1. GuitarGuy

    Using Shield TV attached storage like a NAS

    Hello all, I recently picked up a shield tv pro and had the idea of using my 8tb storage drive as a movie vault attached to it for playing movies and upscaling to 4k from that, I was just wondering if anyone knew how to set it up so I could see it from the pc connected on the same network...
  2. H

    Xbox Series X Expandable Storage

    Looks like there is expandable storage of 1tb which works at same speed as internal storage. Anyone seen a price on this?
  3. P

    LG C9 External Storage

    Hi folks, I have formatted a 250GB External SSD so I can record live tv. The format was completed using disc utility on Mac. The problem I have is my C9 recognises the HDD but says it has 179MB free of 180MB. I have formatted it to NTFS (MS-DOS FAT) and then FAT32. The same problem occurs...
  4. P

    Android TV external storage

    Hello, I have a Philips 50PUS8204 which runs Android TV. I have connected a USB drive as I needed more storage space. The issue is that every single time the TV stays on standby for a while, when I switch it back on it doesn't recognize the external drive and I have to do a full reboot. I am...
  5. L

    Oled screen 128gb internal storage less than £200?

    Hi all, bit of a long shot but is there any phones out there that have the subject specs available to buy new in the uk? My J5 Samsung is constantly running low on internal storage & have moved all apps where possible to sd card etc but keep getting message saying lack of storage. Love the...
  6. B

    Local storage Security Cam

    I’m after a security cam recommendation to stick on our outside garage. Unfortunately we have to park our car on the rear access road and it’s now the second time in about 3 months that a neighbour has driven into the side of our car and not admitted to it, so we’re regretablylooking at...
  7. marcaaron22

    Expanding storage on my Amazon Fire TV stick

    Hi, just wanting to know, am I able to add extra storage (USB storage) to my firestick? This is the version firestick that I have; W87CUN If not, which version firestick do I need and what else will I need? Thanks,
  8. sleepylaser

    Increasing storage

    I’m wondering who else might currently be thinking about buying the extra storage units/cards on day one? And also wondering what it might cost? Is £100 for a 1TB card just fantasy thinking? I mean these things are entirely bespoke to the series x, but at the same time likely to find a decent...
  9. M

    Myth busters - Are Strong magnets bad next to magnetic storage media? Advise Pls

    Hi all, We have some old laptops, with old style HD drives. These are spinning magnetic discs no? We are buying a Ipad with a Magic keyboard. Apparently the ipad is held in place by uber strong magnets on the magic keyboard. Sooooo..... 1. Storage We currently are pilling up all the laptops...
  10. icdavis

    Question KD-43XE8005 TV Storage App

    Recently I have been unable to update my vlc app due to lack of internal storage on my Sony Android TV. When I checked this I noticed that of the 8gb set aside for apps only 500mb was left. About 1.5 GB was taken by the system apps , and 6gb was being used by a system app called TV Storage. I...
  11. sep8001

    Keter Shed Storage Shelves

    Hi I have a 2m by 2m keter plastic shed and need to get some storage shelves. Would it be better to go for the plastic ones or the metal ones. Looking online, seen that metal ones have MDF board that tend to get mould on them. Plastic one would be easier to look after as I could just take...
  12. KyleS1

    Shed storage idea inspiration

    I built a fairly big shed a couple of years ago (approx 4.5m x4m) and I’m not utilising the space very well. I plan to build a bench when I get hold of some timber but does anyone have any ideas of recommendations for clever storage ideas to best utilise the space? So far I have one shelving...
  13. GuitarGuy

    NAND flash storage prices

    Is it just me or have ssd costs gone up again the past 6-8 months? my brother picked up a 970 Evo 1tb nvme gen 3 ssd for like £94 or something on Black Friday last year, same ssd is hovering around 190 right now..... I don’t understand?
  14. R

    Large airtight storage boxes

    Can anybody recommend large airtight boxes for pantry food. Trying to find some that will fit tins, loose veg, snacks and cooking ingredients. Most we've tried are either a tapered design or the air locks don't work. Misses doesn't like packs of food out just on the shelves even if we just...
  15. G

    Nu 7 series tv storage issue?

    Hi i know this is a well known problem on this model but just wondering if anyone has haf any success in sorting it weather through samsung repair or having the tv exchanged on the grounds the tv is not fit for purpose. I have deleted everything i can from the apps and still only have 13mb spare...
  16. G

    TV Wifi network receiver with storage?

    I'm looking for a USB or HDMI stick to plug into my TV that is connected to my wifi network so that I can send movies/tv programs from my PC to the TV to watch. I do not want to stream as despite 100mb virgin broadband and google mesh i still have lag and dropouts - so the receiver would need...
  17. bimfi

    NAS or external storage drive?

    I am starting to accumulate lots of video and jpeg files due to my new interest in drone photography. I already have two small 2TB NAS drives. Both of them are WD drives (a My Book Live and a My Cloud). My concern is that both of these devices are more than a few years old (most likely around 7...
  18. B

    Mobileiron app rising data storage

    My work uses the Mobileiron application to allow access to work facilities via a mobile phone. However, I have found that the data storage allocated to the app rises continually until eventually making the phone unresponsive. Initially I had a Smasung J5 (2017) on which the storage associated...
  19. B

    Home Storage / Media Server options

    Hi, I'm in the market for revamping my home storage. I currently use a WD EX4100 with 4 x 2TB drives giving me 7.2TB overall (back up is done to a couple of external drives). 1 drive has failed and I'm thinking I may as well upgrade the while system instead of replacing the drive as I'm up to...
  20. mckee74

    Can anyone show off their disc storage shelving?

    Hello all. Moved house. In the last house, I had some Billy book cases from Ikea. Not sure if they're built a little better now as mine were the years old plus, and sagging. New house. I've boarded my garage and I'm looking for storage. I'm going to get a local joiner in to give an idea of...
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