1. W

    Question Xe9005 + usb stick = TV refusing to turn on.

    Hi, I have the Sony 49" xe9005 from new since 2017. Anyway it seems like when ever I leave a USB stick plugged in, for an extend amount of time with the TV off/on standby it refuses to turn back on without a reboot, not sure if it happens every time but enough to be annoying. Short of always...
  2. brodders1979

    Question Stick, Twist or Bust Subwoofer

    Need help deciding what would be the best next step in terms of Subwoofer for the man cave HT. Room used only for movies, sports and gaming via a projector so no music listening requirements. Current set up and room layout below..... The room 3.5m x 2.5m (plus bay window behind the sofa) is...
  3. pcdunk

    Question Roku Streaming Stick + Video settings info required

    Looking for a bit of info about the best video settings to use with a Roku streaming stick + (4k). I an only using the free channels All4 ITV player Five and UK tvplay etc which all broadcast in HD. I assume the stick which has video setting set to auto upsamples to match the 4k of my...
  4. P

    A stereo that can use google maps and play music from an MP3 or even a USB stick at same time.

    I want to change the head unit in my 2009 Honda Civic. Was considering the Sony XAV-1000AX as it has a headphone auxiliary socket so I can still use my portable MP3 player. To use Apple CarPlay for google maps, I believe you connect iPhone via usb, so would I be able to use navigation and have...
  5. C

    Question 4k Fire TV or Roku Steaming Stick

    Hi, I want to use Disney Plus and i'm unsure which streaming device to purchase. I already have Amazon Prime app on TV so was wondering if the Roku might be a better option. There are no plans for Disney Plus to be available direct on my Panasonic TV. I'd be grateful for any thoughts or advice...
  6. AVTEZ59

    Lets all stick....

    Together in stone by Terry Wynne, on Flickr Terry
  7. N

    No subtitles when playing from usb stick - Samsung QE43Q60R

    I have movies in my usb stick that play perfectly on vlc media player, for years. However, in plain 2020, samsung qe43q60r is not able to do it, some movies are not played at all, others are played without audio (animes with dual language) I've checked and the tv firmware is updated. Does...
  8. AjsDerby

    Can I use a 24" monitor for bedroom to use with fire stick?

    Looking for some advise please! I have very limited space & would like a TV in my bedroom to use with a fire stick. 24" is max size but very limited in the tv's available. Can I buy a PC monitor instead? I have read conflicting things but from what I've read as long at the monitor has built in...
  9. B

    Question Fire Stick 4k no streams in 4k on Disney + Any suggestions please

    Downloaded the Disney+ App yesterday to my 4k fire stick, settled down to watch the Mandalorian and only available in hd Checked some other things and the same thing only available in hd is anyone else having this issue or have I set it up wrong any help much apreciated
  10. meltonboy

    Fire stick screen zoom issue

    my first gen fire stick has an annoying zoom thing in the menus. It’s fine for the actual material. I have latest firmware. If I go to the screen settings and zoom out it just puts a black border around the visible area. The resolution is set to auto but does the same for 720p. Any tips please...
  11. pmk23

    Question Any decent alternative to the fire stick remote?

    Hi all, my voice enabled fire stick remote has stopped working , done all the usual checks and it’s dead. Just wondered whether anyone has found a decent alternative remote? I know I can use the app but that doesn’t turn it on and off and I would rather not pay £20 just for a new original remote...
  12. crashcris

    Kodi Leia. Macbook to Fire Stick.

    I'm really hoping someone can give me an idiot's guide to casting music files from my macbook to my amazon firestick. I find kodi utterly impenetrable at times. I used to use it a couple of years ago, but having just uploaded the latest version on my mac and firestick, I'm just at a loss how...
  13. G

    Roku stick+ but not signalling 5.1

    Installed our new Roku Stick+ today and logged onto Netflix, Amazon Video and NowTV etc, but it is connected through our old Yamaha 761 AVR which usually shows the speaker signal coming through by an LED display of all five speakers, but even though I have been through all the sound settings on...
  14. F

    Question Netflix 4k not working on new Fire TV stick but Prime works perfectly

    I have a bit of an odd problem here - I have a Fire TV stick plugged in to a correctly configured enhanced HDMI port on my receiver (Prime is showing 4k content perfectly) but the Netflix app won't show 4k content although I have the correct package with Netflix after upgrading this evening. Do...
  15. A

    Question STR-DG520 audio from streaming stick?

    I have an Amazon Fire streaming stick. I plugged it into the HDMI in on my receiver and ran an HDMI out to the TV. I get audio out of the TV fine, but I'd like to get it out of the speakers. This set up works with my Roku stick in another room, but doesn't seem to work with the Sony. I've seen...
  16. A

    No 4k Amazon video on Roku streaming stick plus?

    Self explanatory. I have the Amazon video app on my TV which outputs 4k fine. Have installed a Roku stick today and it doesn't list any 4k content in the Amazon video app. YouTube 4k works fine on the stick. Anybody have any suggestions? I've been in touch with Roku who say as it's doing 4k...
  17. L

    How to RIP CD's to a memory stick

    We are getting our new car today and as it has no CD player we are both getting a memory stick to play music.But how do I copy/RIP THE cd's onto the memory stick.Is it similar to copying one CD onto another.Also if there are say 5 CD's on the stick can we play them in any order or will they play...
  18. M

    get home made dvd content same quality to usb stick which format best ?

    Hi. preparing a test dvd with footage that will test flat screen ability to portray the detail that is visible in this SD footage when its played on a Sony WEGA. Shops say best bring usb stick with it on., have no dvd players to play dvds on. Also wall mounted so cant plug leads in. Its been...
  19. JonUK

    Roku Streaming Stick+ (4K) Wireless Issue

    I've just bought a Roku streaming stick+ and it is connected via my AV Amp to a Panasonic DX902B, as we all know that we aren't going to get any HLG through the built in iPlayer app. I have found an issue with the wireless connection to the stick when the router changes WiFi channels. It seems...
  20. B

    Will HISENSE H49N5500 play MP4 or MKV from USB stick?

    As title really. Thinking about buying this TV but can't find info if it will play either MP4 or MKV from USB
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