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  1. Buckster666

    Star Wars 4K Trilogies

    The Star Wars films are getting 4K releases for each trilogy, each set comes with the bonus discs as well which is good.
  2. steviedr

    LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

    There an Xbox thread from when announced but couldn’t see anything on the Sony end.. Have to say, with the delays, looks decent, my son is going to have a great time !
  3. gavinhanly

    Star Wars: Eclipse (Game)

    I know it doesn't really belong in here, but I think fans will get a kick out of this (a bit of space action @lucasisking!) and it is useful if this is a catch-all Star Wars forum:
  4. C

    Star Wars Eclipse

  5. Garrett

    Head up for books

    Just posting here as people wont be gong in the book section every day but this is more a less a one offer too good to miss for true Star Wars fans so thought I give you Star Wars head up here. Prequel books and story between episode Vl and Vll...
  6. thenexus6

    For Sale A lot of film books (Star Wars, Lucasfilm, Alien, X-Files, Jurassic Park)

    Okay, so I have quite a few film books here for sale. All books were purchased new at the time of print. Some date back to 1992. Doubt they were ever read, been in storage for a very long time. From good to perfect condition. Some bend or scuffed corners, fading. Mostly on exteriors. Can send...
  7. D

    Marcia Lucas (legendary Hollywood editor) comments on Last Jedi

    Marcia Lucas is a legendary Hollywood editor and ex-wife of George Lucas. It was some of her ideas and editing skills (along with two other editors) that gave us the Star Wars we know and love today. LITTLE-KNOWN SCI-FI FACTS: 3 WAYS GEORGE LUCAS' WIFE SAVED STAR WARS Taken from Screenrant...
  8. zt1903

    Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake (PS5)

  9. Drax1

    Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales (October) Disney+

    New SW Lego Halloween animated feature to hit Disney+ in October.
  10. D

    LucasFilm Remove John Boyega from Star Wars Promotional Art...Again

    In an official tweet posted to celebrate “Star Wars Day” (May the Fourth) yesterday, the official #StarWars Twitter account shared a fan-made poster by artist Leke Fonge intended to represent the film “Star Wars VII: #TheForceAwakens”, which was the first of the three Disney Star Wars sequel...
  11. davidhk129

    Will Star Wars Pinball game work in Switch Lite?

    From eshop, I searched for Pinball and found Star Wars Pinball available for $22.67 CDN. Does anyone have this game? My question is : will this game work properly in Switch Lite without a wireless controller ? I love pinball but can't afford the expensive virtual pinball machine which runs over...
  12. Tom Davies

    Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Disney+) TV Show Premiere Review & Comments

    The clone troopers are back. If you've got a problem, if no-one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The Bad Batch. Read the review. Write your own review for Star Wars: The Bad Batch
  13. F

    podcast ,s

    Can some one give the link to the avforums podcasts reviewing the last 3 star wars movies thank you
  14. raigraphixs

    Genndy Tartakovsky’s Star Wars Clone Wars (2003) Disney+

    Genndy Tartakovsky’s Star Wars Clone Wars series is coming to Disney+ on April 2
  15. raigraphixs

    Ron Moore's deal with Disney Plus, creating new content; Magic Kingdom Universe, Star Wars on wishlist
  16. M

    Introducing my daughter to Star Wars with no spoilers

    I'm introducing 7-year-old daughter to Star Wars but want A New Hope story to be clear in her head before Darth drops the big news to Luke. So to keep her interested in the Star Wars world I thought it might be good to let her watch the animated Clone Wars... However, as I've not seen it I just...
  17. P

    Star wars Squadrons crashes on Easy Cheat splash screen

    Since the October update I've not been able to load Star wars Squadrons on the PC at all. I purchased it from the Epic gaming store, but when I try to launch it from Epic, or the origin store, or the desktop icon, or the Geforce launcher I get the Squadrons splash screen with the Easy Cheat...
  18. nicolaidenmark

    Star Wars Posters

    Hi guys, I'm lusting for SW posters to decorate thew walls in my living room. Whilst they are fairly new (to me), the 4K covers appeal to me with the exception of the pink tint of IV. But I do like that Kenobi vs Vader is on it. For Episode V, I like both the 4K cover and V Light and Dark but...
  19. dplayer

    Viewing order

    Hi All, I loved the original trilogy when I was a kid and never really caught on to the rest of the saga but my lad has just turned 9 and so I'd like to watch the entire series with him....question is in what order? I've done a bit of Googling and think the way I'm leaning is: IV, V VI, I...
  20. K

    Bargain Star Wars Battlefront II - Free on Epic Game Store

    It's free on the Epic store for a limited time.
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