Stands may refer to:
The Stands, an English rock band
Bleachers, a seating or standing (terracing) areas at a sports venue (American)
an alternative term for a kiosk
Stand (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure), a supernatural power in the manga and anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Stands for Decibels, an acclaimed 1981 debut album by The dB's
Speaker stands, furniture on which to place speakers

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  1. killie77

    For Sale Pair of Alphason Sonos 5 Speaker Stands.

    Have a pair of these I bought with intention of using with Sonos 5s. I had one Sonos 5 couldn’t find another. Put the one I had on eBay. Stands are now surplus to requirements. They haven’t been out of the Box since I bought them. Looking to sell as a Pair. Asking £85 Postage included.
  2. grahamfocal

    For Sale Focal electra 1007 be including dedicated stands.

    Focal electra 1007be speakers with matching stands. Selling on behalf of my brother in law. Ex demo from around 2012. Technically apart from ex dem, he is the original owner. Always kept in same position in living room and never moved, apart from me borrowing them for a few weeks recently...
  3. M

    B&W 685 speaker stands

    Hi all! I have a nice pair of cherry red B&W 685 bought back in 2010, so the first version. Always had them on a book shelf but moving to a bigger room now and trying to find speaker stands to fit. Never owned speaker stands here goes newbie question...I can get myself a pair of B&W...
  4. M

    Wanted Wanted - Stands Unique AV10 Chunky legs stand

    Hi Guys and Girls I am after an AV10 to stack on top of one I already have - one of my shelves shattered. Would prefer the Chunky legs version and in cherry, if anyone has one for sale. I am in Birmingham so could pick up or happy to pay for a courier (UPS) to pick up. I would also consider the...
  5. D

    Cheap speaker stands for q acoustics 3030i recommendations

    Am looking for small cheap speaker stands for q acoustics 3030i really don’t want to be paying out £169 for q acoustics ones can anyone recommend any..
  6. Y

    For Sale KEF KIT200 Speakers only (same as KHT5005) & HTB2SE subwoofer & stands

    Owned from new. 5 speakers/2 stands/subwoofer. All come with original boxes - rear speakers/sub have had little use. decluttering so need to move these on. collection from Bolton/Manchester
  7. Blackbartblues

    For Sale Norstone Stylum 2 Speaker Stands, Oak

    Pair of Norstone Stylum 2 Speaker stands in black and oak. These are only a couple of months old, but my system has been moved on (just a Sonos Arc now), they are no longer needed and we want to make room for the Lego shelves arriving imminently. £20 collected. An amazing bargain given we...
  8. C

    Alternative stands for KEF LSX ii speakers

    I am considering buying the KEF LSX ii speakers, and want to stand mount them. For reasons known only to my wife the combined height of speaker plus stand can’t exceed c.750 mm. Unfortunately, the combined height of the KEF speakers plus KEF S1 stand is 922 mm. Can anyone recommend an...
  9. ani4ani

    Wanted Q Acoustics Q7000ST Speakers Stands

    As the title above, I am looking for at least 2, but possibly 4 black speaker stands for the 7000i range of speakers. I was on the brink of selling my home cinema setup with these speakers 7 + sub], but having removed them from the walls, I can't bring myself to sell them, so will re-purpose...
  10. L

    Question Stands for Sonos 5

    Hello I am looking for a nice looking set if stands that can accommodate Sonos 5 speakers. I don’t like standard ones from the Sonos website. Looking for something a bit more chunky. Any recommendations?
  11. K

    For Sale B&W 801d4 + 805d4 w/ stands

    No longer needed, so up for grabs. All well run in & never overpowered. Run with McIntosh MA12000 & Naim ND555/555PS. I love them and would keep them, but i'm going to be travelling a lot in the coming years & don't want them left in storage. 1 801d4 has a small cosmetic-only scratch on the...
  12. jjp2701

    Question Samsung Q990c rear speaker floor stands

    Hi everyone I am looking at getting a set of floor stands for my Samsung Q990C rear speakers . Any suggestions please . And also a longer power cord for them so when I get the speaker stands the cord will reach the plug socket
  13. M

    Wanted Kef 2005 speaker stands in black

    Hi I have a set of old kef 2005.2 speakers in storage I used to have hung on the wall in my previous house. I wanna make use of them again but dont want to ruin my new walls. Was wondering if anyone had any stands lying around. Thanks
  14. NitrousX

    Suggest Stands for Polk XT15 Speakers

    Hi community I have purchased a pair of Polk XT15 bookshelf speakers. And I wanted to mount them to a stand. I would like to place them behind my desk. If possible I would like a stand where I can secure the speakers from the bottom or be able to secure from the rear. Must be height adjustable...
  15. kavar

    For Sale KEF LS50W performance white stands

    Sadly due to downsizing I am very reluctantly selling my LS50Ws (Currently used as my desktop speakers and OMG they are so good). I have the matching LS50 stands from KEF. The stands are already packed the speakers are currently on my desk. I am planning to downsize to some Sonos ERA 100s...
  16. P

    Looking for tall speaker stands that will work well with Wharfefale 4.2evo speakers

    The existing stands wharfedale sell for their 4.2rvo bookshelf speakers are way too short for where I would have them. Behind the sofa. They need to be standing above the sofa so they would have to be on fairly tall stands I use my current Denon ones on tall speaker stands but I don’t think...
  17. Trebord

    What stands for B&W 707 S2 ???

    Hi there, first post here so I hope it goes well. :D I just bought these speakers and wanted to buy some budget stands preferably under 100 pounds. Something that's not too low to the floor either. Thanks for any help or advice. Rob
  18. H

    SubZero Isolation stands

    Hi all. Posting a micro review of the SubZero Isolation monitor stands. I'm no expert but wanted to upload a subjective review, in case anyone is considering these. In short, I really like them. In terms of sound quality, I'm hearing detail that I've not heard before, which is very enjoyable...
  19. dean1956

    Question stands or floor?

    bit of advice/ simple question ? , i have two lyngdorf bw2 subs, they are positioned in the very corners of the room as recommended , however they are direct on the floor , which is laminate ( floating?) my question is, should they be on stands or some sort of decoupler ( spikes?) ? and should...
  20. simonmlewis

    Do speaker stands make a really big difference?

    This is the position of my right speaker. I can't move the chair much further to the right. The left speaker is free of anything, but also on the floor. I'd like to ask if a stand, 45CM up, would make any noticable difference to the sound? I'm not an Audiophile, but trying to do the best with...
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