1. bonespawn

    Marantz PM6007, Dolby Atmos (Bluetooth Streaming)

    I have a few questions that I hope the community can advise me on. I've recently purchased a marantz pm6007 which I use with a Bluetooth receiver via the optical input. I stream my tidal service with a Huawei p20 using APTX HD. In sound settings there is an option which is to enable Dolby...
  2. C

    Replacement for my recently deceased NAS

    At an age of 10 years my Buffalo LinkStation Mini NAS died last year and can't find an adequate replacement. Maybe some hint from users? Should be 2 x 2.5" SSD ONLY! with 1GB LAN and the most important feature is the size, see picture! Thank you
  3. ClarksonRecords

    For Sale Pioneer SX-N30 Network Streaming Amplifier.

    Here we have my Pioneer SX-N30 Network Streaming Amplifier for sale, bought by myself from Richer sounds a few years ago. A great amp in great condition with loads of features. Happy to demo on collection from Ealing West London (Near the M40 & M4) or can possibly source some packaging if buyer...
  4. k pad

    How well did this (18-year-old) article age?
  5. 4Zen1

    Confused....a streaming Cambridge Evo 150 question.

    I'm looking at buying the Cambridge EVO 150 and would aim to use it mostly for Tidal which is a platform I access via phone and tablet at the moment. So if I buy the EVO is Tidal already installed inside it ?. I'm confused as to where the actual music stream comes it from the Tidal...
  6. P

    Streaming box

    I am looking for a streaming box for two particular apps I need one that has Chinese we tv app and iqiyi app on them. Iqiyi is available on Firestick but not we tv and its not available on Apple TV box either
  7. H

    Sony Google tv App

    Hi I have Android Sony TV and so I am able to install international movie streaming apps from Google Play store. Now I am thinking of upgrading to Sony AJ80 . I know standard apps like Netflix/Prime etc are pre-delivered. Apart from these is it possible to install other streaming Apps on the...
  8. B

    Streaming device for apps with ethernet

    My Panasonic smart TV is fine for TV but has a limited number of apps. I need a streaming device (like Roku or Firestick) but it must have an ethernet socket as wifi to the TV is poor. The device doesn’t need TV tuners or storage. Any recommendations?
  9. gava

    Finding new music and streaming service recommendations.

    What do you think about the recommendations, track radio, or weekly/monthly playlists from online streaming services? My problem is that I like to listen to lots of different things and try out new genres, artists, etc. I like that they can figure out from other people what I might like, but...
  10. H

    Suggestions for a £5k streaming based system.

    Can anyone recommend a decent streaming (Qobuz) set up. My music tastes are very wide encompassing everything from jazz to rock/ pop, world etc. Room size @12x15 feet. I really like Naim Unit Star but open to other suggestions and a decent set of speakers. Currently have Q Acoustics Concept 500...
  11. H

    The Rotel A12 and streaming from Android

    I'm happy with my Rotel A12 but confused about how to get it to play the music library on my phone (Media Monkey) through the USB port(s) . The one of the front of the amp is supposed to be where I plug for the phone, the one on the back from my computer. But when I attached the phone to the USB...
  12. Stay Puft

    HTPC for 4K Streaming

    I currently have a simple Windows PC setup with Plex. The only reason I have this second PC is that a NAS simply didn't have what I wanted (I need something to run the Plex server on). I currently have about 5 or 6 hard drives attached to it (as I store different types of media on different hard...
  13. W

    4k player - no streaming services

    Hello all, Is there a player out there that does all the HDR formats and has atmos etc that is just the player? I feel like I don't need the streaming or any smart service as I have just got the C1 OLED and I stream through that. Just looking for a decent standard player that doesn't come...
  14. nstar67731

    Streaming music question

    Apologies in advance for my ignorance. I am using a anthem 540 receiver with a pair of Cornwall iv’s. I am steaming music to the Anthem using the tidal hi res subscription from the app on my iPhone 12. Is going to a blue sound node going to be a large step up in sound quality vs just steaming...
  15. R

    Best streaming option?

    I have an old Denon 3803 connected to some Monitor Audio Silver 6i's that I want to stream music too (after a shift around of some kit etc). This will be to stream local content from my Nas (synology dnla & Plex) , from Tidal and/or Spotify, and from android phones (Audiable etc). I'm all over...
  16. J

    For Sale Brand new Roku 4k Streaming Stick

    Brand new unopened box Roku 4k Streaming stick plus.
  17. W

    streaming TV volume anomalies

    I am new to streaming with our new fibre connection. It needs a lot of work I question is ,does anyone else notice the volume going up and down occasionally when watching a news stream like CBSN,,? just for a moment now and then...
  18. B


    I have just bought a Panasonic TX-40JX870 , I have a cochlear implant and use a streaming device for sound this device streams without the sound being affected through the normal tv speakers and it worked fine on my sony tv, how ever when connecting to my Panasonic it will not stream the sound...
  19. joner7777

    Is xbox one ok for music streaming

    I have always used a xbox one x with Spotify through a Marantz Sr 7011 avr and KEF Reference speakers. Thing is, would I notice much difference if I bought a streaming device considering my ears are 65 . I am very impressed with the sound quality from Spotify, is a xbox a good way of processing...
  20. oaklandraiders

    For Sale Roku streaming Stick+ 4K

    Having a tidy up and no longer use it. Roku streaming stick+ model 3810R Minty boxed Its the US version so no UK mains adaptor, its powered by USB anyway. Remote has USA shortcuts but still has Netflix Its 4K HDR 60fps etc
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