1. MacrosTheBlack

    For Sale Samsung 860 QVO 4TB SSD (2.5" SATA Laptop Style)

    After some recent tech upgrades I'm selling this 1 year old Samsung 4TB SSD. Perfect working order and condition. It's been securely erased and currently setup with a GPT NTFS single partition. But I can format to the buyers choice. It's running the latest RVQ02B6Q Firmware. Samsung...
  2. rousetafarian

    Question Which external storage solution should I go for?

    Currently my 2013 MacBook Pro is being sidelined for possible other duties, think put into semi-retirement for now. Anyhow I used a Western Digital 2Tb Firewire 800 drive for my Time Machine target along with iCloud. All is great to this point. I'd quite happily retire the WD drive due to it's...
  3. Pokkai

    "Other" Storage Size

    I've got 4 PS5 and 3 PS4 games on my HDD and the "Other" storage section is 40gb, how big is yours and can it be reduced?
  4. 69COU

    Wanted Custom Design Milan LP Storage

    A little bit of a long shot however after one of the following in Walnut with black shelves.
  5. FadgewackeR

    PS5 - Additional Storage Options (Internal and External)

    While a new internal storage solution is beyond even what I can be bothered to lay out close to launch, I am certainly going to grab a decent sized SSD and have it as my overflow / PS4 library. Looking for something that will provide the fastest transfer speeds to and from the PS5, minimum...
  6. Grangey.

    For Sale Gaming HTPC (GTX970 i5 4690k 16GB RAM LC16M case BDRW and 3TB of storage)

    Gaming HTPC for sale, spec as follows: -Silverstone LC16M case, looks incredible as part of an av unit -i5 4690k -ASUS ROG Maximus VII Ranger mobo -ASUS GTX970 4gb itx gpu -2x4gb Corsair vengeance ram -Corsair 850w professional modular psu -Noctua NHU9B cooler -3x Noctua 80mm case fans -1tb...
  7. B

    Hikvision IP camera - no storage management available on web page

    Hi, Model DS-2CD1123G0-I. Re-flashed with several firmware versions, browser re-installed plug-in. Couldn't find a way to view the Storage/Storage management tab. Check screenshot. Please advise. Thanks !
  8. I

    For Sale OnePlus 7T Pro 8gb RAM 256GB Storage, Haze Blue, Excellent Condition, Unlocked (HD1913)

    The phone is in overall excellent condition, there are a couple of very tiny minor marks on the screen but you can't even seem them unless you shine a very bright light on them, I couldn't even capture them in the photos, but the screen really is perfect (I mention the marks because I want to be...
  9. Brodel

    Question Looking for CD and artwork storage binder

    Hello I'm trying to find a binder to store cd's and album artwork so that I can save a bit of space. Does anyone know of any reasonably priced options? I might be able to cram the artwork into a regular cd binder but something designed to hold artwork would be my preference. It doesn't...
  10. Soundwave

    Furniture Cushion Storage

    Hi all, Have a strange but the other half has decided we needed more rattan garden furniture & I now have 2 sets that come with a total of around 23 Cushions!!!! They are all over my bloody shed & an absolute pain in my backside so I was just wondering if anyone can recommend me a good storage...
  11. Fulwood

    Question How best to use an iMac with small internal SSD/ external HD for photo storage

    I want to use an iMac with a 256Gb internal SSD for photo editing and subsequent storage. Means that if I want off-line storage and access to my pictures I need to use an external hard drive as the internal will soon be filled. Fair enough, a 2tb external isn't very expensive so I've just...
  12. M

    Question Storage on Apple TV

    We have the latest 32GB Apple TV with 5-6 apps (news, Prime, etc.) installed that take up 500-600MB. When I try to copy over stuff to VLC, less than 5GB, it tells me I’m out of storage space, which simply shouldn’t be the case. Is there a way of purging cache and other stuff that’s filling...
  13. GuitarGuy

    Using Shield TV attached storage like a NAS

    Hello all, I recently picked up a shield tv pro and had the idea of using my 8tb storage drive as a movie vault attached to it for playing movies and upscaling to 4k from that, I was just wondering if anyone knew how to set it up so I could see it from the pc connected on the same network...
  14. H

    Xbox Series X Expandable Storage

    Looks like there is expandable storage of 1tb which works at same speed as internal storage. Anyone seen a price on this?
  15. P

    LG C9 External Storage

    Hi folks, I have formatted a 250GB External SSD so I can record live tv. The format was completed using disc utility on Mac. The problem I have is my C9 recognises the HDD but says it has 179MB free of 180MB. I have formatted it to NTFS (MS-DOS FAT) and then FAT32. The same problem occurs...
  16. P

    Android TV external storage

    Hello, I have a Philips 50PUS8204 which runs Android TV. I have connected a USB drive as I needed more storage space. The issue is that every single time the TV stays on standby for a while, when I switch it back on it doesn't recognize the external drive and I have to do a full reboot. I am...
  17. L

    Oled screen 128gb internal storage less than £200?

    Hi all, bit of a long shot but is there any phones out there that have the subject specs available to buy new in the uk? My J5 Samsung is constantly running low on internal storage & have moved all apps where possible to sd card etc but keep getting message saying lack of storage. Love the...
  18. B

    Local storage Security Cam

    I’m after a security cam recommendation to stick on our outside garage. Unfortunately we have to park our car on the rear access road and it’s now the second time in about 3 months that a neighbour has driven into the side of our car and not admitted to it, so we’re regretablylooking at...
  19. marcaaron22

    Expanding storage on my Amazon Fire TV stick

    Hi, just wanting to know, am I able to add extra storage (USB storage) to my firestick? This is the version firestick that I have; W87CUN If not, which version firestick do I need and what else will I need? Thanks,
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