1. P

    For Sale HDD Clear out, SSD, NVMEs

    Having a Clearout out of harddrives. Have the following for sale. All drives will be formatted before sale. Please note that this is also listed elsewhere. WD Red 6TB drives. Taken out of a working NAS. All these drives have been tested. Theyre health status on Crystaldisk was good and...
  2. London Town

    For Sale Seagate Storage Expansion Card - 1TB

    Hi all, Selling my 1TB expansion card I've had in my Series X. Reason for sale is the lack of use, still don't get time to play games installed internally lol so time to move it on. It's boxed and as new. I'm after £150 as I'll be sending via special delivery, next day. Any questions please...
  3. Moggyman

    iPod Classic alternatives?

    All my music is digital now and I like to keep more than one copy of my library in case something explodes. I use a Naim Unitilite on my home LAN and currently play music in two ways... 1. From a NAS that I keep synced with my PC-based music library using MusicBee 2. From a 160Gb iPod Classic...
  4. M

    Network Storage Devices?

    HI All, not totally sure this question belongs here so yell if I am wrong... I have a vast collection of CDs, and i need to liberate space...I'm not sure what to do with them all yet, whether to try and sell them or 'archive' them (ie, stick them in the loft or the garden shed...), but what I...
  5. X

    The fastest Extra storage for PS5

    Dear experts Hopefully this is a good place for my topic. I would like to install additional 1TB of storage to my PS5. Could you recommend the fastest compatible NVMe M.2 internal SSD together with headsink for PS5? Price is does not matter. Thank you
  6. G

    Expandable Storage

    Hi there. I have the 58PUS8506/12 Philips TV, and use quite a lot of tv apps, and am running low on storage. I have tried to use a usb memory stick with 32gb storage on it to expand the memory however apps don't seem to want to install on it. Does anyone know if this is even possible please...
  7. R

    Issues with Storage recovery after Media Server failure

    Hi, I have HP Microserver with 4 drives attached as just as internal disks used for storage (without RAID). Recently the Server went down, I presume it was some sort power supply issue. So I replaced the server with a NAS, however while trying to exploring the contents of the 4 hard disks using...
  8. T

    Xbox Series X storage Expansion

    Hello Guys and Gals - I recently purchased a Xbox Series X. I would like to upgrade the storage, but the official options are a bit expensive. I ran across this option on eBay and it seemed like a good way to save a few bucks. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with them? If so, is...
  9. F

    Storage server case/rackmount case for 15 hdds

    as title Looking for a new case for my storage and backup server at home and have been looking for a new case however not had any luck anyone have a case with storage for at least 15 hdds and 2 ssds? would be a massive help thanks
  10. MoFoHo

    External (SATA) SSD as extra storage?

    Hi all! I managed to bag an Xbox Series X this week, as I'm isolating till Xmas Day with C19. Our last Xbox One X died it's 2nd death a few months ago, despite having SSD hard drive heart surgery. So I've pulled that old thing apart, and retrieved the Samsung 850 Evo 1Tb drive and reformatted...
  11. S

    For Sale [SOLD EXTERNAL] Oppo Find X3 Pro 12gb/256GB Storage Unlocked

    Oppo Find X3 Pro - 12GB RAM + 256GB Storage Includes Official Supervooc Charger Soft case Official Aramid Fiber Case USB Charging Cable (not supervooc) (will still charge fast but will require a supervooc cable to gain 65w charging speed) Manufacturer Warranty until April 14th 2023 Oppo...
  12. wipeoutboy

    Sony A80J low storage space.

    Hi everyone I wonder if any of you can help me as Im having problems downloading games from google play store. I have 1.3gb free space on my tv and I have installed a 16gb usb drive aswell. It keeps saying not enough space. Have I done anything wrong or have I got a dodgy tv.
  13. kingsize

    Series X storage ordering

    When checking the storage, is there any way to rearrange the order iin which the various storage devices appear? I have 2 x 1tb usb drives and have added the seagate 1tb expansion card. When checking storage, the new card appears 4th on the list - which requires scrolling (first world...
  14. R

    New iMac storage

    Just replaced my creaking old 2007 iMac with the new 2021 24” version. The problem I have is the lack of storage on the new machine. Now I had assumed I could just deal with this using iCloud but it seems that this is not really a viable storage option as this just wants to download any file I...
  15. S

    Philips 55OLED706 : brightness (settings ?) and storage issue

    Hi to all I've just received my 706 and I'm happy. I'm with the filmmaker mode but I find the TV is a bit dark. What's your settings with it ? And I've one other issue : Storage is supposed to be 16GB. Like my older PUS7303 I was expecting to have 8/9GB free storage. I've "only" 5.7GB maximum...
  16. Lambert8

    Problem with storage

    Hi guys, On my xbox serie X, I have noticed for some time that a pop-up appears on my television with an error code "0x80070070". it indicates that a game is updating and that it lacks a little space (it told me that it was 1.9MB missing) but on my console, I have around 75% of the disk space...
  17. Promoted Content Poster

    Promoted 75% OFF: 2TB lifetime cloud storage from pCloud

    Cloud storage is only available as a subscription? Not with pCloud! The Swiss company sets new data protection standards with servers in the EU and USA. Today they offer 2 TB for 245 instead of 980 euros. You pay it once and keep it for LIFETIME! Paying 10 euros per month for cloud storage...
  18. S

    Hisense tv running out of storage

    I've disabled apps I'm not using. Added an external hard drive, 1tb, formatted to NTSB, TV recognized it. An app I was using stopped working, it shows in storage in both internal and external. Wouldn't open, uninstalled the app, reinstalled fro Google play store. Opened and worked. Shutoff tv...
  19. WeegyAVLover

    Tool Storage - Help deciding

    Hi All, Look for some opinions, advice, personal experience on picking a rolling tool storage solution. Looking at 3 different types: Erbauer Connecx: Dewalt Tstak 2.0...
  20. S

    Solar panels and battery storage

    I'm thinking of getting the above system I wanted to know your thoughts is it worth it etc thanks
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