1. A

    STR-DN1080 speaker setup

    Is the STR-DN1080 capable of this speaker set up?
  2. D

    Atmos Music help for Sony STR-DN1080

    Hi all, Have always browsed these forums for support but have never need to post until now. I have recently purchased a pair of Dali Alteco C1 speakers to use as Atmos Speakers. They are up firing from my Oberon 5 Floor Standers, operating in a 5.1.2 set up. As the title suggests my receiver...
  3. V

    5.1.2 with Sony STR-DN1080 - Need purchase advise

    Hi. I recently purchased a Sony STR-DN1080 in order to build my first true Home Cinema. I am upgrading from my HTIB, the LG HB905PA 5.1 I will be using it for movies and games (mostly) and some music. For my main speakers I will be using Taga Harmony Home Cinema 5.0 TAV-606 V.3 120W (a...
  4. SnakePlissken006

    Sony str-dn1080 sound cutting out earc

    Hi I have a problem with my Sony str-dn1080 audio system using earc. The sound is constantly cutting out. I've tried everything and it won't fix. I'm connected to the sony x900h using hdmi 2.1.from the receivers tv port to the tvs earc port. Both have been updated to latest firmware. My settings...
  5. Fozed78

    PC/ STRDN1080

    Hi all, I am looking at building a media centre pc. I have a Sony STRDN1080. I want to know the best way to connect the pc before I start building it. Would I be best with an internal soundcard or external DAC? Or would it be best to let the receiver do the work via an optical input? Would it be...
  6. Silveralien81

    Sony STR-DN1080 Subwoofer Only Works With Test Tone and Bluetooth.

    I have tried all the Sound field options, turned off all the effects I can find, and still no sub through any hdmi sources. I'm generally pretty tech savvy, but this one has me stumped. Looking for ideas on what I may be missing.
  7. majnov

    SONY DN1080 - Dead or Speakers bad?

    Hi, I have discovered this issue today morning, There is no sound coming from the speakers, the receiver shows "No Stream". There is no working connection from any inputs: TV optical, Bluetooth Alexa, HDMI PC, etc. No signal, no image and no sound. No Amp settings being shown on TV through...
  8. N

    STR-DN1080 and Ruipro 8k HDMI 2.1 Fiber Cable

    Hey all, I have a LG OLED CX being mounted on my stone fireplace, and I am coming up with a solution to run cables from behind the TV to my Sony STR-DN1080 (looking at the EchoGear power and cable management kit). I am familiar with limitations of HDMI past 10 feet, and have been researching...
  9. G

    Sony str-dn1080 atmos speaker settings

    Hi everyone, can someone please let me know what speaker settings I need for my dolby atmos upfiring speakers. I have a sony str-dn1080 and a 5.1.2 set up. I have had so many conflicting opinions. Do I set atmos speakers to front height or front middle?. I basically want to hear atmos sound...
  10. M

    Sound delay in a Sony STR-DN1080

    Hi guys, I'm really hoping someone on here can help. I've just got a new av amp, Sony Str-dn1080. It's replaced another Sony av amp that broke and I couldn't get the parts to fix it. I've got a 7.1 system, the new amp works it beautifully until I plug my decks into it. I have a DJ...
  11. FlakeMeister

    Sony STR-DN1080 - Apple TV 4K - Sony KD-65A1 (Dolby Vision issues?)

    Hi Guys. Im after some help if possible, I have my Apple TV 4K connected to the rear of my Sony AV Receiver with high speed hdmi cable and the AV Receiver connected to the OLED with high speed hdmi cable but when trying to enable Dolby Vision on the Apple TV 4K the picture constantly flickers...
  12. DeadEarsMate

    Question Wharfedale DX-2 - what crossover frequency works best?

    Hi, First post here, looking to hear from other DX-2 users on selecting best crossover frequency, mainly for movies, but music too. I just bought and installed the speakers with a Sony STR-DN1080, very pleased with the initial results, now looking to fine-tune it a bit. I read some reviews...
  13. OrangeMinion

    Speaker Switch Box query

    I wonder if someone could assist me with a query regarding speaker switch boxes? We're in the middle of an extension and I've just taken my old AVR (Sony DA-2400ES) and Q-Acoustics 1000i (2x1050i Front, 2x 1010i Rear, 1000Si Sub and 1000Ci Centre) speaker system apart before the chaos starts -...
  14. mrgreggles

    Purchase new Denon avr-x3600h or keep Sony str dn1080 to pair with Dali Oberon 7's

    Hi, I'm a bit of a novice with AV and after some more detailed advice if anyone can help? ;0) To start off I'll list my current set up so its easier to understand where I'm coming from........ Sony STR -DN1080 with Dali Zensor 5's - Front Dali Zensor 1's - Rear Dali Zensor Vokal - Center...
  15. thingsfallapart

    PS4 - No 5.1 Sound via STR-DN1080 Receiver

    Hi All, I'm not getting 5.1 via my STR-DN1080 Receiver. It's crazy! The receiver only recognises stereo sound. On the display itself, it says bitsream 5.1/7.1 or DD 5.1 or DTS 5.1, so it's like the receiver is receiving the signal but then processing it into stereo only. PS4 -> Receiver (Game...
  16. Bantam81

    4k upscaling on Sony STR-DN1080

    Hello, I've recently purchased a Sony str-dn1080 amp to replace a Yamaha rxv 383. I have a freesat box outputting at 1080p. My question is, on the Yamaha with the 4k up scaling option on, the tv showed receiving a resolution at 3840 x 2160 60hz. The Sony does not do the same. I have the HDMI in...
  17. Atomcom

    Upgrading to a "Sony str-dn1080" from a "Sony str2000 QS", sound quality ?

    Hi, I have been using a Sony str2000 amp for over 10 years. It is a QS amp with incredible sound. Problem is now the connections are getting worn, so cables are lose. Plus it only does basic DTS .. so no DTS-HD, ATMOS etc. I do need to upgrade, but I do not want downgrade my sound quality...
  18. E

    Sony str-dn1080 combined with wharfedale dx-2 and old satellites for Atmos

    Hi! I'm looking to upgrade my sony HTIB setup of about 8 years old to something with a bit more punch. Since I'm interested in playing around with Atmos and on a €1000 budget, l was looking at the onkyo HT-S7800. However the HTIB doesn't completely convince me. As an alternative I'm currently...
  19. r9800pro

    Subwoofer is not working with Sony STR-DN1080

    I got JBL 5.1 speakers today to connect to my STR-DN1080. JBL Studio 280 floorstanding, Studio 220 Bookshelf, 225C center and 250P Subwoofer. I connected all speakers first and they worked fine. I then connected the subwoofer and it worked fine too using music from my iPhone to test. I then...
  20. P

    Sony STR-DN1080

    Hi all. im looking as buying Sony STR-DN1080 as recomended by Sony for a replacement for my old HCD-SB300 has packed up but my speakers are in good working order. My question is the sub woofer SS-WS11 has 4 wires going to it and on the STR-DN1080 had 2 ports for the sub. how do i connect 4...
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