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  1. RedDevil85

    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991) 4K UHD

    Links: Coming soon Release date: 2022 (UK TBC) *US artwork
  2. RedDevil85

    Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) 4K UHD

    Links: Coming soon Release date: 2022 (UK TBC) *US artwork
  3. RedDevil85

    Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) 4K UHD

    Links: Coming soon Release date: 2022 (UK TBC) *US artwork
  4. RedDevil85

    Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984) 4K UHD

    Links: Coming soon Release date: 2022 (UK TBC) *US artwork
  5. RedDevil85

    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) 4K UHD

    Links: Coming soon Release date: 2022 (UK TBC) *US artwork
  6. RedDevil85

    Star Trek: Picard - Season Two (Blu-ray Steelbook)

    Purchase links: Coming soon Release date: October 2022 (TBC) Status: Not yet available
  7. aprout

    For Sale Star Trek Beyond 4K + blu

    For Sale: Star Trek Beyond 4K UHD + Blu-ray (discs, cover art & case all mint) - £12 comes with digital code leaflet, but I've no idea if it's still valid. Prices include p&p Payment by Bank Transfer Also advertised elsewhere.
  8. 3

    For Sale 4 original star trek movies, 4k only.

    Unopened 4 original star trek movies on 4k bluray, not sealed. I only wanted the hd blurays which I am not selling. Comes with cardboard case as well. £22 delivery included.
  9. Bennyp281080

    For Sale Star Trek original crew 4 film collection / shawshank redemption

    Shawshank redemption sealed, with slip. Slip has corner crushing to spine - £13 posted Star trek original crew four film boxset. Includes 4K uhd and Blu-rays for each film. Only one disc watched (motion picture) - £42 posted
  10. carl6018

    Star Trek Deep Space Nine coming to bluray

    Just seen on twitter by someone called @TheDiscFather that this is apparently coming out in 2023. Hopefully it is true. I thought this series was brilliant.
  11. zantarous

    Star Trek Resurgence

    Just occurred to me that I am salivating over this new game but there is no thread for it here. So don't think I have actually ever played a Star Trek game and I really do now regret not trying any in the heyday. But this game looks like a full blown interactive Star Trek...
  12. raigraphixs

    Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (TBC)

    As expected more trek shows
  13. Tropical Wave

    Geordi La Forge - TNG Galaxy's Child

    Not sure if ever discussed elsewhere so apologies if that's the case. I was watching TNG episodes at random and came across this episode which I hadn't watched for some time. For those who don't know the episode details are in the following link...
  14. KBD

    J.J. Abrams films, which one is your fave?

    As it reads on the tin, what's your preference?
  15. B

    DS9 & Voyager - iTunes quality?

    With the high likelihood of the vintage Trek series (TOS through ENT) following Discovery and being pulled from Netflix to bolster Paramount+, I’m considering getting both Voyager & DS9 from iTunes. I already have the BluRay boxes for TOS, TNG & ENT, so I’m covered with those. My family are...
  16. encaser

    Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode Discussion (spoilers within)

    Considering the old Discovery thread is 9 years old, perhaps a dedicated thread to episode discussion of series 4 is more realistic here and will allow those that haven't had a chance to see it until next year, avoid spoilers.? @Garrett At present, there are only new posts on the old thread made...
  17. Garrett

    Voyager Chat

    I been re watching this on the Horror channel and wondered a things that don't seem right. Tom Paris suppose to be the best pilot on Voyager so when on duty should be at the helm, yet given a secondary job in sick bay which any other less important crew could do. Harry Kim albeit not the top...
  18. Stuart Wright

    AVF Movies Podcast: Star Trek in 4K. Is the new boxset worth it?

    This week we discuss the 4K release of the first four Star Trek movies. We also find out your opinions on the best and worst of the Trek movies. PLUS a podcast exclusive competition. Presented by Cas Harlow, Mark Costello and Steve Withers. 00:00:00 - Start 00:00:26 - Welcome 00:01:55 -...
  19. Tom Davies

    Yet another Star Trek discussion: Movies I-IV in 4K - AVF Movies Podcast discussion thread

    Hello, Sulus and Uhuras, and welcome to this month's AVF Movies Podcast discussion thread. The next Movies Podcast hosted by @Casimir Harlow with @Mark Costello and @Steve Withers will be livestreaming on our YouTube channel on Wednesday 15th September 2021 at 7:30pm. As usual, we're asking for...
  20. N

    uhura da tease

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