1. A

    Question Hard disc as alternative to usb for home movies

    Hi, I have been storing home movies (backed up on PC) on a USB drive connected to the TV so the kids have access to them all on TV via USB menu. I realise this is not an ideal way of storing video and a recent USB stick crash has confirmed this. I am a noob at this sort of thing so it might be a...
  2. J

    Cycle Storage

    Getting really fed up with bikes against the wall. How do you keep your bikes and what type of rack or mount do you use? Horizontal, vertical, ceiling hooks or something else.
  3. Stampax

    Question Downloading data (save game) to system storage

    Hi all, I recently got rid of my PS4 and brought a new one. Before getting rid, I ensured that my saved game progress from Until Dawn was saved in the online area. But now, even when I go to the Download to system storage option (it shows a 20.98 meg file) and download it, when I start up Until...
  4. m11rphy

    How to upgrade my storage ?

    I currently have a thunderbolt WD my book which is 6TB (2x 3TB in Raid 0) This is close to getting full. So I'm now looking for something bigger and more advanced system that can grow over time. Im thinking with a NAS 4 bay device or a Drobo 5D, the drobo appeals as it has thunderbolt but I'm...
  5. Valiceemo

    Question Accessing Home Network remotely

    Ive recently bought a new Router, A much better router than the standard equipment Sky provide! It has a USB port on the back allowing the use of a storage device which is great And it works, I plug my HDD or stick in and can access any file on there...

    Cloud Storage

    I have over 9gb of application saved data (game saves, in game replays, game profiles etc) If I copy these to the 10gb cloud storage we were given during the last big system update can I then delete them from the console to free up the 9gb or do they still need to be accessed locally? is the...
  7. Clairaloulou

    Question Using wireless external storage with Apple devices

    Hi everyone! Really hoping someone can help, as I am finding myself out of my depth for the first time! I thought I was good with tech stuff but am not ashamed to say I am baffled. Please note I am in the uk. I want to get an external storage device (a wireless one as I have an iPad with...
  8. W

    Question LG OLEDS and playing 4K files from external storage

    Hi From reading numerous posts in the forum it seems that the only reliable way of playing 4K files through the LG tvs is via a USB3 pen drive formatted as FAT32. Please correct me if I'm wrong on this, and whether it also includes external hard drives connected by USB3 This seems to present...
  9. H

    Plex server, storage and client hardware recommendations please

    Hi All, Looking to the future I want to rip my collection of blurays and dvd's (including many TV boxsets) to a central server that's accessible to my (future build) cinema room with 1080P projector, my 50" Panasonic Plasma in the lounge, at least one of the bedroom TV's and a couple of the...

    Bargain Expired SanDisk Ultra II 960GB 149.99 Inc VAT

    Check this out: SanDisk Ultra II 960GB SATA 3 Performance Solid State Drive - LN68746 -
  11. M

    Connecting a external storage device to a tablet?

    Afternoon everyone, I am wondering if it is possible to connect my nexus tablet to an external storage device (Samsung M3 Slimline 2TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive)? Currently the only way to transfer data is when they are both connected to my laptop but I wish to do some travelling and so I am...
  12. oligopoly

    Shared cloud storage for photos

    Hi, Can someone advise on the best platform for my me and my wife? We both have iPhones and want to back up our photos. In addition, we have a digital camera and over 100GB of historic photos which we want to backup. We started with Google Drive, paying around £8 per month for 1TB of storage...
  13. krsimosho

    Question Storage Unit

    I've got a deck/ turntable and looking for a storage unit/ shelving unit for it to sit on top of or on on the shelves and store all by vinyl underneath and struggling to find anything suitable. Can anybody recommend anything?
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