1. D

    STR-DN1060 Bluetooth/Airplay not working

    Hello I have recently moved house and inherited a Sony STR-DN1060 amplifier which connects various AV devices to speakers in the ceiling. There's a lot I'm yet to fully understand about it, but something which should be straightforward is connecting mobile devices to it using Bluetooth, or...
  2. C

    What is the difference between Dolby+ and Atmos?

    New member here and home theater novice. I am trying to get my receiver set up for Atmos. I have ARC connected between receiver and TV. Atmos enabled speakers connected to Back Surround/ Height. Speaker pattern is 5.1 / FD. Yet all I ever see on the receiver display when watching Atmos titles on...
  3. R

    STR-DN1060 not outputting 4K from HDCP2.2 output

    I have recently stumbled into an issue with my setup whilst trying passthrough 4k content on my receiver. Setup: 2019 4k Firestick STR-DN1060 Receiver Acer H6810 Projector KabelDirekt 4K HDMI Cable [email protected] up to 18 Gbps 15m KabelDirekt 4K HDMI Cable [email protected] up to 18 Gbps 2m So i have my...
  4. Jake M

    STR-DN1060 - advice on zone 2 set up & operation

    Hoping for some advice from people in the known about the Sony STR-DN1060 av receiver. I have the Sony STR-DN1060 receiver loctated in my 1st floor tv room, hooked up to a 5.1 speaker setup and connected to the internet/home network. I'm a relative amateur in that I simply use it for streaming...
  5. guyrelax

    STR-DN1060 no ability to change sound modes when casting, no subwoofer

    Hi I have used spotify and google cast on this with no issues but suddenly when I am using casting the subwoofer doesn't work. Naturally I thought it was the sound setting so I try to change it but whenever I press the AFD/2CH, MOVIE, or MUSIC button to change sound setting the receiver says...
  6. Ambient Fish

    Problem Upgrading Firmware on New Sony STR-DN1060

    Hi, I bought a Sony STR-DN1060 as a replacement for a 16 year old Yamaha DSP A5, I installed it in the system and ran the auto speaker set up and it sounded great on PS4, Humax PVR and Sony Blu Ray player. When I then connected it to my Wi Fi it suggested installing the latest firmware so I...
  7. twistsouth

    Question STR-DN1060 - remote wake?

    Hey, first post! I just picked up my first AV Receiver (Sony STR-DN1060). I'm a bit confused about how to wake the thing from standby "on demand". For example, is it possible for it to advertise as a Spotify Connect or Airplay device and then be woken when the device tries to connect? It seems...
  8. R

    Question Can I use a soundbar with a Sony str-dn1060

    Hi, I had planned on making myself a new surround sound system at home but, well, plans changed and I need to stick with just my soundbar for awhile. I already have the receiver and want to start using some of the features that it provides (like streaming music from my phone) and am hoping I...
  9. P

    Str-dn1060 Help quick please

    Just bought a 1060 and having some trouble, not bought my speakers yet so just hooked everything up all volumes on tv, amp all up but no sound even changed the hdmi cable but still no sound just picture, was hoping to use the tv speakers for now, reason we bought this to start with is our new...
  10. rjcathens

    Sony STR-DN1060 - no sound with Xbox headset

    We just got a Sony STR-DN1060 receiver along with a XBR75x850c TV. We have an Xbox connected to the DN1060. We cannot seem to get sound through an Xbox headset, regardless of whether we plug it into the TV or receiver. Does anyone have ideas as to what we're doing wrong? Thanks.
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