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  1. joffy1780

    Question Recommendations for stereo amp to add to existing surround setup .

    Hi guys, after a bit of advice please. Currently looking at adding an integrated amp for better stereo listening. Would be used to drive KEF Q750s. Must have a HT Bypass and I'm looking at a max budget of £1k (wouldn't mind going second hand as it opens other options) My avr is a Denon 3600...
  2. M

    Question What Stereo amp, ideally with HT bypass for my setup

    Ive recently upgraded all my AV equipment i got a Denon AVR X3600, Dali Oberon 5 floorstanders and Vokal Center with Dali Alteco Front & Rear heights. Im running a 7.1.4. The avr can only power 9 channels so i am currently using an old Denon PMA720 stereo amp to power the rear heights. I want...
  3. S

    Question Adding a stereo amp to an AV system - matching output wattage?

    Hi - I've had a look through some quite old threads on adding a stereo amp to a home cinema system, but couldn't see anything about matching the outputs of the amps (in fact, does this matter as - if I understand things correctly - the AV amp controls the volume) - for example, would it be OK to...
  4. I

    Question Stereo amp to run Dali Rubicon 5 speakers

    Can someone recommend a stereo integrated amp with a leaned back top end, the dalis have 2 tweeters which can make the very high notes a bit too hard for long listening nights. 4 ohms impedance. To keep my girlfriend happy i would prefer to go second hand because justifying the price of the...
  5. Kelo76

    Question 2 Channel amp + subwoofer

    Hi! I need to know how to connect my POLK HTS Sub using the RCA line in (R+L) to a Yamaha A-S501. The Yamaha amp has it's own LFE sub output but y don't want to use it. I'm a music lover so the audio quality is my goal. Can I use the speakers terminals from the back of the amp to feed the RCA...
  6. RayP

    Question Stereo Amp with HT bypass for Home Cinema integration

    My system comprises: Yamaha RX-A3010 AVR B&W CM4, CMC and DM600 S3 rears BlueSound Node 2i using Chord Clearway RCA interconnects. BK XXLS400 Sub connected via low-level cable. Requirement. To improve 2 channel sound for music over current system. Music is all 16-bit FLAC stored on NAS and...
  7. StefanBFC

    Question Stereo amp vs Power amp

    Has anybody changed from using a Power Amp to a dedicated stereo amp, in an AV setup? Just curious to see opinions who've done this. I have an AV Receiver with an Emotiva XPA power amp for home cinema. But I found myself listening to a lot of music lately, just using Spotify connect direct to...
  8. T

    Stereo amp (and speakers) for watching tv - advice requested

    My soundbar died recently ... apart from using it for watching TV, it was the room's stereo. I've thought about this and decided I'd rather have a decent sounding stereo for music than have dolby/surround sound/etc. What amp/speakers would you recommend that would work for both music and TV? How...
  9. Ja55

    Best way to connect SVS PB10ISD to stereo amp

    Hi all I sourced a SVS PB10ISD sub from another forum member for a great price but it doesn't have high level connections or a crossover built in which is a problem as I'm connecting to a NAD 320bee stereo amp which doesn't have sub / LFE out. I was thinking of getting a minidsp or equalizer...
  10. Jemzor

    Question Advice for DAC to connect stereo amp to OLED TV

    I recently purchased a gz950 OLED TV and for the next few months I am looking to output audio through my Rotel stereo amp in a 2.1 setup. The amp uses RCA (L&R) out whereas besides HDMI, the TV uses optical out. I am thinking of using a phono to optic DAC, but not sure if that the best/only way...
  11. lubumbax

    Help choosing new amplifier and speakers

    My old amplifier blew up and now I am looking for not just a replacement but more of a "renovation". I am looking to acquiring an amplifier and new speakers. Until now I have been mostly listening to music from CDs with the following setup: Marantz CD7300 Marantz PM7200 (defunct): 2 x 95 W at...
  12. Mr_Orange

    New Krell 40th anniversary stereo amp

    Krell have teased a new stereo amplifier by email:
  13. N

    Question LG TV to stereo amp. Best DAC?

    So I wanted to connect my new TV with an optical output to my analogue amp. I needed a DAC. I bought a PROZOR 192KHz DAC for £10. It‘s into a Marantz PM6004 amp and Spendor S3e bookshelf speakers. I know very little about separate DACs. I would welcome suggestions for a DAC which would...
  14. R

    Upgrade for ageing Cambridge Audio A5

    As per title! It's currently part of my modest but much-loved stereo system in my office, connected to: A new pair of Mission LX-2 speaker A Project Primary E turntable with an attached phono pre-amp An Oppo DVD-980h connected via analogue audio for stereo CD/SACD playback Windows PC via an...
  15. Ahmed98

    Answered Best DAC under $150 for AudioEngine A5+

    Current options are the FiiO K3, FiiO Q1 MK 2 and the SMSL M6. Only for playing FLAC or DSD music.
  16. antakar

    Question Which stereo amp with HT bypass for Monitor Audio Silver 100?

    Hello, I am on the market for a good stereo amp with HT bypass. My current setup: Marantz SR6012 Monitor Audio Silver 100, 150 and FX BK Electronics P12-300SB-DF I would like to add stereo amp that would take over from L/R - so i could switch between watching movies and listening to the music...
  17. Gallien

    Question Advice choosing between two stereo amps

    Which is a more sensible purchase, given I have the budget for either: - New Marantz PM6006 UK Edition at ~$700 - Used Harman Kardon HK990 at ~$1000 I am curious as to how the sound quality of the HK would hold up to the much newer Marantz. I'm particularly interested in the HK's internal bass...
  18. Lorchan

    Connecting Stereo Amp To Subwoofer ??

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could advise regarding connecting my Cyrus One Amp to my BK P12-300 subwoofer via high-level lead? I have the stereo amp connected to my AVR via pre-outs, I believe sub can be connected to both sources?. When using the AVR with the stereo amp in AV bypass mode...
  19. Lorchan

    Stereo Amp to AVR, hum

    Hi Guys, I purchased a stereo amp Cyrus One to intergrate into my AVR for music listening. Both floorstanders are connected to the stereo amp. Stereo amp connected via RCA cable to the pre outs on the 4200 AVR. The RCA cable is a Audioquest Evergreen, are theses a directional cable? If so to...
  20. R

    Question How to connect a Yamaha R-N303 to a YST-SW012 sub?

    Hey guys, I'm sorry if this another question about sub cabling but I could not find a specific answer to my intended setup. I would like to connect a 2-channel amplifier to a simple sub-woofer. The sub seems to be an active one - well it has a volume knob, so I'm just assuming it. These are...
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