1. FootHealer

    For Sale Q Acoustics Concept 20s, Concept stands, Focal Sub, Project Xpression III turntable. LAST REDUCTION...

    Hi again, Well, I'm sad to say I've stuck these on EBAY. I'd prefer to sell them here, so I'l give it one last go. The prices are very low, so please, no haggling. Am selling as I need to make some space. QA Concept 20 speakers and stands £185. Focal Evo Cub Subwoofer £150. Project Xpression...
  2. E

    For Sale KEF Reference 1s with KEF Stands

    Kef reference 1, pair including Kef Stands, in gloss piano black, immaculate condition, little use, (second system in separate room) all packaging boxes.
  3. ChrisGTL

    For Sale Q Acoustic 3030 Walnut Speakers with 3030i Stands (3030FSi)

    Decided to upgrade my speakers. No boxes, collection only. I could meet half way if we can agree on fuel costs. Easily 8.5 out of 10 condition.
  4. C

    Wanted B&W FS-805 D3 Stands in Black

    Looking for a pair of B&W FS-805 D3 stands. Must be in mint condition and include all the original packaging and screws, spikes, etc. Can collect in London, otherwise will pay for delivery.
  5. C

    For Sale Mordaunt Short Alumni 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers with stands & cables

    5.1 Surround Sound Speakers. Good condition Includes: Mordaunt Short Alumni 2 Piano Black Satellite Speakers (x4) with covers Mordaunt Short Alumni 5 Piano Black Centre Speaker with stand & cover Mordaunt Short Alumni 9 Subwoofer (8" bass driver, 120W) with cover Mordaunt Short Alumni P...
  6. Liammonty123

    For Sale Presonus Eris E8XT x3 Plus Stands

    For sale here are 3 Presonus Eris E8XT monitors previously used as LCR in a home cinema setup. As many may know, I moved from DIYSG HT12s to a set of these and actually felt that these performed better overall than the DIYSG. They had much more clarity and sparkly highs and also more detailed...
  7. stblob

    For Sale Kef hts 3001 speakers with stands x4

    Long shot I know. Have 4 of these for sale Kef eggs hts 3001 gloss Black with floor stands. This is for collection only from Portsmouth just of the M27. Not sure what they're worth so I'll start these at £200 for all 4. Please be aware thay these are advertised elsewhere. Thanks. NOW £150...
  8. Stuart Wright

    TV Stands and mounts forum is here
  9. Hifi sound systems

    For Sale Atacama SLX 700 Hifi Speaker Stands

    Atacama SLX 700 Speaker Stands PAIR - Black for Short Bookshelf 70cm. Purchased new around six months ago. In very good condition with Both stand filled 3/4 with kiln dried sand and topped off with cotton. Paired with Proac D2R speakers which gave them a nice height and over all sound. Please...
  10. D

    Remove speaker from kef stands

    Hi. I bought a kef t301 pair of stands with the floorstands. I have subsequently sold the floorstands but I can't seem to seperate the speaker. There is a scree in the back that I remove with the Allen key but I just can't get it out. I've attached a pic of where the stands connected with the...
  11. TechyMike

    For Sale KEF 2005.2 with stands.

    Recently sold my 2005.3 in black for £275 delivered. Came across my original silver ones in the loft so puting these up for sale. Consists of 5 speakers with subwoofer. 4 of the speakers come with KEF-HTS2001.2 Floorstands. In good condition. £250 delivered.
  12. RetroDaz

    Best height stands for rear Dali speakers

    I need a pair of speaker stands for my Dali Oberon 1s I was recommended Mission Stancette but they look like they're going to be too low and that my couch will block the sound. Does anyone have their Dali Oberon 1s on stands and what do you use?
  13. C

    Samsung 9100S rear speakers, suggestions for floor stands please.

    Hi, Samsung do not make floor stands for the 9100S rear speakers, can anyone advise floor stands that will be suitable and hide the speaker cables? I have looked but they seem difficult to find and I hoped somebody may have tried something that looks good and does the job? Thanks for any...
  14. gemeit

    For Sale Focal S900 Speaker Stands

    Focal S900 Speaker Stands in very good condition bought April last year
  15. Italian Job

    Buchardt stands.....should I worry...

    Hello everybody, I bought some Buchardt stands for my R3, while they seem to be sturdy enough I just found out the the speaker their meant for weighs only 7 kg each. The R3 weighs almost twice as much at 13 kg, Buchardt sale said they should be able to handle that no problem.....but I'm fearing...
  16. Soundwave

    Stands for Q Acoustics M20 HD (Wireless Speakers)

    Hi all, Just a quick question as I'm currently looking at a pair of the Q Acoustics M20 speakers & just wanted to check these would be the correct stands to go with them - I can't seem to find anything definitive in the description on any...
  17. M

    What speaker stands?

    I have always had floorstanders but after a room change i have changed to standmount speakers. The Dali Rubicon 2. I was just going to buy the Dali E600 stands but thought id ask here first. Do different stands make any sort of difference or is it just aesthetics? They seem to really range...
  18. J

    Stands Unique AV One speakers any good?

    Hi Long time HT owner looking to go atmos and as I’m only in this room for another year (my daughter has eyes on it) rather than go in-ceiling I’m looking to mount some speakers to the ceiling for atmos in my 7.1.4 set-up. I’ve come across 5 of these speakers by (now closed shop) Stands...
  19. P

    Cressida Dick stands down!

    Only earlier she was saying what a fantastic job she was doing!
  20. antineutrino

    Yamaha NS-PB350 surround speakers stands help

    Hi guys, I own Yamaha NS-PB350 surround speakers bought as part of NS-P350 set together with NS-PC350 central speaker. I can't find any commercial stand that would fit those bottom screws they have. Can anyone give me some advices on what to buy? Thank you
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