Stand may refer to:
A grove of trees
To assume the upright position of standing
Stand (cricket), a relationship between two players
Stand, Greater Manchester, a residential area in England
STAND (organization) (originally "Students Taking Action Now: Darfur"), a student-led movement to end mass atrocities
The Stand Comedy Club, in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle upon Tyne
ST And, a variable star
A food business:
Fruit stand
Hot dog stand
Lemonade stand

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  1. Danoptic

    For Sale AVF Winchester Black TV Stand for up to 55"

    AVF Winchester Black TV Stand for up to 55" TVs, 1 year old. This is a high quality TV stand which as from the last photo was to small when I upgraded my TV. It has a glass top and a glass middle shelf for a sound bar or anything of your choice. This cost £260 last year. Collection only £100
  2. W

    Sony a75k does it come with..

    Hi Does the Sony 55a75k come with screws to fix it to this? see photo. are they one and the same you use for the TV foot/stand? thank you
  3. Ataripower

    For Sale Optimum Prelude 4000 - Premium Quality Glass HiFi Stand - OPT4000SLB

    Optimum Prelude 4000 - Premium Quality Glass Hi Fi Stand - OPT4000SLB - RRP £429.95 Super high quality TV/HIFI Stand in excellent condition. This configuration is with the upgraded 10mm thicker glass option. 4 Shelf Glass Hi-Fi Rack or Stand W610mm x D520mm x Height is configurable 10mm Glass...
  4. I

    Do you still own a stand alone Calculator?

    My Uncle still uses some old relic from the 1990s, surprised it still works. Apparently the first ones that came out were silly expensive and chewed through batteries. :D
  5. L

    Floor stand for Blue Yeti

    Does anyone know just the right mic stand for the Blue Yeti ? I'm currently using a 'Hola Music' one. Only thing is, the mic is sitting down on the shock mount, heavy, and I'm constantly worried about it damaging the ropes, therefore deducting sound quality, ANY help would be wiked!
  6. mikeh71

    For Sale Pioneer PDP-507XD

    Pioneer PDP-507XD, purchased in 2007 and has been unused for the last 2/3 years. It is a great TV for someone who is still interested in owning a great plasma. It comes with remote and stand and is in very good condiiton. Any questions then please ask ... photos to follow ..
  7. u8myufo

    Another motorised tv lift stand.

    Thought I would post on the off chance that someone is using a motorised floor standing tv lift. if so can anyone recommend a brand that is around £200, reliable, fairly quiet in operation and lastly not too much of a slouch to raise the tv up? There are a few on Fleebay which most seem...
  8. G

    For my UST projector do I need an exact height stand?

    Hi i have recently purchased an 100” ALR screen and I’m a little confused as to how best to house the projector. The projector recommends the top of the stand be 38cm from the bottom of a 100” screen but I’m having trouble finding an exact match in terms of stand height. As Ultra Short Throw...
  9. garreth64

    For Sale Alphason AV/Hi-Fi stand. 5 Glass shelves

    Alphason AV/Hi-Fi stand/rack, With 5 glass shelves and cable management riser. Used but good condition. Collection only from Solihull area, due to size/weight/fragility. Also for sale elsewhere.
  10. D

    Stand recommendations for Pioneer PDP-5080HD

    Hello all... new here as you can see. I have had the above TV for about 15 years and it is still going strong but it has been replaced and is being "demoted" to our master bedroom. I no longer have the original stand (see 15 years old and it was wall mounted). I am now on the hunt for a...
  11. S

    Is it safe to lay the TV down flat?

    I bought a 48" Sony KD48A9 yesterday used and without the table top stand. I have this coming from Amazon imminently In order to mount the vertical strips to the back of the TV I'll have to lay it flat... Knowing the screen is super thin and delicate I plan on gently laying it flat on a bed...
  12. kavar

    For Sale 2 x SliceCharge Pro with Stand Kits (price drop)

    Two Slice Charge Pros for sale, both come with pads and charging bricks and the original cable. 40 pounds each. Postage 5 pounds.
  13. HMTB

    Slightly raising a tv on a stand to fit a soundbar

    I'm looking to buy a new tv, soundbar and tv stand. I think I have found a stand I like, but it has only 1 proper shelf for my PS5 and 4k player. This means the tv and soundbar need to be on the top of the stand - I don't want to wall mount the tv. The depth of the tv stand is 45cm and the tv's...
  14. C

    Samsung Q990B speaker stand recommendations please :)

    Hi All I've just ordered the Q990B after fellow members persuaded me on a earlier post, I now need to order some speaker stands. The rear speakers will have to go either side of this sofa on the corners: On the right hand side theres not much space so I think I'll need to get a speaker stand...
  15. M

    For Sale Atacama Equinox AVI SE TL - Atacama Cantilever 2 Shelf TV Stand

    collection bl5 3ej £100
  16. Barrovian

    Stand for 65 LZ series - Suggestions please

    Hi, I'm looking at purchasing a Panasonic 65 LZ Oled. Mrs. Barrovian would prefer a 55" set, but has agreed to a 65" on condition that it is on a stand in the corner of the room, that the stand should allow the set to swivel, be as unobtrusive as possible and incorporate a mount for a soundbar...
  17. password1

    Do battery powered stand alone cameras exist?

    Do standalone cameras exist that don't need a WiFi or cellphone/ SIM card or subscription? Records onto memory card at least 480 or 720 resolution (or see faces clearly) which I can view on my phone or laptop without buying special software. I don't want to get the ladder out every fortnight...
  18. R

    Boom mic stand

    Looking for a boom mic that'll hold Radio shack digital sound pressure meter (threaded hole) Umik1 microphone Tonewinner stick microphone Anthem avm60 micophone Any recommendations?
  19. B

    A90J 55inch - alternative stand

    I'm considering investing in the A90J55 and wondered if there were any alternative stands that could be fixed to the wall mounting fixings to allow me to use an existing TV corner piece of furniture. The stand design of the TV is too long for my furniture i.e. the legs will drop off both ends...
  20. Digger

    LG C2 55" Stand Availability

    Yet to get the TV - but I would more than likely get a second stand so that I can get one of them spray painted or painted a darker colour - the colour of the B2 stand is a perfect gunmetal grey for example. Has anyone ever done this & where did you obtain the stand? I have approached LG &...
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