1. A

    Streamer to go with YAMAHA AS1200

    Hello guys i'm a bit new to this so please bare with me .... I have recently acquired a Yamaha as1200 amp ,and as you know its all analogue , i have also got a Marantz cr612 (melody x ) . Can i use the melody as cd player and streamer and hook it up to the Yamaha amp ? hoping it would sound...
  2. D

    Would a streamer improve my system?

    Hi, I'm a newbie to streaming looking for advice on what device to buy. My existing hi-fi is a Naim 42/140 pre and power amp, an LP12 with AT-F5 and MS Aviano 2s. Much as I love my vinyl there's so much new music I would like to listen to and I've now acquired a large collection of hi-res flac...
  3. E

    Basic streamer advice

    Hi all, second thread here after posting my rig in the Post Your System forum. As mentioned in it, I am thinking of upgrading my streaming set up. At present I am using Spotify and also trialling Tidal (which I am liking very much) from my Windows laptop via an Audioengine B1 connected to my...
  4. MirekL

    Streamer with Amazon HD and Spotify without connected phone

    Hi all, I used to have Sonos as my streamed audio source. I was mainly using Spotify. Yes, I know about music quality limitation but the overall user experience was great. After I've upgraded my system I've ended up with Anthem and PlayFi. Don't get me wrong - it sounds amazing and I love it...
  5. RichardMini

    For Sale Cambridge Audio NP30 Network Streamer

    Cambridge Audio NP30 Network Streamer for sale following upgrade to newer device. Perfect for streaming Spotify etc. Nice, compact unit in near immaculate condition. In original box with r/c and mains cable and printed English instructions.
  6. F

    Kef ls50 wireless 2 v kefq350 with cambridge audio cxn streamer and cx61 amp

    Hi all would love to hear thoughts on the Kef KS50 Wireless 2 vs a separate wired set up eg KEF350 and Cambridge cxn streamer. For the money KS50 expensive can they really replicate quality of wired separates even with joy of less wires ??! Any advice appreciated
  7. Pauel

    Yamaha RN803 alternatives

    Long story short - after two months of usage my Klipsch The Fives are going to be replaced with something less buggy and more classic without any DSP engineered sound. I'd write a review someday, but not now - it is a bit painful at the moment. If I was young again I'd start a vendetta! So, I'm...
  8. McTrucky

    Streamer audio quality

    hi all, I am confused as to whether investing a few hundred quid in a dedicated streamer will give me any better quality than I have now. I have a Sony Android TV with Amazon Music HD that feeds my Pioneer SCLX77 amp via ARC (not eARC). I also have a Firestick4k that plays Amazon Music HD. I...
  9. H

    Building a music streamer

    I've got a pi4 w/ Hifiberry DAC2 HD coming and I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to make this thing work. I only plan to use it for streaming music from Deezer HiFi or Qubuz. Right now I'm leaning towards keeping Deezer which I've had for over a year because Qobuz (which I'm trying for the...
  10. L

    I just purchased a Audiolab 6000a integrated amplifier with music streamer. After the faff of downloading the play fi app I received a message sayin

    AUDIOLAB 6000a PLAY INTEGRATEDAMP/STREAMER I recently purchased an Audiolab 6000a Play with streamer. On downloading the PlayFi app through my home wifi onto an android device a message appeared saying the app didn't detect speakers. Does one require smart speakers to use the app. I noticed on...
  11. V

    Building first audio streamer

    Hi guys, I'm looking for advice on buying audio streamer to hook-up with my Denon PMA-600ne amplifier and pair of Wharfedale 12.2 speakers. I would like to know which option will be a better choice for me, Raspberry Pi 4 + Allo DigiOne HAT or Raspberry Pi 4 + Schiit modi 3+? Will Schiit sounds...
  12. K

    An advice about streamer device and CD Player, which one?

    Hi there, I am very new in Hi Fi environment and right now I am thinking to buy an advice to playstreaming and also some CDs that I have in my collection. I would dlike to have your recomendations about what to buy with a budget around USD 1000 to USD1300. In my country only can get following...
  13. Jester1066

    Streamer suggestion to go with Audiolab 6000A- Not the 6000N though!

    Hi all. As per title, I'm looking for suggestions for a good quality separate Streamer to pair with my Audiolab 6000A. A little back ground if you'll all allow me to indulge you! Over the past few years, I've put together the kit listed: Samsung 55" Q95T, Denon AVR-X4500H, Audiolab 6000A -...
  14. A

    For Sale Quad Artera Solus Play - Streaming/CD System

    Evening, I am selling my all in one Quad Artera Solus Play streaming system in black, bought new last September. In as new condition, with remote, accessories and box. Given a ‘Best Buy’ by AV Forums, review link below, the system uses DTS Play-Fi for Hi-Res streaming, Spotify Connect, a high...
  15. A

    Custom streamer

    I already have 3 rotel a-12 stereo amp. The original purpose for these amps has been cancelled, and i want to use them to make a multi-room audio system. I plan to use a windows based server to store the music and connect to this pc all the 3 amps via USB, so I can select every amp as a...
  16. T

    Streamer And Speaker Advice?

    Looking for some newbie advice please! Used to be s a streamer (basic set-up), but dumped it last year for a return to vinyl. Treated myself to a new turntable, B&W 603's, Rega Brio, and Rel sub. However, due to a whole number of issues, I'm looking to get back to streaming, hopefully on a...
  17. K

    Streamer Upgrade ?

    Hello The main source of my music is a Synology NAS. I do not use the Roon, Squeezelite and HQplayer. The connection I have now is NAS - Switch Ubiquiti Edgerouter X - Odroid C2 with Volunio - Ideon 3R Reclocker - Soekris DAC - Pass Labs X2.5 - ATC SCM40A. Do you think that replacing the Odroid...
  18. R

    What streamer does All4 has an Ethernet port and outputs HDMI and optical S/PDIF

    What streamer does All4 has an wired network port and outputs both HDMI and optical S/PDIF Quite taken with the All4 Walter presents curated TV series but cannot install All4 on our main streamer nVidea TV Shield (2015) We have Roku’s on the smaller screens which have the All4 client and work...
  19. Coughies

    Advice needed for a streamer for the Denon RCD-M41

    Hi, I want to get a streamer to hook-up to my Denon RCD-M41 to stream Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect. I was looking at the Yamaha WXAD-10 but apparently, MusicCast on Yamaha doesn't support full Tidal Masters, only HiFi is that right? I'm pretty new to Hi-Fi music so atm don't want to spend...
  20. G

    NAD 658 streamer + NAD 298 amp + Dali floorstanding Opticon 8 - Add subwoofer?

    Hello, the title probably captures my question pretty well. Context: my room is acoustically difficult, with hard stone walls, hard wood floor, and irregular shape, plus a half stone wall about 4 feet high in the middle of the room. There is also a grand piano a few feet from one of the...
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