1. aq111

    Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra. Disable Bluetooth?

    Hello, I've written to the manufacturer twice on this one but sadly no reply. Would anyone know if it's possible to completely disable the Bluetooth function on the Pro-Ject Stream Box Ultra? And if so how? Thank you.
  2. petrolhead

    Cheapest way to Stream Music from phone to HiFi

    I hope there is a simple answer to this. Just want to be able to stream music from my phone to my hifi wirelessly. My first though was something like a Google Chromcast but looking it seams they no longer have a 3.5mm audio out (Unless I am wrong) So what if anything are my alternatives
  3. Lorchan

    Best way to stream hi res audio to my amp - (Cyrus one)

    Good morning, I've recently got back into listening to my stereo amp (Cyrus One) following a recent house move. I had been thinking for starting to upgrade the system but not sure were to start and was thinking am I currently getting the best from my current step up - Cyrus one paired with...
  4. Alfa Male

    How to Stream in 5.1 Settings?

    Morning all, Another question if I may please........ My new setup is working really well and I'm chuffed to bits with it, but I need some help with some settings though. The surround sound works fine when playing discs but not when streaming from the TV through the AVR. It streams in stereo...
  5. Baldfox

    Any streamers here? I've managed to automate a stream light.

    I made a stream light out of a cheap video light I bought on aliexpress, but control it with my elgato streamdeck. Saved me a few pounds versus the elgato variant. Also i clubbed together some routines so I am able to control the whole thing from voice if anyone's interested to learn more...
  6. acgingersnaps

    The iFi Zen Stream, A Review

    I've had one of these in my possession for a few weeks now (On loan from iFi Audio, for which my thanks) and thought that I'd share my thoughts on it. I've got combo of budget and midrange kit, which all listening was conducted on. This product doesn't have a DAC, it's a transport, so will...
  7. G

    Radio streams better on AV amp service than web browser stream?

    Listening to radio streams through the amps dedicated Net radio function seems to get a higher quality stream than through the web page direct from the radio station. Maybe they nerf the web stream to save bandwidth but the difference is big. I believe Yamaha use as their NET...
  8. B

    Help: Bravia slow decoding rtsp stream

    Hi mates, I'm helping a friend solving an issue, he bought in 2018 the top line Bravia 65", maybe it is a KD-65XF7596 (I've to check), it works great with 4k videos but amazing slow with FullHD rtsp stream of only 2,3 megabit, it works around 5/8fps only, the same stream in the same network work...
  9. Yorkshire AV

    iFi ZEN Stream

    I thought I'd create this thread as this new streamer deserves a mention. The ZEN stream is the latest release from iFi audio - and priced at £399 it's the most expensive unit (to my knowledge) in the ZEN range. What's more - it's not an integrated streamer/DAC like other units out on the...
  10. hoisin

    Native apps not UHD/4k

    I have a Philips 50PUS6703. I get UHD/4K on Netflix and Amazon Plus via my Playstation 5 but only get HD when using the Netflix and Amzon plus native apps on the TV. Do the TV apps not offer UHD?
  11. B

    Which camcorder to live stream events?

    So last weekend I helped out on a project to live stream to social media a tennis tournament. It was fun and the software Vimeo live stream was really easy to use. So I'd like to try this myself. So which camcorders would suffice and also be able to have multiple microphones attached...
  12. P

    Stream ID codes

    A problem I have always had is identifying the regional ITV streams on Astra. Doing a new scan gives dozens of them all just titled 'ITV'. The obvious answer is to use the Video ID code but I cannot find a list of what these are for the various regional channels. This is for use in DVBViewer...
  13. P

    Blu-ray player to stream Hi-def music

    I am looking to replace my old Sony bdp-770 I have been wanting to find a way of streaming hi-def music of the likes of Amazon untra hd music so was thinking of sorting both issues at once getting new player and one that can stream hi-def music Finding it hard to find a player that will...
  14. B

    Can the Samsung UE32T5300 use DNLA / Stream from Serviio?

    Hi, I was led to believe this model could stream from Serviio on a PC. I cant for the life of me see how, with the available apps. Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  15. W

    How to stream 1917 with atmos and 4k?

    Hi , I have lg cx and 6015 marantz and xbox series x and fire 4k in the uk. So i think i have the right equipment. But how can I stream the film '1917' with atmos? I can only find 4k, 5.1 on different services. eg. Amazon, Rakuten.
  16. craig808

    Zen Stream - Would it work well with the Lyngdorf 2170?

    Just as I was professing to people how I am completely happy with my current set-up, the Zen Stream caught my eye 😏 The blurb says: "It has one purpose – to send music from the Internet to your DAC with no loss of quality. True hi-res performance of PCM384/DSD256 via WiFi/LAN. Just add your...
  17. Saxo Appeal

    Stream European Football with Nebula Capsule?

    Hey folks, I have just purchased the Nebula Capsule II and wondered if we can stream the European football, while we are camping, using one of the included Apps? We also have the Sky Go App which we can stream football using our iPhone or iPad, is there a way to link it to the Nebula and...
  18. GhostRider17

    Easiest way to stream BT Sport?

    Hey guys I'm not a sports fan but my Dad is and he wants to get BT Sport. His tv is a "smart" TV but not android and the BT Sport app isn't available on the TV. Would anyone recommend the cheapest way to get BT Sport on his TV? I suggested buying an Amazon Firestick as I've heard that it...
  19. R

    Hi-res stream vs blu ray audio

    Hi I was wondering what people’s views are about streaming vs Blu-ray audio . Ive invested in some blu ray audios and tested them against the , apparent , same hi res stream on Amazon music HD. Although both Blu-ray and stream are 24/96 the blu ray sounds more detailed , sharp and a wider...
  20. I

    Alternative to HEOS to stream lossless library to Denon AVR

    I want to stream my lossless library from my Fiio M11 to my Denon avr-x3700h. HEOS in general is fine but for whatever reason some of my music is mislabeled in there, I have everything tagged correctly using MP3Tag I have looked for discrepancies on the affected albums and there is literally no...
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