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  1. Ayrton

    For Sale Brand New x2 - Seagate IronWolf Pro ST4000NE001 3.5″ 4TB

    I was about to sell my 4yo disks, and was wiping them, and they died. Fortunately under warranty they have been replaced so now I've got 2 new items to sell instead. £200 (or offers) the pair, includes UK mainland postage. If you're over any water then I'll need to check what delivery costs...
  2. S

    Question Drobo DAS/NAS replacement suggestions?

    Hey, the Drobo (S?) is getting on a bit, company now defunct, so suggestions on a replacement would be appreciated. It's pretty much DAS at the moment, direct connected to Apple Mac. Need 10 to 20TB max. Raid 1. Quiet! Fine if it needs to be NAS, but this is just at home-office use, and...
  3. The Grandfather

    Re-use internal 1TB Fusion drive

    I have 2017 27" iMac and I have recently migrated from the internal Fusion Drive to an external Yotamaster NVMe enclosure and a Samsung 990 Pro. The internal Fusion Drive is now redundant and I would like to use it for either storage or even better as the Time Machine drive. Can I just go...
  4. quidditys_shore

    Fallout 4 storage space. Disc vs digital

    So just trying to delete some space on my hard drive to download more today & noticed I had 2 installs for fallout 4. One is for the disc version, the other ps+ free digital. I instantly thought I'd just delete the digital as it'll take up more space.... Nope! Digital is 36.93GB Disc is...
  5. Ice Tea

    Battery that can run at full power for 50 Years without recharging

    I completely accept that it's safe but i still don't like the idea of a warehouse fire.
  6. gwen1

    Question Long recordings

    Hi, i need a budget video camera that can record for up to three hours at a time, and transfer that footage to a mac, any suggestions? Thanks
  7. T

    Question LG TV live playback storage type

    I recently bought a new LG G3 tv & thought i had done my homework when it came to recording of the freeview/live tv, i had read that a standard usb storage was not sufficient but flash drives were ok, so off i popped & bought one & yes it works a treat …..except for yesterday when i tried to...
  8. Killed by Death

    blu-rays should be stored vertically?

    Recently I was reading a post here that mentioned Sony claims discs should be stored upright or vertically, like Vinyl records. I'm rearranging my things today, blu-ray player & streaming devices. There are two options for storing blu-rays adjacent to that & one has more volume, but would mean...
  9. D

    Frozen poussin

    Ive had this poussin in my freezer for a little over a month. The instructions say to use within one month Should it be ok or is poussin, i thought poultry lasted 6 months in the freezer...
  10. TLHA1232

    Why bother ripping your discs?

    Why do people bother ripping discs and making expensive nas setups instead of just using a blu ray player and enjoying the movie from the disc?
  11. garryboy

    Question Looking for a watch storage box

    hi I got a lovely seiko sports ssk001 for my crimbo and i was looking to get a nice watch box to house it in alongside my speedy and another couple of watches. i have a a fee nato straps so would like some that can house the straps as well. ive had a look on amazon ect but nothing jumping out...
  12. sykotik

    Adding drives ( more storage) to a pool in truenas

    Just starting truenas, and slowly getting my head around things , but one thing I'd like to know , is it possible to add more drives to an existing pool ?. I yes will I lose any data in the process?
  13. dbeevers

    Question I know nothing about PC laptops, however.....

    Hi Looking for a PC laptop for the love of my life and know nothing about them (Mac user since 1985) and she doesn't want a Mac. Its for general fannying around and looking at animals on youtube etc so she doesn't want anything flash however storage is the problem for music/photos etc. Was...
  14. gamesaregood

    For Sale IdeaPad 5 Duet 13.3 inch FHD Chromebook 8GB Ram 256GB Storage

    I've have for sale my Chromebook as I don't use it much and have decided to replace it with a more basic tablet. This is I believe the highest model of the Duet series that Lenovo makes, the great thing about these is they can be used as Chromebooks or Tablets and come boxed with the detachable...
  15. Knitman

    Question Have QNAP 451 4 bay,Want Change

    Hi-I have just bought a Mac Studio and display. Have taken everything off iMac onto ext SSD thunderbolt 4tb drive, including all copied onto Qnap. So everything that was my my Qnap is now on this SSD. I am considering just getting another 4tb ext SSD or another NAS. All my music is saved onto...
  16. meep

    Bargain Expired Crucial P5 Plus 1TB M.2 NVMe 61% Off

    Always on the lookout for storage bargains for my home server around Black Friday, I came across these Crucial P5 Plus 1TB M.2 NVMe on Amazon 61% off (£48.99, down from £128.99) that seem like a good deal for the faster P5 variants. I'd always take those Black Friday savings with a grain of...
  17. Moyt

    NAS Network-attached storage recommendations for media player and mobile devices

    Seeing what NAS setups can be suggested for me. I'm completely new to NAS even though it's been around for a while, but hopefully I get to grips with it. Basically, I bought a media player the Zidoo z200 Pro which connects to my AV receiver, TV etc. Originally, I was going to just buy a 14-16...
  18. simonmlewis

    Need help to find narrow storage for LPs

    My LPs are all in a bookcase in a cupboard. I want them out on show. I have limited space, so thought a stackable solution woudl work. Maybe for 80-90LPs wide perhaps, in a dark wood, or white. I did find some on Ebay, but they are either quite pricey for what they are, or not the right 33CM...
  19. Pooon

    Question Synology DS223j with 2x4tb drives

    Please help a NAS virgin I'm sure someone will know the answer to this: I have the equipment as per the title and i would like to set it up so that i have the maximum amount of storage space for the drives i have eg 8tb (i appreciate i wont get 8tb, but 7.xxtb) I ran all the various setup...
  20. G

    Need help with recording and storage on home CCTV

    Hello, I've had home CCTV for a number of years now and it's been working fine until recently. The model number of the system I'm using: DET-4Dc2M1TB The system stopped recording and I thought this might be the HD, so I formatted the HD and it started recording again (back on 17/10/2023 -...
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