1. A

    Question No sound from AVR/speakers when streaming videos on X900F

    First of all, my gear: TV: Sony X900F Receiver: Denon S650H Speakers: Klipsch 600M I set up my AVR and speakers which I tested and works perfectly. I connected Spotify via Bluetooth and also TuneIn via wifi and music played and sounded great. I connected my TV with the receiver via HDMI ARC...
  2. T

    Streaming with a laptop.

    Hi, I stream my music into my audio system using my laptop. I use an Audiolab 8300A/CD. The laptop is wired to the modem and a usb into the amp. I have used all of the streaming services in the past and the one I use now is a good quality one. I am not impressed with the sound quality...
  3. A

    Problem streaming Prime in 1080p

    A problem has developed on my Lenovo Yoga 310 laptop, when trying to stream 1080p video from Amazon Prime. Until about a week ago the video was streaming in 1080p via Firefox; but since then 1080p has suddenly stopped working, and the picture resolution has dropped to a maximum of 720p. Prime...
  4. andykara2003

    My soundbar doesn't support dolby digital plus. Will it still play 5.1 channels when streaming Netflix?

    Hi all, My soundbar only supports DD, not DD+. Netflix uses DD+ as it's format. Will my bar still play audio in 5.1 sound when playing DD+ content on Netflix? I would guess there's probably a downmix/conversion process somewhere in the chain that would automatically convert to standard DD for...
  5. mickbirch2000

    Amazon music HD streaming in MQA .

    Was searching on amazon music HD for music by David Elias, I've been listening to his album Crossing for weeks in CD quality as I thought it wasnt available in hi-res & the CD quality stream is very good. Imagine my surprise to find Crossing (Remastered) & when I played this version via Bluos &...
  6. Ratfink

    Question New to streaming. Backing up CDs and FLAC, wanting lossless but confused by options - help!

    Hey folks, I have a ton of CDs that are currently sitting in boxes due to various moving situations. What I'd like to do is back them all up, with artwork, in a lossless format that is flexible, easy to stream, and recognised by most streamers. At the moment I've been uploading them to ALAC in...
  7. M

    Question Apple TV+ Dolby Atmos content (height information)

    Hi there, Has anyone heard anything coming from their height speakers when watching AppleTV+ content?! I know the shows say they're Atmos, my AV receiver shows they are playing Atmos - however I've not heard a peep from the height speakers that I can notice? I've tried Defending Jacob, The...
  8. raduv1

    Late To The Party Lockdown streaming

    Never got around to watching Sons of Anarchy but knew it got high praise on here . So decided to give it a go , must say its compulsive veiwiewng as on season four . There be no good guys n gals in this sh*t as all are complete ****s of the highest order . I mean everyone is a complete sh*t...
  9. S

    Question Streaming Source for Chord Mojo

    So after getting increasingly mad with Apple. I decided to treat myself to a new DAC and streaming service. I am thinking a Chord Mojo ( crazy deals at the mo) and possibly Tidal/ Qobuz My question is this, given the mojo cant decode MQA and I want hires files which is more sensible, Tidal or...
  10. hoisin

    Is Tidal HIFI quality streaming over iOS Airplay

    I was wondering if Master Quality albums play at 96khz when streamed over Apple iOS Airplay. Any idea anyone? I google search hasn’t provided any info.
  11. Drax1

    7500 (Prime streaming from 19th June)

    Thought this one was worthy of a thread after reading about it in this month's Empire. The very versatile Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in new hijacking thriller 7500. Set to debut on Amazon Prime in a few short weeks, it's claustrophobic nature looks set to be amplified by having it set entirely...
  12. S

    Streaming Spotify thru old Denon AVR1910

    Good evening everyone - hope you are all keeping safe and well. I want to be able to stream Spotify through my Denon amp and Boston acoustics speakers wirelessly utilising my iPad or iPhone (Bluetooth or WiFi - amp has neither). What would be the best & hopefully most cost effective method of...
  13. andykara2003

    1080p streaming - plasma better than LG CX?

    Hi all, I have a Panasonic GT60 plasma that I’m about to upgrade to an LG CX OLED. The trouble is our internet is awful with no chance to increase the speed - 5Mb/s. This means we can only stream in HD at the most. My worry is that since the LG TVs perhaps aren’t the best for upscaling, the LG...
  14. E

    Gig Streaming install for large music venue

    Hi, i have a 1400 cap live music venue, i need to set up a 4 camera system for people to stream our gigs live i need some advice on equipment, mid range budget i guess best HD cameras for this environment (club with lots of flashing lights) best way to connect them with long cable runs (40 -...
  15. bones`

    Wanted Decent Speakers and or full streaming system

    Looking to get a decent set of speakers preferably in White. For reference I have been considering AE1 Active/ Dali Oberon 5 or similar but would consider larger speakers. I have also been a fan of Monitor audio in the past, not really interested in B&W. I only really listen to Spotify Premium...
  16. Rantallion

    Question To DAC or not to DAC?

    Please help me decide! I have a Marantz PM6006 amp and Kef R100 speakers in my kitchen which I currently use a Chromecast Audio connected with optical to stream Spotify to (on premium stream rate). Would I benefit from a Network Streaming Player to make it sound better? I know the system has...
  17. Smallboydanger

    Which Hi Res music streaming service is the best overall Quboz, Tidal and Amazon Music Hd

    Which Hi Res music streaming service would you recommend of these 3 Quboz, Tidal or Amazon music Hd? Looking at streaming from a dedicated streamer like the bluesound node 2i hooked up to my Hifi system
  18. F

    Question music streaming via Lyngdorf TDAI 1120

    The owners manual of the Lyngdorf TDAI 1120 has a section titled "streaming setup"of just 5 lines. As a newcomer to the liquid music subject I expected much more. I have still to decide whether to buy this product or not but I was not able to see and understand its features and compare them...
  19. PaulMancUK

    Question Help needed with streaming Hd music - galaxy note 9, roksan k3 dac, chromecast music

    Any help would be appreciated. I am trialling qobuz for hd music. I have a roksan dac and have been using my laptop to stream music to it in 24 bit 96 or 192 etc. I have been using a usb cable and have installed the Roksan driver so I can select that as the output. On the laptop I have...
  20. K

    Amazon and UHD streaming

    Purchased downloaded copy of 1917 UHD playing it back via sony uhd player and Samsung uhd tv, it says at the top of the picture 4K UHD, but at the bottom says HDR 1080P so what am I getting, any ideas ?
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