1. zepherman

    Atoll Electronique ST200 Signature, ST300 Signature, MS120 streamer owners thread.

    After searching this forum I didn’t find a dedicated owners thread for these streamers. I know that there are owners all over Europe, and others in other parts of the world (though not as many). I live in the USA and not many here are familiar with the Atoll brand. So being that Atoll is more...
  2. jagss

    For Sale Nvidia Shield TV Pro 4K Dolby Vision Ready Media Streamer - £115 posted

    Nvidia Shield TV Pro 4K HDR Ready Media Streamer Dolby Vision Factory reset to latest firmware. Purchased from Amazon UK in late 2019. Very little use the past 12 months. Original box, remote, and Uk and EU plug. Please note no HDMI cable is in the box. Selling on as it’s had very little...
  3. T

    For Sale pioneer n30ae network streamer

    I have for sale a pioneer n30ae network streamer for sale in excellent condition hardly used only reason for sale liked it that much upgraded to Cambridge can v2 was going to put into bedroom when done up but plans changed £180 delivered
  4. RichieP

    Bluesound Node N130

    Hi all - new boy here - first post. I'm currently streaming music from an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k Max (Spoify/Amazon Music) with an optical out of the TV into Topping E30 DAC > Cambridge Audio A1 Mk2 > Wharfedale Diamond 220. Looking to improve and use a dedicated streamer - the Node N130...
  5. THX2002

    For Sale Lumin T2 Network Streamer + SBooster upgrade

    This network streamer needs no introduction and is considered one of the highest quality ever made, even taking into account its MSRP of £3795 Having just WAY overspent being ripped off by Mickey Mouse and friends in Florida last month, I have come to the realisation, that I need to let a few...
  6. P

    For Sale Pioneer N70 AE Music Streamer (black)

    Hi all, Having a bit of a clear out, so up for sale is my Pioneer N70 AE music streamer (black) as I just don't listen to as much music as I used to. Excellent condition complete with accessories and original packaging Originally cost £1200 Specs here...
  7. A

    Streamer amplifier that has speaker connections?

    It appears that I'm getting zero interest in trying to sell my wonderful Kef Q55.2 floor standing speakers that I have had in storage for a few years. Therefore, I'm thinking about moving the speakers into my "man cave" and connecting them up to something that will stream from my iPhone to...
  8. Ataripower

    HiFi Rose RS150b Network Streamer

    I've been looking for a new streamer. Considered all the usual suspects from Bluesound etc but they are all a bit dull to me. Came across this lesser known company which makes what looks on paper to be an awesome and possibly ahead of it's time streamer. Anyone tried it or got any experience...
  9. julianjwatt

    Looking for a Network streamer that allows Phono stage throughput

    Hi, I have a Technic's turntable and Project Tube box phono stage. Sounds great. They are connected to an OD-11 powered speakers, via 3.5mm aux. It also has an optical in as another possible source. I want to incorporate a DAC / Network streamer, that will allow a direct pass through of the...
  10. sasoivanovski89

    Power cables, do they realy matter?

    Hi, so i have NADm33 and a pair of sonus faber sonetto II and i use the power cable that came with the amp. So, not long ago, people started giving me advice to buy expensive power cables, that will give me much more depth and richer sound. Furutech was one of the brands that was recomended to...
  11. S

    Leema Streamer and tidal app

    Hi , I have a leema streamer from 2019 costing £1295. It's hooked up to a linn pre and power amp+ B&W speakers. I've been using the Spotify Connect app quite happily for a few years now and it connects with no problems to the Leema. I haven't had to use the Mcconnect app supplied with the...
  12. musketman

    Dragging system into 21st century - help required!

    Hello people. My first time posting here, tho' I've been lurking for a while. I have an ageing system pieced together 25 years ago and have come to realise I need to add some kind of streaming capacity, as well as possibly updating a component or two. But where to go from here? I confess I'm...
  13. J

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2 Streamer Blew my SPEAKER.

    I just purchased the Cambridge CXN V2 Network Streamer, while using the preamp outputs direct to my amplifier(s) the volume spikes to the moon. I also just purchased the KLH Model 5 speakers... Well, I am down to one. We are waiting on parts or sending the KLH back for a new one. Audio Advisor...
  14. C

    Chromecast / Airplay Question - iOS - CXN V2 Streamer

    Hi guys, Infrequent poster, frequent reader. I am setting my parents up with a new streamer, they've always had pretty good spec equipment but want to stream properly rather than just AirPlay via a very unreliable NA8005. Short story is they have bought Cambridge CXA81, CXC and CXN V2 streamer...
  15. D

    Which NAS should I choose?

    Hi guys, It's just sorta a general wondering, so recently I've been thinking about purchasing a NAS for audio storage and stuff, I used to just simply store music with USB, but I read some articles about NAS, it seems to me that most audiophiles possess one to cooperate with their Hi-Fi gear...
  16. G

    Streamer advice needed for home theatre

    Hi And thanks for reading. I am badly out of touch with the latest developments concerning home theatre and am looking to buy a streamer for local hard drive use only, to watch movies or listen to music. Am thinking of the nvidia sheild pro but it appears to have a whole load of tv features...
  17. adann

    Airplay 2 and Bluetooth streamer

    Looking for a streamer that has Airplay 2 and Bluetooth - does anyone know of any? Closest I have found is the Yamaha WXAD 10 but from what I can see is only first version of Airplay. Device will be hooked up to the Cambridge Audio AXA35 amp. Thanks in advance.
  18. R

    WiFi Streamer Recommendations

    Hi All, Was hoping to get some WiFi music streaming recommendations please. My current setup is a Marantz PM6003 and a pair of B&W DM 601 S2 bookshelf speakers. I currently stream music from my laptop (personal music collection and YouTube videos) to a Logitech Bluetooth receiver that is...
  19. andycc72

    Streamer, Amp & Floor Standers for £1500

    My friend is looking to buy a streamer, amp (could be an all in one) and floor standing speakers and has a maximum budget of £1500 He is based in Denmark and his room is 4x4 metres. He is not against buying used. He loves Reggae and old school Hip-Hop and as such bass is important to him. Hence...
  20. R

    Denon dnp 800ne network streamer

    Thinking about adding this to my excellent pma 800ne amp. Not really bothering with other sources presently, perfectly happy with the quality, convenience and world of discovery that streaming affords so a quality streamer would be a sensible way to go for me. Does anybody have any experience...
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