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  1. S

    Stereo Amplifier recommendations

    Hi Guys, I currently have the following set up, PMC Twenty 23's Musical Fidelity M5SI Musical fidelity M3SCD Its nothing fancy but works for me. I have recently bought a new Panasonic TV and looking for recommendations on a 2.1 setup as standard TV speakers are pretty poor. I have a set of...
  2. C

    Marantz PM7000N Integrated Stereo Amplifier

    Has anyone got this Stereo Amplifier is it worth the high cost, I have seen a deal for it online with speakers. Marantz PM7000N Integrated Stereo Amplifier with Bowers & Wilkins 607 S2 Standmount Loudspeakers Cost £1249 I will only be using it for Streaming and the Radio, thanks for reading.
  3. C

    Stereo Amplifier for Streaming

    I use Amazon Music for source looking for a good Stereo Amplifier with Wi Fi and Bluetooth here are some i have been looking at. Cambridge Audio CXA61. Great amplifier No bass or treble control Cambridge Audio CXA81 749 from Richard Sounds Cambridge Audio CXA61 Audiolab 6000A Amplifier...
  4. ramus

    Suitable small/compact amp for Wharfdale Diamond 9.1

    Hey, I recently bought a pair of Wharfdale Diamond 9.1 along with a SMSL AD-18. I had to return the AD-18 due to a technical fault so I'm now looking for another amp. Budget: £500 GBP. Country: UK. Places to buy from: Amazon, Audio T, Currys/PCWorld, Richer Sounds, Sevenoaks. Use cases: 80%...
  5. A

    Combining 2 channel audio and home theatre

    Hi, i'm trying to find out ways to maximise audio quality from my system. So basically i'm running a 5.1 system connected to my Denon AVR. Even though i'm pretty satisfied with the overall movie experience, i'm still trying to find out if there's anything i could do to bring out the most out of...
  6. azmadu

    Question More power or better fidelity?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to decide what would be better, subjectively or objectively, between including a dedicated power amp into an a/v setup, or an integrated stereo amp that can act as a power amp that allows for bi-amping of the front stereo speakers. So, I currently have a Marantz slimline...
  7. Nick8123

    Need help with amplifier/cables...

    I just bought this vintage Nikko amplifier off eBay. (Nikko TRM-230) But I have never seen these inputs before so I have no idea which cables to buy for it. Or maybe I need some type of converters? If anyone knows anything about this I would really appreciate the help. Thanks! Nick
  8. FurtherUpThanDown

    Question Onkyo A-9130 vs Marantz PM6006 Integrated Stereo Amplifier - UK Edition

    Hey guys, posting again after my last post and a bit of research online. I have a Technics SL-QD33 turntable and the Elac Debut B5.2. I want an amp to connect them with along with my pc (forgot to mention the last part on the previous post). A lot of people recommend the Onkyo A-9010 but since...
  9. N

    LG TV connecting to stereo amplifier

    My LG 49UM7400PLB has RCA red and white audio out sockets which I have connected to my stereo amplifier. But I can find no way of turning off the internal speaker setting to enable the stereo to work. The sound out options seem to be limited to internal speaker, HDMI Arc or optical out. What am...
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