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Starpoint was an American R&B sextet from Maryland that began recording in the 1980s, releasing a string of solid albums first on the Casablanca sub label "Chocolate City", and later on Elektra. Their earlier albums, especially 1980's "Keep on It" were more funk than r & b, but vocalist Renee Diggs brought the r & b elements to the forefront with her powerful vocals which had both presence and sophistication, coupled with near perfect pitch and very pleasing tone.
When the band later signed with Elektra, their sound veered more on the pop side of r & b, but the funk elements were still there. At Elektra, their 1985 LP "Restless" yielded their sole top 40 single, "Object of my Desire", and the r & b/urban singles "Restless", & "What you've been Missin'". The non-single tracks (as always) were just as strong, with "Emotions" & "One more Night" being the standouts, in addition to a song that had a lot of pop potential, "See the Light". In 1987, their LP "Sensational" yielded another top 40 pop hit, "He wants my Body". The remainder of this album was also quite solid.
Starpoint's producers over the years included Lionel Job, Keith Diamond, Bernard Edwards, Teddy Riley, & others.

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