1. A

    Question Panasonic TX-55HZ1000B - Safe to leave on Standby?

    Two days before Christmas our TX-55CX680B just stopped working, changed the fuse in the plug but still nothing. After a quick call to the local Panasonic shop I went and bought a TX-55HZ1000B. As it all happened was so quickly I didn't have time to do research as I normally would. One thing...
  2. K


    Hey everyone I'm having so many issues with this TV. Only had it a week and already on a different thread about judder but tonight this set has really screwed up. I have every single hdmi control set to off on devices and also on the TV. Including HDMI-CEC and eARC. I've had to reset at least...
  3. ignition15

    Question Prevent auto standby on soundbar when listening through ps4 headphones?

    Hello The issue. I have my multiple HDMI devices passing through an active switcher into a Philips HTL5140 soundbar, which is then connected to the ARC input on the TV. Video and audio is being passed through the soundbar. One of these devices is a PS4. The issue: When I need to use my...
  4. Breaking Dad

    Question Player gets warm even in standby.

    Why would my UB300 Panasonic BD player get so warm while in standby? The metal plate on the underside of the player gets quite hot, which I assume means it consuming a fair amount of power as well?
  5. N

    GZ 950 OLED TV power supply squealing and ticking in standby mode

    Hey, I just got the GZ950 and I'm experiencing some pretty weird noises coming from the power supply in standby mode, when the TV is turned off. Upon about 10 seconds after switching the TV off to standby, there's a distinct "click" in the power supply and immediately a (not too loud but...
  6. erics3

    Onkyo 1100 stuck in standby.

    Onkyo RZ 1100 blinking standby and no function of any kind. Any ideas?
  7. billywhizz47

    TX-65DX750B Switching to standby on menu button push

    Hi All, Your help please. TX-65DX750B powers up ok providing there are no other connections. In this state it will sit powered up on the notification/weather screen, you can select any item on the screen with the arrow buttons and it will display the information. If however you choose the menu...
  8. P

    Looking for a smaller TV with unlimited stand by

    Hi, I have a need for a TV that can be left in standby mode indefinitely. It will be connected to a videoconferencing unit. It needs to pop on when the VC (also in standby) receives a call. Size anywhere from 27"-42". Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  9. 1

    Question TV wakes from standby every 5 mins (On average)

    My TV’s system comes out of standby every 5 minutes, on average. (The screen remains off.) This is harmful as it increases electrical consumption thus damaging the environment. It also interrupts sound from my soundbar. There seems to be no pattern. I monitored it for an hour and a half and it...
  10. CharlieR

    Automatic Standby on Panasonic DMR-HWT250

    When automatic standby is switched off it won't allow rewind of live tv. Is there a way round this as it seems strange that you would need auto stand by anyway You go on out or on holiday and you set some recordings, if the unit has went into stand by you can't record or is there something I'm...
  11. rba

    Question Arcam Solo Movie (blu ray) 5.1 HDMI pass through in standby mode

    Hello Friends, Hope you all well. Plaining to purchase Arcam Solo Movie 5.1 (3rd edition, 2016) and I'll extremely appreciate if anyone will please let me know (from his own experience): if this receiver allows hdmi pass through when the receiver is in standby mode? (for those times I just...
  12. U

    Inuke DSP Standby Power Consumption

    I've just been checking the power consumption on my recently installed Inuke 3000 DSP amp. Whilst it was switched off on the button on the front and no lights on / no fans spinning my wattmeter shows it consuming 35watts. Seems to be a lot of watts for a device that is physically switched off...
  13. Kiki09

    50 pz570t flashing standby, could this just be caps?? Thanks

    Anyone help
  14. TheBlueRaja

    Question LG OLED55C7 - 50W usage in Standby / Off When using remote - 0W when using button

    Hi All, I bought one of those killawatt things to monitor my energy use and i noticed that my OLED pulls around 45 - 50W whilst turned "off" by using the remote control - if i turn it off using the button at the back of the telly it drops to next to nothing. Now this is with Quick Start+, the...
  15. W

    Question Samsung LE32B450C4W stuck in standby

    Hi all, I often use these forums as a resource but this is the first time I've needed actual help. I'm a small time DIY repairer so don't have instant access to a fancy scope, just a boggo multimeter and a big hammer. This TV uses the LTF320AP06 chassis, with a HANAR02-32HD v1.2 PSU, and Saturn...
  16. G

    LG OLED55E7 random standby, and other issues

    Hi, I have an LG OLED55E7 which has worked well for 8 months, but in the past few weeks the family have noticed a few glitches, most annoyingly the TV putting itself into standby at random times. Usually a few seconds are switching it on, but it has occurred after using it for a few hours...
  17. Linkadventurer

    Question Eltax Liberty 712 Subwoofer makes Loud booming pop sound when going onto standby

    Hi everyone :) I have recently purchased an old Eltax liberty 712 subwoofer. ever since I have plugged it in, Every time the subwoofer goes to standby from I get a very loud booming pop and it makes me jump through the ceiling every time. I know this can't be good for the subwoofer... Or my...
  18. Doctor Congo

    Hitachi L32HP032 A start-up from standby problem.

    Good evening. My parents have an Hitachi L32HP032-A television. It is around 8 years old. For the past week or so there has been a problem with it turning on. Normally when in standby the TV light shows red and when turned on blue. Now when pressing the power button on the remote the TV...
  19. AlanX

    Question Do Panasonic OLEDs run compensation cycles in standby?

    Question as title. Also do they offer things like LG's 'Clear Panel Noise', Screen Shift and screen saver options?
  20. raz25

    Answered Samsung TV displays no standby light, return or repair?

    Hi everyone, about a week ago I bought a Samsung 58MU6120 and while i had some minor problems with it (mainly some wireless connection related) I decided to keep it because I finally got a TV that had no bleed. However, yesterday everything changed as the TV doesn't turn on anymore and it...
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