Stereophonic sound
  1. devoncouple

    Pioneer Stereo Double Cassette Tape Deck Amplifier DC-X88Z

    Hi, I have been using the above component along with corresponding turntable and CD player for many years with no problems. Until now. There is a master power switch at the back of the unit and a Power Stand By/On button on the front. When turning on the power using the master switch, the...
  2. K

    For Sale Marantz PM6005 Stereo Integrated Amplifier - Black

    Excellent Condition. There are very minor scratches on the top of the amp, please check the photos which show this. UK power cable & remote included. Photos here: Amp – Google Drive £190 - collection only (no box to ship in I'm afraid) Details: Marantz PM6005 is a Integrated Amplifier that...
  3. A

    Parallel Wiring Question - Do i leave Jumper cables on?

    Parallel Wiring Question - Do i leave Jumper cables on? Hi all, never posted on here but i cant seem to find an answer anywhere i search. I have a budget setup which suits me nicely but i am wanting to add 2 identical floorstanders in addition to the ones already connected, mainly playing in...
  4. Punisa

    The quality of stereo sound drops when making surround speakers available?

    Hi, I have Marantz SR6013 AVR and I'm currently connecting my 7.1 setup while I noticed something - or I think I did. In the settings options (speakers->manual setup->speaker config.) when I make my surround speakers available (had only front left and front right for a couple of days) I think I...
  5. G

    Best floorstanding speakers for stereo music around £700

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying floorstanding speakers (currently using ancient JVC bookshelf ones). I have a Monitor Audio Radius 200 centre speaker, which I'm really happy with, so the logical thing to do would be to buy the Monitor Audio Radius 270, which look great and have good reviews...
  6. TheNotSoNoisyRooster

    Question Pioneer SX-221R Stereo Receiver issue.

    Hi to you all. My trusty old Pioneer Separates System has developed a Hick-up. The left hand speaker channel has suddenly ceased working - the wiring has been checked and all connections are seemingly good. When I reversed the speaker connections there was then a muted sound out of the...
  7. Ja55

    Atmos stereo music replacement

    Interesting article on why Atmos music will supercede stereo music
  8. teknocode

    Question Denon x4700h: Only playing in stereo from certain TV apps

    Hello - This is my first post here. I read through some of the current threads, discussed this with Denon, asked the person where I purchased the receiver and searched online. Hopefully, someone here will be able to assist. We use the apps on our LG GX to watch everything; Netflix, Hulu...
  9. Glenzo

    For Sale Yamaha RN-402D Network Stereo Receiver/Amplifier - SILVER *NEW*

    Hi, this is brand new/boxed and needs home. Currently SILVER stocks are sold out. Great review below. Parcelforce 48 Tracked to UK £14.99 (ROI little more expensive). Check out the review. Collection is welcome.
  10. T

    Stereo Receiver vs. Amp + Music streamer?

    hi everyone, trying to find the best sounding budget option. I checked the internet and YouTube for possible solutions but there are no comparisons so I am here to get opinions and suggestions. Idea is to stream music from Tidal and Plex server via network. 1st question, which will have better...
  11. G

    Question Calling on your expertise

    Hello everyone, I've been enjoyably reading this forum for a few years, trying to harvest as much knowledge as possible from so many well informed/experienced posters. I would be really grateful to anyone who could offer me some advice in the following area. Here goes: In 2/3 years...
  12. C

    Where can I find decent soldering stereo jacks ?

    Hi all, I am trying to attach new leads and jack to my headphone but can't seem to find (white) angled jacks similar to the one below. Any idea where I can get them from? I am looking for ones that I can solder myself. Thanks
  13. R

    Primare SPA21 upgrade for Stereo - Crown, XTZ a2-300, Behringer A800

    I am currently using a Primare SPA21 amp for movies and Music. I have Sonus Faber Minuetto/Solo/Wall speaker and a Martin Logan Grotto subw. I am wondering how i can upgrade my stereo listening. I was thinking of maybe adding a Power Amp to the FL and FR outputs of the SPA21 or maybe just...
  14. M

    Question New Home - Trying to juggle home cinema and stereo

    Afternoon ladies and gentleman. I'm a novice audiophile who is being moving from a flat to a detached house so finally want to start my journey of investing in better audio equipment. I am currently running all my audio and video sources through a Denon AVR-X2300W with a Q Acoustics 7000i. The...
  15. imazed

    Moving from Surround to Stereo - Opinions

    Background. For a few years I have perservered with surround sound using Yamaha, Denon and Arcam 5 channel AVRs. The result lots of bangs and crashes and mumbled hard to hear dialogue. I realise that much of that is Director's choice and no system will ever sort it out. When it came to Music...
  16. L

    For Sale Jabra Evolve2 85 Stereo TEAMS/MS (28599-999-999)

    Brand new, only opened to test it worked and it does :) Issue is there just to big for me so I went for the Evolve2 65 instead Got them in Dec so basically a full warranty as well Looking for £200 inc delivery
  17. B

    Pro-Ject Stereo Box S2 BT - poor Bluetooth implementation or am I an idiot?

    Hi, Am waiting for UK tech support to get back to me but I am also impatient. I had one of these delivered yesterday to replace an old Yamaha amp. I'm all about the space savings at the moment. TV was previously connected to amp via additional Bluetooth receiver. Cannot get the TV to find the...
  18. MrFloot

    Only getting Extended Stereo on PS5 games to my Pioneer VSX534D

    Hi! I'm new to this forum and I did a search but couldn't find an answer to this so I'm hoping someone can help. OK, So I have a PS5 and I bought a Pioneer VSX-534D as my old receiver was too old to support 4K. Anyway, I have got the PS5 plugged directly into the receiver and then the...
  19. W

    Shop Stereo

    Looking for suggestions for a stereo for my building. Currently using a 5.1 vizio sound bar and it sounds like sh*t. Looking for the most bang for my buck as funds are low. Sub 350 at most 400. A subwoofer would be nice. Mostly for music and possibly an xbox. Thanks.
  20. X

    Apple music all channels stereo

    Hi i’m new here I listen music from apple music with apple tv connected to onkyo-nr525. Ti can’t listen the music with all channels stereo,,is there any receiver that works with this mode?
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