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  1. netley

    Set-up - AV amp & Stereo amp

    I use a stereo amp with my AV amp - naim SN2 with a (due to arrive) Arcam AVR30. I have a REL sub (thinking of upgrade..) which I want to get the benefit for the stereo amp and if course AV amp. What’s the best connection route?
  2. SoundVision

    Using A Stereo Amp For Movies & TV Shows

    Hi I have a stereo amp with digital optical, coaxial inputs and analogue preouts I use the stereo amp connected to the tv by optical Connect my subwoofer to L / R preouts I have a 4k firestick which I use to watch streaming sites I seem to get quite loud dialogue from Netflix says Original...
  3. L

    AV or Stereo amp - help needed please.

    Hi all, I'm currently using a AV-RECEIVER PIONEER VSX-C301 in two rooms and have been happy with it but would like to upgrade one of them. I stream to it using a Chromecast audio and it works okay. I've got 2 speakers L&R, a center speaker, and a sub. Occasionally, I have the tv sound via the...
  4. N

    Are there any integrated amplifiers with these features? (switch A & B but not both)

    Hi, I'm only using stereo these days, so I'm tempted for my amp upgrade to be a stereo amp instead of surround receiver. However, looking around I can't figure out if there are any integrated amplifiers with the features I need. 1. I want to be able to switch between my near-field and far-field...
  5. C

    HiFi / AV crossroad dilemma. Dare to read...

    Hello, After looking through the internet, Youtube, forums and HiFi listening rooms (stores) I finally have the courage to ask to you Audiophiles out there. About me: I'm new on this forum and hopefully I picked the right one. I'm 37 years old with a tinnitus but I have always loved music and...
  6. A

    New 2.1 system for TV and music

    Hello everyone From my days as a student I still have my old reliable stereo setup with Dali 850 speakers, NAD 114+216 and Cambridge DacMagic. They are really amazing but on my older days I am looking for something little more convenient for watching films and listening to music. I am planning...
  7. T

    Music > Movies amp set up with low budget?

    Music > Movies amp set up with low budget? I have just purchased my first ever music/movie speaker set up the Q Acoustic 3050i 5.1 Cinema Pack with the 3020i Rear Speaker upgrade. Currently using a Yamaha sound bar in a largish room so hoping for a bit of an improvement in surround sound for...
  8. Melp

    Avr as stereo amp

    I've just upgraded my avr to the denon x4700h I now have a defunct yamaha a2700. I was wondering if I can use the yamaha as an added amp for the fronts to give 11.2 channels Thanks in advance for any advice.
  9. SoundVision

    Question Using a Subwoofer for movies from stereo amp

    I would be interested to know whether someone has made a Hi Level connection from a Subwoofer to a Stereo Amp and used it to watch movies, for added Bass, whether it sounded OK or Not?
  10. CaptainJames

    Question Stereo Amp / Home Theatre System

    So apologies if I'm covering old ground, I know there are a few posts around on this subject but I just want to make sure that I have got it clear in my head. I currently use my Pioneer SC-LX79 for stereo music as well as TV/ movie duties, and I think it does a pretty good job. However, I...
  11. rjd51

    Question help with Denon DN-A100

    Hi, I have been running a pair of speakers as both my home cinema and my living room hi-fi. unfortunately, one speaker is in need of some TLC and i was wondering if anyone knew if it is safe to bridge my Denon DN-A100 to allow me to play through the one speaker in mono until I have repaired the...
  12. joffy1780

    Question Recommendations for stereo amp to add to existing surround setup .

    Hi guys, after a bit of advice please. Currently looking at adding an integrated amp for better stereo listening. Would be used to drive KEF Q750s. Must have a HT Bypass and I'm looking at a max budget of £1k (wouldn't mind going second hand as it opens other options) My avr is a Denon 3600...
  13. M

    Question What Stereo amp, ideally with HT bypass for my setup

    Ive recently upgraded all my AV equipment i got a Denon AVR X3600, Dali Oberon 5 floorstanders and Vokal Center with Dali Alteco Front & Rear heights. Im running a 7.1.4. The avr can only power 9 channels so i am currently using an old Denon PMA720 stereo amp to power the rear heights. I want...
  14. S

    Question Adding a stereo amp to an AV system - matching output wattage?

    Hi - I've had a look through some quite old threads on adding a stereo amp to a home cinema system, but couldn't see anything about matching the outputs of the amps (in fact, does this matter as - if I understand things correctly - the AV amp controls the volume) - for example, would it be OK to...
  15. I

    Question Stereo amp to run Dali Rubicon 5 speakers

    Can someone recommend a stereo integrated amp with a leaned back top end, the dalis have 2 tweeters which can make the very high notes a bit too hard for long listening nights. 4 ohms impedance. To keep my girlfriend happy i would prefer to go second hand because justifying the price of the...
  16. Kelo76

    Question 2 Channel amp + subwoofer

    Hi! I need to know how to connect my POLK HTS Sub using the RCA line in (R+L) to a Yamaha A-S501. The Yamaha amp has it's own LFE sub output but y don't want to use it. I'm a music lover so the audio quality is my goal. Can I use the speakers terminals from the back of the amp to feed the RCA...
  17. RayP

    Question Stereo Amp with HT bypass for Home Cinema integration

    My system comprises: Yamaha RX-A3010 AVR B&W CM4, CMC and DM600 S3 rears BlueSound Node 2i using Chord Clearway RCA interconnects. BK XXLS400 Sub connected via low-level cable. Requirement. To improve 2 channel sound for music over current system. Music is all 16-bit FLAC stored on NAS and...
  18. StefanBFC

    Question Stereo amp vs Power amp

    Has anybody changed from using a Power Amp to a dedicated stereo amp, in an AV setup? Just curious to see opinions who've done this. I have an AV Receiver with an Emotiva XPA power amp for home cinema. But I found myself listening to a lot of music lately, just using Spotify connect direct to...
  19. T

    Stereo amp (and speakers) for watching tv - advice requested

    My soundbar died recently ... apart from using it for watching TV, it was the room's stereo. I've thought about this and decided I'd rather have a decent sounding stereo for music than have dolby/surround sound/etc. What amp/speakers would you recommend that would work for both music and TV? How...
  20. Ja55

    Best way to connect SVS PB10ISD to stereo amp

    Hi all I sourced a SVS PB10ISD sub from another forum member for a great price but it doesn't have high level connections or a crossover built in which is a problem as I'm connecting to a NAD 320bee stereo amp which doesn't have sub / LFE out. I was thinking of getting a minidsp or equalizer...
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