1. W

    Best Bookshelf Speaker Peformer Close to Wall..

    Hi there, newbie here. Waiting for my Yamaha a-s301 amp to arrive. I’m in the market for some speakers but not sure on floorstanders or stand mount…. They have to perform close to a rear wall as space is an issue… has anybody any ideas on what would be a good option.. budget is £600…below is my...
  2. B

    Perfect standmount speaker to go with Rega Brio

    Hi all, I have a Rega Brio amp, Rega Apollo CD player and Rega P2 turntable, and now looking for the perfect standmount speaker. I have recently brought a pair of B&W 606 S2’s as I was drawn in by the recent sale (£200 off) and positive reviews but really disappointed with the sound. The treble...
  3. FootHealer

    Recommendations wanted: large standmount speaker that's okay near walls.

    Hi folks, I'm wondering if there are any larger stand mount speakers that don't mind being too close to walls? By large I mean 6.5-8 inch drivers. I realise the laws of acoustics make it difficult to have big bass near a wall without issues, but I am wondering which speakers are MORE suitable...
  4. J

    Help! First hifi system - floorstanders or standmounts?

    I'm looking to purchase my first stereo hifi system upon the completion of my extension. I know I need to audition some equipment to find the right ones for me but I am struggling to even narrow it down. I'm looking to spend around £1000 (up to maybe £1200) for speakers and amp (or maybe...
  5. rccarguy2

    dedicted atmos v standmount

    Apart from the built in angled baffle of atmos speakers are they better than regular standmount speakers which are angled down? My room layout means Dali Alteco C-1 will work ok on the front height, but not on the rear height as not only will they need to be angled down, but forward (unless I...
  6. C

    Marantz PM7000N Integrated Stereo Amplifier

    Has anyone got this Stereo Amplifier is it worth the high cost, I have seen a deal for it online with speakers. Marantz PM7000N Integrated Stereo Amplifier with Bowers & Wilkins 607 S2 Standmount Loudspeakers Cost £1249 I will only be using it for Streaming and the Radio, thanks for reading.
  7. Ed Selley

    Q Acoustics Q3030i Standmount Speaker Review & Comments

    The latest member of the 3000i Series of speakers joins a little after the rest of the range - has this latecomer been worth waiting for? Read the review. Write your own review for Q Acoustics 3030i
  8. Ed Selley

    Sonus faber Lumina I Standmount Speaker Review & Comments

    The Lumina range is the entry point to the world of Sonus faber. What can the Lumina I, the smallest member of the family do to tempt you in? Read the review. Write your own review for Sonus faber Lumina I
  9. Ed Selley

    JBL HDI 1600 Standmount Speaker Review & Comments

    The HDI Series is designed to bring some of the benefits of ‘big’ JBL speakers in a less dominating form factor. Does it work? Read the review. Write your own review for JBL HDI-1600
  10. Ed Selley

    KEF LS50 Meta Standmount Speaker Review & Comments

    KEF has updated their ‘affordable high end’ standmount with some new thinking that keeps the striking aesthetic. Is this the best way to blow a grand? Read the review. Write your own review for Kef LS50 Meta
  11. Ed Selley

    Spendor Classic S4/5 Standmount Speaker Review & Comments

    Spendor’s latest speaker might not scream modernity but the company has been hard at work taking longstanding design ideas and adding some new thinking. Does it work? Read the review. Write your own review for Spendor Classic 4/5
  12. bogart99

    Floorstander or standmount.

    Currently looking to move on from my Quad 11Ls for something hopefully somewhat better. I really do not want to change my amp Audio Analogue Puccini SE, 50W into 8 ohms as I think it is a cracker. Am considering floorstanders but they will obviously need a bit more power to drive than the...
  13. C

    Standmount speaker advice needed

    Hi - I’ve done a ton of reading on this so far but am still pretty lost when it comes to the new speakers that I want to get for my new flat. The speakers will be powered through the Sonos AMP. I know what some of you might say but the convenience of it is paramount to me and I already own two...
  14. Ed Selley

    Triangle Borea BR03 Standmount Speaker Review & Comments

    The Borea BR03 is Triangle’s take on the ‘premium entry’ standmount speaker and it faces some stiff competition. Can it stand out from the pack? Read the review. Write your own review for Triangle Borea BR03
  15. S

    Standmount with Sub v Floorstanding speakers

    I am currently looking into upgrading my speakers, but not sure whether i should go for standmount/bookshelf with a sub or Floorstanding only. Have a budget of around £500. Will be matched with an Onkyo 9030 amp from my PC and Ifi Black label DAC and mostly listen to to the heavy end of rock...
  16. Ed Selley

    Neat Ministra Standmount Speaker Review & Comments

    The Ministra looks a little more conventional than some Neat speakers we’ve seen in the past but there’s still some unusual engineering at work - how does it stack up? Read the review. Write your own review for Neat Ministra
  17. D

    Question Floorstander v Standmount: which is best?

    I‘ve been loving my system (Marantz CD6006 UK as transport, Roksan Kandy K3 DAC, Rega Brio, Monitor Audio Bronze 5) but I have been recently reflecting on floor standing vs stand mount speakers. I rate the MA Bronze 5 hugely as they combine scale and detail, but they are the baby of the system...
  18. Orobas

    Neat introduces the Ministra standmount IsoBaric speaker

    Neat have just released a really (here comes the pun sorry folks) "neat" looking speakers to their line up in the form of the Ministra and they're isobarik too!!!! wow... cant wait to see these in the flesh and if nothing...
  19. Ed Selley

    Amphion Helium 510 standmount speaker Review & Comments

    Amphion maintains product ranges in both professional and domestic spheres - is the Helium 510 the perfect balance of accuracy and enjoyment? Read the review. Write your own review for Amphion Helium510
  20. Ed Selley

    Polk S15e Standmount Speaker Review & Comments

    Fresh from their work making soundbars, Polk has given their S Series speakers a more European flavour - is the result any good? Read the review. Write your own review for Polk S15e
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