1. C

    Used or free storage?

    On my son's Samsung Galaxy S8, under SD card, it says 1.54GB/238GB. I can't remember what size of SD card he has in it and I would rather not take it out to look. Does this mean he has 1.54GB left or that he's used 1.54GB?
  2. Mega Womble

    Storage for vinyl and gaming.

    Hi all, I'm looking for a new cabinet to store my vinyl, books and games. I need something that has moveable shelves so I have some flexibility in how I use the rack. I'm happy to consider two separate pieces- one solely for vinyl as this needs to be deeper and one for games/books. i've...
  3. L

    Lack of storage

    Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 with 16gb storage internal, 32gb SD card fitted Problem I have is constant report of low storage on the phone, all new photos, videos etc are stored on sd card but still as soon as I take some pics or try to add an app message pops up saying lack of storage (free up...
  4. DJT75

    Understanding iCloud storage help

    Hi I've been doing this all old skool for years. I back up my, my wife's and my kids devices through iTunes on my PC every now and then, and I've been transferring photos/videos from these same devices to a portable hard drive for as long as I can remember. That 320GB hard drive is nearly full...
  5. T

    Mobile video storage

    Hi, gang. Going on a tour and will be taking a lot of video but won't have access to a computer or the cloud. I need to download content from the cameras (on cards) to a storage device but can't find a drive with a built in reader that isn't prohibitively expensive. Can anyone suggest a...
  6. T

    Electric Vehicle Cable Storage/Usage

    Hello forum members, I am conducting a survey to analyze consumer behavior on Electric Vehicle 'Portable cables' for a university market analysis. I would greatly appreciate it if you could participate in the survey. It should only take you 3-5 minutes to complete. Link to survey: Electric...
  7. Sessen Ryu

    Cheap home CCTV & local storage

    We've had some petty vandalism in our car park at the flats I live in, - I would simply like to put a camera on my window ledge, and have it record locally when it sensors motion. Is there a cheap, reasonably reliable option out there? Could anyone recommend anything please? I think it would...
  8. The Dark Horse

    Help with using an external storage device with a Mac Mini (2018)

    Hello, I am thinking of replacing my 2012 Mac Mini with the latest one. The price has gone through the roof since I bought mine 7 years ago so to keep costs down I wasn't going to bother upgrading the 256GB SSD drive. How easy is it to use an external drive to store files/photos/music on? I'm no...
  9. johnnybaloney

    Question Home CCTV with Pay As You Go or easy cancellation of extended storage option

    Hi, I'm considering getting an indoor CCTV with longer term storage which I'm happy to pay for. However, I don't want to be chained to a long term contract, I want a Pay As You Go option - pay for, say, one month of storage upfront and if I still need the service after one month pay again, else...
  10. S

    Internal Storage pictures

    Is there a way to get personal photos onto the internal storage and replace the default pictures? I just bought a 43" LG 4K TV and am trying to customize it as much as possible. Thanks for any assistance.
  11. V

    Question wifi vs PoE CCTV camera setup

    I am deciding on the CCTV system for my apartment. The real purpose is not active monitoring, but to monitor after an event. I have four options in my mind. 1) Have 8 WIFI cameras with built-in storage, connect laptop or smartphone on demand to view saved and live video 2) Have 8 WIFI cameras...
  12. J

    WD My passport HDD not recognised by PC when used as Pan. recorder storage

    I use 2 WD My Passport HDDs as storage - one connected to a Panasonic BD recorder, and the second to a Technomate Sat. receiver. Both work fine in these situations. However, when they are connected via USB to my Win10 PC, neither HDDs can be accessed. I am guessing maybe the file structure is...
  13. A

    Bargain BS-U35WF Wireless HDD Box Storage Devices Router Repeater with NAS Function FAST

    I am looking to replace my old Apple Time Capsule and as far as I can see the only option was to opt for a separate NAS and a LAN extender device. However, I then saw adverts on eBay and various other suppliers (Google search shows which ones) for the above unit which seemingly combines both...
  14. GhostRider17

    Question Problem activating could storage on XBOX360 with GOLD?!?

    Hey guys I bought a 1 month xbox live gold subscription today,purely to use the cloud service to back my 360 saves to and then store ready for my X. My gold account is activated which will be the first time for years to be honest,I think I've only had it for one month before as I'm not an...
  15. Smallclone

    Question Simple storage question

    Can someone please tell me if this product is actually 16TB or if it is just the enclosure. If it's 16TB -Is that the going rate for these things? Thanks BUFFALO LinkStation 520 Wireless NAS Drive - 16 TB, Black
  16. sbetty

    Android Internal Storage

    I've got a MotoG2 smartphone running Android 6 which has 8GB of internal storage. I also have a micro SD card that photos save to. The OS takes up 2.49GB so that leaves 5.51GB for everything else. The phone shows that I'm using 5.10GB of that 5.51GB, but the detail shows... 2.35GB Apps 123MB...
  17. mr starface

    Samsung Tab A format SD card as internal storage

    Hoping some of the bods on here can help me with this. We have a Samsung Tab A with a SD card for extra storage, rather than having to constantly move apps from internal memory to the card I want to format the card so it is seen as internal storage which should be possible on Android? (Have...
  18. mr gothic

    Answered Does The Egreat A5 Show All The Drives From Das Storage?

    im looking at getting the egreat a5,i have 2x4 bay icy box das unit with 8 drives populated with bluray rips,my questions is would the egreat show all 8 drives and index all films as though it was one drive or do i have to view one drive at a time? thank you for any help
  19. Harkon321

    Cheap, simple NAS for wireless photo storage at home.

    Anything I need to consider beyond price and capacity? I've got a 1TB External Harddrive that has loads of space free. I use it to save all my family pictures. I'm not big in to photography so it's just family pics, birthdays, holidays etc. I also back up on to Microsoft One Drive...
  20. S

    Question Pioneer 50" plasma Storage

    Hi I have a question about storing a 50" Pioneer plasma. Is it ok to store the panel in an upright position? I don't mean flat on it's back but in an upright vertical position. Will the panel be damaged in this position? Regards
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