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  1. B

    Sonos evacuee - where would you go.

    Hi experts! Right then, need some advice please! i currently have 4 Sonos 1’s (the ones that do not sync with apple. Use them with Spotify. I really wish never brought them ! :( have to use Sonos net , had so many issues with them dropping off network. I listen to music via Spotify and Sonos...
  2. F

    Slingbox Discontinued NOV 2020

    Sling Media in their wisdom has set a 2 year sunset for Slingboxes. I would like to stream my cable TV to my phone. currently has RCA out as the HDMI is encrypted. anyone suggest a good alternative? or anyone smart enough to setup a slingbox without the sling media servers (when they get...
  3. julianjwatt

    Yamaha WXA-50 external music source question

    Hi, I have a Yamaha WXA 50 system, attached to turntable and have a large collection of music in various formats, stored on external drive. Want to have access to that music, via the music cast app, so am looking into various options. It's about 700 GB of music, so far too big for the USB...
  4. B

    Question Autonomic and Crestron users?

    I have a multi zone audio system in my home using these two major players. I have had continued problems simply keeping the sound on when using streaming broadcasts services like iHeart Radio and Tunein. The sound cuts out after 5 or 10 minutes and has to be restarted by switching stations. I...
  5. B

    Question Egreat A10 Remote control

    Hi as I decided to replace my WD media player with something more up to date , I went and bought an Egreat A10 4K Blu-ray media player. Im slowly getting used to the interface , and sucessfully connected it up to my NAS via my powerline network. However , I cant live with the remote control...
  6. B

    Question Dune Pro 4K player playback problems

    Hi My Dune Pro 4K media player is struggling to playback larger files. My setup is a follows: All media is stored on a QNAP TS-451+ NAS with 8GB of RAM. This is CAT 5 to a 4 port powerline adaptor. My Dune Media player is CAT 5 to the same 4 port powerline adaptor. From there the Dune media...
  7. UpNorth15

    Question Spotify and Tidal question regarding quality of output

    Hello all: I’m new to forums again, so I’ll give a bit of context first: was very much into audio-phile hifi quality for several years, then went to university then work, which dropped this to the way side. Now, I have more room, more settled, tiny bit more money etc. I passed on most/all my...
  8. Punisa

    Question How to make this setup better? (Rpi in focus)

    Hello everyone! I love music, but I'm also a bit noobish regarding some details :P Would really love some expert opinions/advice regarding the setup I'm trying to make sound a bit better (hopefully). Ok, let me run you through the connections from start to finish: 1) My Windows 10 PC is used as...
  9. rogerh

    Question Anyone ever wondered how Apps drive and disappear from our kit/

    I recently bought a Sony BlueRay/DVD player. One of the reasons I chose it was to use into access Apps, especially as I use PLEX on my smart tvs. The tv I have it attached to is a Sony "HD Ready" tv which I wanted to be able to watch my home movies. photos and music on as I do on my smart tvs...
  10. Stigeon

    MusicCast WX-AD10; phono out via Bluetooth?

    My setup: Yamaha A-S501 amp, JBSystems record player, Yamaha MusicCast WX-AD10 streamer adapter. Does anyone knows if it's possible to connect a Bluetooth headset to the WX-AD10 and listen to records that way? Thanks!
  11. mpharr2

    Denon AVR-X2400H Setup

    Denon AVR-X2400H - Intergrated Network AV Receiver Enabling access to the following Standard broadcast FM stations Streaming radio stations Pandora Amazon Prime Music
  12. EntryLevel

    Question Router upgrade for Plex?

    Hello all BLUF/TLDR: Do I need to replace the BT Smarthub 6 to use Plex? I've just started putting together a Plex based DVR and home streaming infrastructure: Win10 3rd gen i5 Plex Media Server, HDHomeRun tuner and Android/Roku clients connected wither by Cat5e or wifi. However I'm running...
  13. BlueWizard

    The Need & Location of Server Software?

    I've been dabbling in Audio for more decades than I care to count, and I am generally familiar with Streaming Products. However, never having had a Streaming Device, I'm unfamiliar with the details of their operation. I'm hoping those in the Streaming Forum can enlighten me. When I envision a...
  14. S

    Question Options for Windows phone user

    Hi all. I currently use Sonos with Spotify through IOS and very happy with it. My dad's birthday is later this month loves my system and I want to get him a good wireless speaker (around £100-£160) for his house. However, he uses a Windows 8 phone so I am a little confused of whether to get him...
  15. K

    Question Server type PC advice

    Hi all I have a somewhat fractured setup at home and I want to streamline it a bit. I'm really struggling to make up my mind so I'm looking for any tips or comments to help me on my way! I have a trusty i5 2600k workhorse that I use to rip and encode my media library plus send it to my devices...
  16. SpacedUK

    Wifi tv

    Thanks for all the help in advance. I'm thinking of getting a wifi enabled smart tv for the bedroom. I have no aerial connection. 1. Will I be able to access free view and catch up? 2. Will I be able to connect to my home network, and through that my home server to stream my video files...
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