Paradise...
  10. castlerock

    Apologies, amended post. Laptop required.

    Apologies for the similar post but I just thought I would be a bit more clearer on the type of laptop required. My head is in a mess as I'm getting bogged down with indifferent reviews and all the technical jargon etc... I don't need anything flash as I only really want it for - Web browsing...
  11. darkob

    NAD C399 streaming via Airplay2/direct

    Hi, I have NAD C399 with MDC2 and when I am streaming Spotify directly to NAD it doesn`t sound so open and fluid as when I am streaming through Airplay2...I have the amp already 8 months and its the same with every new firmware that came, I am regulary updating.... Is there anyone having the...
  12. castlerock

    Budget Laptop required

    Hi, I'm just after a bit of help please. I'm after a new laptop. I don't need anything flash as I only really want it for - Web browsing Streaming TV shows Updating my spreadsheets 🤓 Ideally I'd like something with a decent battery and the ability to play my old championship manager game on...
  13. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Rotel unveils RAS-5000 stereo integrated amplifier & comments

    With built-in streaming support and HDMI-ARC compatibility, the new addition looks to offer two-channel support for your wider home entertainment needs. Read the news.
  14. Rrad

    Qubuz on WiFi

    Hi everybody, Will I be able to get at least CD quality on Qubuz if I use Wi-Fi instead of ethernet? I want to stream it through my Arcam SA 30. Thanks
  15. I

    Question Can I cancel Sky, and rejoin as new customer?

    Hi I'm paying a stupid amount for just Sky TV, I use old school sky boxes and dish. I would cancel it but my wife won't let me! Their deals for new customers are much better. Can I cancel it and then resubscribe in my wife's name as a new customer? Will they still issue old school style cards...
  16. figoagogo

    65 Inch TV OLED or MINILED, budget £1500-£1800

    Long term member, not been active on here for years 😞, but I know this place is a wealth on knowledge. I am looking for a new TV, 65 Inc plus. Mainly for movies and streaming. Sources are 4k and Blu-ray Discs (occasional DVD), Netlifx, Disney, iPlayer etc. Gaming is NOT a requirement. I...
  17. P

    Time to upgrade: 55” AG9 to what though?!?

    Hi all, Been a while since I have been around here: and wow things move on quick, completely out of touch with TVs! We are moving in the next few months, so looking to replace my old/trustee 55” AG9 - is still a cracking TV and performs well, but new house can handle a 65”! Mine aspects...
  18. Stuart Wright

    What UK streaming services are you currently subscribed to?

    Interested to know what paid UK streaming services you are currently subscribed to. Please select all which apply and reply below if I've missed any which you pay for. Thanks
  19. RayP

    Availability of The Insider on physical and streaming media.

    When I got my first DVD player close to 20 years ago one film I enjoyed very much was The Insider. A true story of US tobacco firms and the lengths they went to to get people to start smoking. Russell Crowe played the lead character and the film was very well received. I gave all my DVDs away...
  20. P

    Cyrus Stream X2 streaming service help

    I have recently purchased a used Cyrus X2 streamer for use with my Cyrus DAC XP Signature/Stereo 200 set up. Prior to this I was streaming Spotify to the DAC via a Google Chromecast. I acquired the streamer as I was hoping for better audio quality with high res files via 24 bit/192KHz...
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