star wars battlefront

  1. snerkler

    Star Wars Battlefront 2, credits now useless?

    I've had a bit of a break from SW BF2 and since coming back it seems I can't use credits to buy crates or crafting points to upgrade cards. I now get skill points which I can use to upgrade cards, but I can't buy crates any more. Why is this?
  2. D

    Star wars Battlefront

    Hi Is this game worth buying for the VR experience
  3. snerkler

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 Multiplayer, what does it all mean?

    I've just started playing Battlefront 2 on multiplayer and am a bit confused by the icons etc on screen and wondered if anyone could shed any light please as I've googled but come up blank? Firstly, in the centre lower third of the screen there's usually 1-4 emblems showing different classes...
  4. snerkler

    Star Wars Battlefront I vs II and General PS4 questions.

    Ok so these are real newbie questions but I’ve been out of the gaming circle for quite a while, the last game I bought was Modern Warfare 3 for the PS3 :blush: Anyway, I think I might be getting the PS4 Pro from Santa and my first question is regarding Star Wars Battlefront I vs II. Without...
  5. JonnyTester

    Question SWBFII - any reason to pre-order this? (PC)

    After the disappointment that was SWBF, I have been reluctant to pre-order II. I never even got to play the beta trial as it froze my pc each time it started up. But as the release date approaches, I've started having second thoughts. I've been having a look at what the incentive is to...
  6. The_Vindicator

    Bargain Star Wars Battlefront UE £5 XBL

    Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition Buy STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ Ultimate Edition - Microsoft Store United Kingdom £5 for Xbox live Gold members.
  7. Stuart Wright

    Star Wars Battlefront worst cheating ever. Check out the ridiculous score.

    Have played the game for 10 months and this is the worst example of cheating I have seen. So blatant. Check out the score. People like this ruin the game for everyone, and I spent most of this game reporting him and encouraging others to do so. I hope they permanently ban him. If they don't...
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