1. Ed Selley

    Spendor Classic S4/5 Standmount Speaker Review & Comments

    Spendor’s latest speaker might not scream modernity but the company has been hard at work taking longstanding design ideas and adding some new thinking. Does it work? Read the review. Write your own review for Spendor Classic 4/5
  2. bogart99

    Floorstander or standmount.

    Currently looking to move on from my Quad 11Ls for something hopefully somewhat better. I really do not want to change my amp Audio Analogue Puccini SE, 50W into 8 ohms as I think it is a cracker. Am considering floorstanders but they will obviously need a bit more power to drive than the...
  3. C

    Standmount speaker advice needed

    Hi - I’ve done a ton of reading on this so far but am still pretty lost when it comes to the new speakers that I want to get for my new flat. The speakers will be powered through the Sonos AMP. I know what some of you might say but the convenience of it is paramount to me and I already own two...
  4. Ed Selley

    Triangle Borea BR03 Standmount Speaker Review & Comments

    The Borea BR03 is Triangle’s take on the ‘premium entry’ standmount speaker and it faces some stiff competition. Can it stand out from the pack? Read the review. Write your own review for Triangle Borea BR03
  5. S

    Standmount with Sub v Floorstanding speakers

    I am currently looking into upgrading my speakers, but not sure whether i should go for standmount/bookshelf with a sub or Floorstanding only. Have a budget of around £500. Will be matched with an Onkyo 9030 amp from my PC and Ifi Black label DAC and mostly listen to to the heavy end of rock...
  6. Ed Selley

    Neat Ministra Standmount Speaker Review & Comments

    The Ministra looks a little more conventional than some Neat speakers we’ve seen in the past but there’s still some unusual engineering at work - how does it stack up? Read the review. Write your own review for Neat Ministra
  7. Costello

    Question Floorstander v Standmount: which is best?

    I‘ve been loving my system (Marantz CD6006 UK as transport, Roksan Kandy K3 DAC, Rega Brio, Monitor Audio Bronze 5) but I have been recently reflecting on floor standing vs stand mount speakers. I rate the MA Bronze 5 hugely as they combine scale and detail, but they are the baby of the system...
  8. Orobas

    Neat introduces the Ministra standmount IsoBaric speaker

    Neat have just released a really (here comes the pun sorry folks) "neat" looking speakers to their line up in the form of the Ministra and they're isobarik too!!!! wow... cant wait to see these in the flesh and if nothing...
  9. Ed Selley

    Amphion Helium 510 standmount speaker Review & Comments

    Amphion maintains product ranges in both professional and domestic spheres - is the Helium 510 the perfect balance of accuracy and enjoyment? Read the review. Write your own review for Amphion Helium510
  10. Ed Selley

    Polk S15e Standmount Speaker Review & Comments

    Fresh from their work making soundbars, Polk has given their S Series speakers a more European flavour - is the result any good? Read the review. Write your own review for Polk S15e
  11. R

    Standmount Speaker Auditions

    Read a lot of posts on this forum to help me decide what speakers to try out.. so thought I'd post my thoughts after some auditions to help others: Situation: Upgrading from Minx XL driven by CXA60 Auditions: Tidal streamed through Cambridge Edge NQ through what looked like 2 mono-amps (one...
  12. Ed Selley

    Revel Concerta 2 M16 Standmount Speaker Review & Comments

    As part of Harman Luxury Audio, Revel is on a charm offensive and it’s time to see if the M16 is charming or offensive. Read the review. Write your own review for Revel Concerta2 M16
  13. Ed Selley

    Monitor Audio Gold 100 Standmount Speaker Review & Comments

    Monitor Audio has launched the 5th generation of their Gold loudspeakers. Does the smallest member - the Gold 100 - shake up the premium standmount market? Read the review. Write your own review for Monitor Audio Gold 100
  14. Ed Selley

    Eclipse TD510 Mk2 Standmount Speaker Review & Comments

    Can you really produce a convincing full range performance from a single, relatively small driver? Eclipse thinks you can and the TD510Mk2 is here to strut its stuff. Read the review. Write your own review for Eclipse TD510Mk2
  15. Real Ramona

    Speaker downsizing advice needed - goodbye to big Tannoys?

    I have owned for many years a pair of Tannoy Mayfair T225. These are late 70's units, floorstanding each with a single 10" dual concentric speaker with a passive radiator below. Big warm sound, great with jazz and classical, which I like - not a lot of cop on rock music, which I also like but...
  16. Ed Selley

    Wharfedale D320 Standmount Speaker Review & Comments

    Wharfedale says their D300 Series speakers are the most advanced they’ve ever made. At £200 does this mean the D320 is the bargain of the year? Read the review. Write your own review for Wharfedale D320
  17. Ed Selley

    Fyne Audio F301 Standmount Speaker Review & Comments

    Does the world need another affordable standmount speaker? When it comes to Fyne Audio we might be persuaded to let a new member into the club. Read the review. Write your own review for Fyne Audio F301
  18. Ed Selley

    Mission QX2 Standmount Speaker Review & Comments

    Mission wowed us with the ultra affordable LX Series and now it is moving up the price points. Can the QX Series deliver the goods? Read the review. Write your own review for Mission QX-2
  19. LukasSmrcka

    Question Scansonic standmounts/subwoofer alternative to Scansonic MB-2.5 floorstanders

    Hi, I would like to ask you for an advice. I am choosing new speakers for my living room. I am replacing active studio monitors Adam P22A that does not fit to my new apartment. I have tried Scansonic MB 2.5 floor standing speaker and really love the sound (the test was done in my apartment)...
  20. Ed Selley

    Dynaudio Special Forty Standmount Speaker Review & Comments

    For their fortieth anniversary, Dynaudio has built themselves a present in the form of the Special Forty- is it a cause to celebrate? Read the review. Write your own review for Dynaudio Special Forty
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