Streamer or streamers may refer to:
Pennon, a small pointed flag
Streamer, a kind of confetti consisting of strips of paper or other material.
Someone who creates streaming media such as live-streams
Streamer, a common name for a Lake-effect snow band
Streamer Bass, a bass guitar produced by the German Warwick company
Streamer discharge, a type of electrical discharge
Streamer moth, the geometer moth Anticlea derivata
Campaign streamer, flag used by military units
Helmet streamer, a bright loop-like structure which develops over an active region on the Sun
Positive streamer, lightning bolt
Wingtip streamer, tubes of circulating air left behind a wing, also called wingtip vortices

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  1. Cyruszaydan

    Question Is It best to use a power or integrated amp with an external streamer?

    I am looking to purchase a Wiim Pro plus (or probably the Ultra version which is due to be released in a few months) or one of the Eversolo streamers. The main reason for this is to use the graphic equalisers available in these products. I currently have a Yamaha R-N800a which I could use...
  2. Smurfin

    Question Which file streamer to replace Zappiti?

    Hi all Looks like both my Zappiti 4k HDR models have gone the way of the dodo (much like the company), so I'm left with no streamer and I'm really not up to speed with the market these days. This is what I'm looking for: 4k HDR10 + Dolby Vision playback All audio codecs inc Atmos File...
  3. Repster

    For Sale Logitech Squeezebox (x4) bundle + recharge battery pack - music/radio streamer

    Hi all, I have decided to try something new for sound around my house. I am therefore selling all my Logitech Squeezebox's in very good condition. All original boxes etc included. Would prefer collection and to sell as a bundle for all four @ £200 + postage If no takers I will consider...
  4. A

    Streamer v laptop

    I am currently playing music from Qubuz on a laptop then Firefly USB DAC out to pre and then power amp. What advantage would I get by using an iFi Zen Stream device? Can't see anything about Qubuz when I read the description but there is a USB out where I could still plug my DAC. The more...
  5. F1Fan72

    Question Evo 150 or something else?

    Hi, I am looking for a Streamer / Amp with eArc connection with an output of around 200 watts at 4 Ohms and was I am thinking that I might get an Evo 150. Does anybody else recommend anything else? Budget is around 2k
  6. Nico72

    Question Streamer vs phone plus Chromecast

    I own a CCA that I use to cast music to from an android phone. I have FLAC files stored on a pc, plus I listen to Radio Paradise and occasionally Deezer, but without a subscription. I am not looking for anything more than CD quality or lossless files at most. What advantage would a dedicated...
  7. L

    Question Dac or Streamer??

    Hello! My current set up is: Audiolab 6000a Amp Audiolab 6000t Cd transport Rega planar 1 turntable Pioneer cassette deck Klipsch RP-600M II speakers I’m looking to add either a Dac or streamer into my setup to listen to hi res and if possible MQA files from Quboz or Tidal. I’m also hoping...
  8. B

    Question Connections from streamer to amp

    My Cambridge CXN V2 streamer is connected via coax digital cable to my Arcam A15 amp digital input. Flicking through the manual for the streamer I noticed that connection to the amp in this way bypasses the streamer dac and uses the Arcam dac instead, which I never knew. This appears to me to...
  9. grunviz

    Pre-amplifier system planning

    I am considering my options for my main systems preamplifier. I have a number of systems around my house, all connected to the local LAN via ethernet, I have a lifetime Roon subscription, and 5000 CDs ripped and stored on a NAS with further a copy available on an Intel NUC 12WSHi7 mini PC...
  10. mickbirch2000

    HiFi Rose RS130

    I am very interested in this this streaming transport, is there anyone here who has experience of the hifi rose rs130, I'd like to hear what you think about this very expensive bit of kit.
  11. S

    £4k for an all new hifi - help me spend my money

    New hifi time for a 4x5m living room. Required specification: Minimum number of components - wife friendly! Bookshelf speakers preferred although small standmounters are ok. CD player Good phono stage Streamer with excellent connectivity options Headphone socket I have a Quad 909 power amp...
  12. L

    Question Help to connect Wi-Fi to streamer

    I have a blue sound vault, that requires a wired connection. In my new theater room, I cannot get a wired ethernet cable from the router to the room. Is there a dongle that can plug into my blue sound vault that will pick up the Wi-Fi signal and convert it to wired. So the blue sound vault will...
  13. M

    Eversolo DMP-A6 or Singxer SU-2?

    Eversolo streamer or Singxer SU-2 DDC? Hang fire, I'll get there in due course but feel the need to prepare the way. In the past, I've used both the Douk audio U2 and U2 pro digital to digital convertors (DDCs) to try to optimise the sound of mainly ripped FLACs stored on my laptop. They...
  14. M

    For Sale Marantz SACD 30n player Black

    Outstanding SACD player/DAC/streamer/preamplifier that is based on the Marantz SA-10 in excellent condition, two years old, with remote control and original packaging. Selling due to downsizing, demo and collection can be provided for 35 pounds less.
  15. J

    DAC Set Up Question

    Hi, I am looking got some help as I am somewhat confused! I have an Eversolo A8 Streamer with a built in DAC. A Musical Fidelity M6SCD CD Player also with a built in DAC, and Musical Fidelity M8Pre Amp with M8 Power Amp. I want the MF Pre Amp to handle the DAC Duties - I am just not sure how...
  16. B

    Music streaming setup

    At the moment use my Apple Music subscription. I have an Apple TV connected to my AVM70 processor. But need the projector on. If I stream from my phone it’s super annoying volume levels etc. I have vinyl and cd’s but sometimes I just want to easily just put some music on. Not really sure what...
  17. mavice

    Fallen out of love with my WiiM Pro

    Having been using a WiiM pro since they came out to stream Amazon music and Wav files from NAS And, up to now have been very happy with functionality and ease of use. Had a couple of hours to tinker recently having swapped a few things around and out of curiosity I bypassed the Wiim and fed my...
  18. fireandskill1

    For Sale Cambridge Audio CXNv2 Streamer & CXC CD Transport

    Selling my CXNv2 & CXC due to upgrading, both bought new by me on 6th Feb 2021 (receipt included). Both units are as new with all original accessories and packaging, would prefer them collected, but will look into postage options if I have to. CXNv2 £525 CXC £275 or £700 for the pair :thumbsup:
  19. A

    Question Denafrips ARCE music streamer

    Has anyone tried the Denafrips ARCE music streamer? I am thinking of picking one up to use with Roon. I'd be interested in any feedback?
  20. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Naim unveils a new CI Series audio line-up & comments

    The Custom Integration range will launch with the CI-Uniti 102 streamer/amplifier, 8-channel CI-NAP 108 power amplifier, and the CI-NAP 101 mono power amp in time for the summer. Read the news.
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