1. Timmy C

    Advice wanted on best way to store music files for LMS/ RaspPi

    Set up as was: Rasp Pi running Max2play for LMS. Qnap NAS on network storing music. Squeezeboxes throughout house. All worked great...until now! My Qnap has recently been infected with ech0aix malware and all files encrypted (although the actual FLAC files themselves don't appear to be). As a...
  2. Don Rogers Tash

    PSN Store Sale.

    Some pretty decent deals at the moment. I picked up Panzer Dragoon for a fiver today and it's worth every penny. Had it on Saturn back in the day and loved it and this is better looking with the great soundtrack. Very much an old school, on-rails shooter and no worse for it. Any other PSN...
  3. A1944

    Amazon High Street store

    Is this: likely to be a new trend, with other online only companies opening real stores? Mind you, I would hardly call Bluewater "High Street".
  4. D

    I bought and returned a projector and got a handling fee but now refunded

    Can they do this? Thanks I returned the same day that it was delivered. Just didn’t get on with the projector!
  5. M


    SAMSUNG Q70T SOUNDBAR AVAILABLE FOR £289 IN CURRYS OR IF YOU CANCEL THE 5 YEAR WARRANTY YOU CAN GET IT FOR £189. PRICE GLITCH BEING HONOURED IN STORE SOME BRANCHES. Just a heads-up that the Samsung Q70T Soundbar (3.1.2 with Dolby Atmos) can be had for £289 when you purchase it with 5 year...
  6. G

  7. welshy1812

    Bargain Costco 55U7Q - ONE DAY ONLY 25th NOV - In store price - £419.98

    For the Costco members, one day only today 25th November, in store price for the 55U7Q is down to £419.98.
  8. G

    Question Game store trade in.

    I was looking at trading in my old iphone se. Game are offering £62 online trade in. Does anyone know if they offer the same amount in store? Cheers Garry
  9. S

    LG content store is saying Netflix unavailable

    Can someone direct me how to correct this problem? Why is there a Netflix button if I can't access it?
  10. T

    question concerning credit card information on the PS store

    if i have two ps4s, and on both of them i use the same account, but only for one of them i input my credit card info, will it be carried over to the other ps4? (my credit card info) i ask because i want to buy my friend something using his account he's saved on my ps4, but i don't want him...
  11. B

    Best way to store downloaded audio files for access at a later date

    Hi, I am not very technical so please bear with me! I downloaded a number of audio files for learning a new language. These were opened with Windows Media Player, I went to file, then "save now playing list as..." and saved to a folder. When I try and open the items now I get a message saying...
  12. P

    Question macOS Catalina TV App - Downloading Movies/TV from Apple Store.

    Hi All, A question for those who use Catalina and download movies and TV from the Apple Store. When you have downloaded a movie does it create a folder with the name of the movie and then place the media in that folder? I am using 10.15.3, downloading movies and it places all the movies...
  13. Inked

    Question Anyone else getting this iTunes Store notification on their Apple Watch?

  14. The_Wierd

    Apple pull Prime Video app from App Store

    Just read about this, and it seems to be true. In a glimpse into the wonderful fragmented future of streaming, Apple have pulled the Prime Video app from their store. Seems like not only will you soon need a separate subscription for every service, you will also need a separate device. Of course...
  15. two2midnight

    Bargain 20% off code at Hughes Direct ebay store

    Hughes Direct ebay store has a 20% off code (PARTY20) today. Edit: on until 22nd Sony X700 and X800, Panasonic UB320 and UB820 are listed amongst others Great deals from hughesdirect in Home | eBay Shops Prices after code X700 £159.20 X800 £231.20 UB320 £159.20 UB820 £319.20 Some good savings...
  16. KingD

    Summer Sale now on in Oculus Store

    Just a heads up noticed the sale started this evening, few decent prices, havent got through it all yet, post your buys/bargains :)
  17. waring192

    Question Swapping outdoor Nest cameras to local system to store on NAS

    Hi everyone, Currently have 4 outdoor Nest cameras (live in a very rural area and there has been quite a few break-ins recently around there parts) going but I'm not happy with it having to upload the the footage as only have a slow upload bandwidth (max for my area). Also I am not that happy...
  18. J

    Question AV Kit, sell or store??

    Hi, I'm moving abroad for 4 years and I'm trying to work out whether to store my AV kit or whether to sell it... I've got Monitor Audio Gold Ref floorstanders and centre, 4 Silver FX surround speakers and a REL strata sub, all running off a Denon AVC-A11XVA.. with an Optoma HD82 1080p DLP...
  19. P

    Play Store is stuck in the region where I brought the tablet?

    I brought an Android tablet from a store in England, and it defaulted to the Google Play store for England. That was great when I brought it as I got all of the localized English apps without any fuss. Now I can't get it to change to anything else. I'm not able to see certain apps if they...
  20. AlanX

    Won't be able to buy Panasonic DP-UB420 from a Panasonic Store

    I went into the 'Panasonic Store' in Brighton yesterday, to ask about availability of the DP-UB420 player, due out in the UK later this month. He told me they will not be permitted to sell it, and that it's a special for the likes of John Lewis and Currys. My incredulity was only met with...
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