1. IndieInfinity

    For Sale Humble Choice May Keys

    XCOM 2 + Reinforcement Pack + Resistance Warrior Pack - £5 SOLD Jurassic World Evolution + Deluxe Dinosaur Pack - £4 Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War - £3 SOLD Warsaw - £1 Mo:Astray - £1 Neoverse - £1 Horace - £1 All steam keys Payment by PPG
  2. nitram100

    For Sale Spellforce 3 Steam Key x 6 £6

    Spellforce 3 Steam Key for sale (6 available) £6 Paypal gift or BT Thanks for looking :)
  3. T0rNaDo

    Wanted Rollercoaster Tycoon for steam

    had this on disc back in the day on windows XP, still got em but looking for one of them to play via steam.
  4. C

    For Sale Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000 Steam key

    Hi, Due to a technical hiccup, I have a spare key for Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000 This one -> https://uk.gamersgate.com/DD-AVPC-STEAM/aliens-vs-predator-clasic-20 Asking just £1 for this gem.
  5. Speed

    For Sale Steam Key Clearout

    Hi Guys, Got a bunch of Steam keys, all activate on Steam as if purchased direct. Last sale price shown is accurate to the best of my knowledge with the source shown for good measure. MO:Astray Game Info: MO:Astray on Steam RRP: £11.39 Lowest Sale Price: £7.97 (Source) Asking Only: £3 The...
  6. Lankysi

    For Sale A few Steam keys

    Have the following left over. £1 each - King and Assassins - Mysterium + Hidden Signs + Secrets & Lies - Love Letter - Potion Explosion SOLD: Blood: Fresh Supply RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic The Walking Dead Michonne Telltale series This War of Mine + season pass The Walking Dead Telltale...
  7. parryade

    Wanted Ultrawings VR Steam codes & other VR codes

    Just going through motions of wrapping up a purchase of an Oculus Rift S on here. Would like to test these two games out as I hear they are quite good. Also looking for the following codes if you have them spare: House of the Dying Sun GORN Space Engineering Vox Machinae Project Cars 2 Elven...
  8. Skinleech

    For Sale Various Steam Keys

    Hey, Last thread was archived so here's a new one with a bunch of new keys added. If anyone has a key for Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Humble leftover?), Firewatch or Portal 1/2 I'd be keen to trade a suitable number from the below. Payment via Paypal Gift or Bank Transfer please. £3 each...
  9. apxtu20

    For Sale Steam keys (Bundles, spares etc) | Some wanted too

    Hi all, here are a number of unused keys I've collected from mostly humble bundles. Will keep this thread updated as I add more keys. For Sale: Headsnatchers (x1) - £1.00 Dungeons 3 (x3) - £1.50 Gremlins Inc (x5) - £1.00 Hidden Folks (x5) - £0.50 We Were Here Too (x2) - £1.00 Old Man's...
  10. Bunglelow

    For Sale Borderlands 3 Season Pass (Steam)

    Hi all, I mistakenly bought a Steam key for the Borderlands 3 season pass through GMG, looking for £22. Please note, you need the base game on Steam to use the code. Thanks!
  11. Mensy

    Question Help with Cod 4 Remaster Steam

    Hi guys im trying to boot Cod 4 remaster up so i can play it before i buy MW2 remaster but i keep getting the below message. I activated it through steam from my IW game and i cannot seem to get the game to run, ive googled everything and still no joy has anyone had this issue and found a fix ...
  12. SouljazHD

    For Sale Resident Evil 3 Remake + Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition - Steam

    Hey all. Not 100% how this will work as I'm sure the AMD Rewards site has changed somewhat since I last purchased a GPU from them, but I have for sale Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition and Resident Evil 3 Remake. The Monster Hunter key/redemption is available now however the...
  13. plecoslugi

    For Sale (STEAM) - Humble Leftovers - 3 For 2 On All Games - Offers Welcome

    Hi, I have the following Steam keys available: Agents of Mayhem - £1 SOLD Darksiders Warmastered Edition - £1 Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition - £1 Death's Gambit - £1 SOLD This is the Police - £1 SOLD This is the Police 2 - £1 SOLD A Mortician's Tale - 50p Battle Chasers Nightwar - 50p...
  14. Rip

    For Sale Steam keys

  15. J

    WiFi camera thats stable for live steam 24/7

    Hi guys Helping a friend out with setting up a camera for his MOT station. I need a suitable WiFi camera that will be able to live stream to a monitor/TV in a separate building as a viewing area for customers Can anyone recommend a good camera but mainly one that comes with a good app that...
  16. JCXDenton

    Metro Exodus launches on Steam! (40% discount)

    Link: Save 40% on Metro Exodus on Steam
  17. Tempest

    Recommend me a scrubber or perhaps a steam cleaner?

    I have some textured cushion floor vinyl tiles in one room. Still very happy with them, but I really need to give them a deep clean. Due to their surface texture, which has a darker shade of colour in the texture imprinting, this seems to be a magnet to trap dirt which of course I want to get...
  18. nero0410

    Question Is Steam screwing up for anyone? UPDATE: Resolved.... It was 'Atlas'....

    For the past few days I've barely been able to play any games, update, download, or even change settings within the Steam client. I've tried the usual tricks: Delete all but the steam exe and steamapps folder reinstall, Move apps folder to another drive and reinstall, then back again, Verify...
  19. MrFraggle

    Steam breathing.

    I am looking for a bit of help to find a machine which will assist me when I breathe, a function I feel you will agree is very important to sustain my life. I have searched using Google and have contacted a couple of companies that supply steam vaporiser and nebuliser etc but thus far I have...
  20. N

    Question Steam controller..............any use for them?

    Are they any good for erm...............well anything? I picked up one via last stock on steam (as they being discontinued) only cost me £11.40 4 quid for the controller 7.40 for the postage. I gave it a whirl and...............seems hard to control
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