1. J

    SVS PC-2000 - Speaker Stand

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of upgrading from my current PB-1000 sub which is lacking a bit in my room to dual PC-2000s. There seems to be a good deal at the moment if I buy 2 PC-2000s and I don't mind the bin type shape. At the front, my set up is that I have 3 large speakers which I've got...
  2. R

    Finding the Right TV Stand for 77" or 83" OLED

    I’m considering getting either the 77” or 83” LG C1 OLED, which apparently weigh about 32kg and 42kg respectively. I’m trying to figure out whether they will fit on my current AV stand. The top shelf of the stand is tempered glass and has the following approximate dimensions: Width 110cm...
  3. mambo1888

    For Sale Garmin Approach S62 - Ogio Silencer Stand Bag - Golf Impact Screen

    Garmin Approach S62 Selling my Garmin S62 golf GPS watch, I think its a great gps watch for golf but I prefer my Apple Watch for day to day use so going to stick with Apple watch and look at some apps for my golf needs. No box or manual etc just the watch and a charging cable. Prefer cash on...
  4. PaulDavidThomas

    For Sale LG 55" OLED £500 - LG EF950V With Desk Stand and Wall mounting kit - Stunning Picture

    I purchased this new from Curry's in 2016 for £2,499. Since then it has been used for one to years. The reason for this is I have moved 5 times and most of the time it has been boxed up as I buy and refurbish houses, when I go through the sale process I tend to not have a big TV on the wall. I...
  5. judethedude

    Removing LG 77” CX OLED from stand and wall mounting.

    I have an LG 77” CX that is currently mounted on the stand but I now want to mount onto the wall. I can fix the wall mounting brackets to the back of the TV while it is still on the stand but then obviously have to disconnect the TV from the stand to mount it on the wall. Can anyone that has...
  6. F

    Trouble with LG c1 65 stand

    So I am setting up the stand and having issues getting the little plastic prongs on the back of the stand to insert into the holes on the back of the TV. I have watched videos and I can see the prongs don't go all the way in but I can't get mine in at all, it seems like the stand is being...
  7. G

    C1 Stand Options

    I’m interested in getting a 65” LG C1, but the width of the stand is a bit of an issue for me. I’ve got a Sonos PlayBase which I would want the new TV to either sit on top of, or straddle over, but the stand on the C1 is a fair bit wider than the PlayBase. Is there any way to fit an alternative...
  8. A

    For Sale LG TK10 Stand (LG 8/9/X compatible)

    Hi all. I'm selling the above genuine lg stand and soundbar mount which is brand new and sealed. Works perfectly with the SN11RG AND 65CX surprisingly. It's this one:
  9. Alfa Male

    Tannoy Arena Stand Ideas?

    Morning all..... I've bought a 7.1 set of Tannoy Arenas and want to wall mount the satellites. Problem is I'm struggling to find anything suitable that looks good - the maker's stands don't seem to come up for sale on their own and 'universal' eBay specials look clumsy to my eyes. A small...
  10. R

    About cooling stand ps5

    I saw cooling stand PS5 with 2 fans on YouTube . My question is this cooling stand good or no 2. Is it important for ps5 or no
  11. Alan Weir 1

    Speaker stand costs

    Why do speaker stands cost so much? Looking to upgrade my system and been quoted around a grand for two stumps of metal and some screws Also I do have a pair of perfectly serviceable stands at home. Does anyone know of any companies that could manufacture new top plates to fit new stands? At...
  12. M

    Sonos/Ikea Symfonisk Standard - Stand in UK

    Hi, I have added 2 Symfonisk box speakers to my Sonos Beam. They work quite nicely together and I am pretty chuffed with the sound. However, I am now looking for a better stand that fit the speakers. I know sell possibly the best ones, but they are being shipped out of NL and hence...
  13. mossikukulas

    LG 55UP75006LF - new stand and colour calibration help?

    Hi all last week I bought the LG 55UP75006LF from Richer Sounds and so far I've been pretty happy with the picture and colour quality. Is there a guide on how best to calibrate the colours on these TVs or is it down to personal preference? Also the stand seems a bit flimsy for a TV that's so...
  14. D

    Stand for avr, centre speaker and turntable?

    Hello does anybody have a recommendation for these. I could have the centre speaker separate. But wondered if there was something for all 3 underneath a screen? Thanks
  15. J

    Tv stand for sony49 xh9505

    Hi,can anyone recommend a tv stand for the above,my corner unit is too small,thanks
  16. snerky

    Customisable stand manufacturer

    Hi all, earlier this year I found some threads on here about a manufacturer that custom made AV cabinets with a selectable number of tiers, and optional (very simple) cable management. They were just simple minima-looking wood shelves, really. Does anyone recall who I might be thinking of...
  17. W

    PS5 disc version measurement horizontal on stand

    PS5 disc version measurement horizontal on stand - anyone care to accurately measure for me please? Hi all, currently have my PS5 stood up behind TV I'd like to re-arrange my AV stuff Which means, taking out my PS4, moving the Virgin box to one side then- Sitting my Dali Oberon Vokal in the...
  18. 1

    I’m looking for a tv stand for a 98”

    It weighs 88kg. The stands I’ve found in Google searches and on eBay only support up to 70” and 50kg. It’s an LG 98LS95D. Does anyone know of a stand? Thanks
  19. J

    Generic pedestal TV stand

    Has anyone used any of the generic TV predestal stands available on amazon, who could share their opinion? I have a 46" Samsung TV (with 400 x 400 VESA holes on back), and I'll soon be getting my mother a 40" one too (that'll likely needs a third party pedestal to fit on her narrow TV stand)...
  20. Drax1

    The Last Stand - New Eddie Murphy Standup Documentary (TBC)

    There's a new documentary about Eddie Murphy's long overdue return to standup on the way -
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