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  1. R

    MA Silver W-12 stopped working

    My MA Silver W12 subwoofer stopped working the other day. The EQ Button stays at white even if I push it several times. The Calibration Button doesn't lit up even after pushing it several times. No sound comes out and the woofer isn't vibrating. Is there some checks that I can do, other than...
  2. O

    Dvd recorder problem

    When recording something on my Panasonic DMR-EX97 today the programme froze and i had to turn the machine off at the wall socket. Now when i've turned its on again all I get is a please wait message on the machine. Would this mean a new recorder required or is there anything else I can do ( eg...
  3. helvetica

    Pioneer BDP-LX58 just stopped working

    I went to play a CD on my LX58 this morning and it wouldn’t turn on. No lights, nothing. Checked the plug fuse and it’s fine, plug cable worked perfect on other gear. - could it be an internal fuse? Anyone else has a similar issue?
  4. 0

    Bravia oled and soundbar - stopped working suddenly.

    Hi all for the last year my Bravia (65ag8) and soundbar (st260) have worked perfectly over arc. last week it suddenly stopped working and now I can’t get the tv to recognise the soundbar over arc so therefore only the tv speakers work. I’ve not done any updates etc that could have caused this...
  5. K

    Samsung TV LG Sound bar - ARC stopped working

    I just bought a TU8000 Samsung TV and an LG SN8YG and set them up last week. I connected a XBOX 1 and Playstation 4 to 2 HDMI ports and the LG soundbar to the HDMI ARC port. When I initially went through setup, everything worked perfectly with the Samsung remote controlling both. Two days ago...
  6. G

    I think I broke my Marantz AVR remote control function

    Hey guys, I this could be a tough nut to crack, but I'm mainly wondering if anyone's ever experienced anything similar. I've got a Marantz SR6010 and it's no longer doing anything when commanded by its IR remote. It doesn't respond to its own remote and it doesn't respond to an old Harmony...
  7. M

    Question Panasonic DMR- BWT 720 Blu-Ray recorder Front Display stopped working.

    Hello hoping someone can help me here. I have a DMR-BWT 720 Blu-ray recorder which I have had since 2013 from new. Never had any problems with it and been very happy with my purchase. Went away for few days last week and when returned noticed we had had a power cut while away. On turning on the...
  8. S

    Help, projector screen wiring

    Ok, today I went to use my projector and when I pressed the down button on the remote for the electric screen it started to drop but instead of stopping where it should it just kept going, no matter how hard I tried to stop it using the remote it wouldn't respond. I had to unplug the receiver...
  9. T

    Hi All - Samsung HKW550 soundbar - Sub woofer has stopped working

    Hi , Can anyone help please? We have had the soundbar for two and a half years and a few weeks ago the subwoofer lost the bluetooth connection to the soundbar. We tried the online fix to reset it including contacting Samsung online to be told we need to take it for a repair. We haven't done any...
  10. oldcelt

    Canon 450D remote stopped working

    I have the RC-1 remote which used to work fine. It hasn't been used for a while and has stopped working. I checked the batteries and, although they showed good on my battery tester, I replaced them anyway. No joy! I bought a new remote from eBay on the assumption that the old one was defunct...
  11. H

    Help panasonic apps just stopped working!!!

    Hi I switched on my TV as normal its a Panasonic dx 58 and all my apps are not working. The TV tells me that I need a Internet connection which is fine but won't load the apps. Could the server /service have gone down??
  12. R

    Question Cheap LG 5.1 speakers stopped working, help needed

    Hi all, Very very long time since i’ve posted on here but i’m need of some advice. Recently moved house and old owners left a set of LG 5.1 speakers behind, specifically LG HT503SH-DH. They are cheap and cheerful but did the job, and previous owners did a decent job of hiding the cabling...
  13. Waddep

    Question (Help)Denon AVR-E300 Airplay stopped working with new modem

    Hey guys, Recently I upgraded to Fiber internet and received the T3200M Modem. I'm able to assign an IP to the network with my E-300 and see it under my Network/Media Devices tab, and I CAN play music through iTunes library Airplay, but I can't get Airplay working on any of our mobile...
  14. H

    Brand new AKG N60NC Wireless stopped working

    Hi! I bought a pair of AKG N60NC Wireless headphones, on the first charge they stopped working. Does anybody know anything about these by any chance? I've contacted AKG so will hopefully get them replaced under warranty. Just extremely disappointing when I've only just got them to now not be...
  15. S

    iPhone 8 Wireless Charging stopped working?

    I got an iPhone 8 in December and about a week after I got it I bought an Anker wireless charging stand. It has been excellent, charging every time and fast. On Monday I was driving home through Europe and used my iPhone to navigate plugged in to a charger. So when I got home the battery was...
  16. C

    Question Pioneer axd 7436 just stopped working

    Hi I have an LX82 Pioneer Amp and LX5090 TV , remote was working fine until the other day Functions stopped working , appears to of lost the IR connection Looked online but could not find a manual , it has written on the remote it is self learning For the TV I did not have to do anything...
  17. K

    Question Hisense H65N6800 More App Issues

    After much mucking around I finally managed to get Iplayer back working, however, Netflix and 4OD have now all of a sudden stopped. All the other Apps appear to be working apart from these two I have tried everything I can find online. Resetting the router/TV and reloading Netflix but to no...
  18. C

    Samsung TV universal remote option stopped working

    Hey. Bit of a story here. Have a Samsung Smart TV UE46H7000STXXU. Historically this was connected to my Pioneer amp with a dig optical cable which was used for the sound when playing media files through the tv. As long as the amp was set for this input the sounds played fine. Had the universal...
  19. K

    Question Hisense H65N6800 Freeplay Apps Stopped Working

    Morning Guys, I hope you can help. Yesterday when I clicked the free play button on the remote the menu appears along with the usual list of featured shows, however, when I then click any of the shows or apps they don't load and I just get a black screen with the blue loading wheel. I have...
  20. D

    Question Marantz SR7010 - HDMI input stopped working

    I'm starting to get a bit unhappy with the quality of the software on my Marantz SR7010. It has now stopped recognising any device plugged into the HDMI 1 port. As usual with this AVR, if I reset it back to factory settings it all works fine so it doesn't appear to be a hardware problem. I...
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