1. P

    Question TV Stand

    Bit of a long shot, but does anybody know where or if I can get a table top type stand for my Fujitsu P50XHA58 series. Want to put it on a cabinet.
  2. G

    Any 43-50 inch TV with stand whose depth is 17 cm?

    Dear Forum. Do you know of any 43-50 inch TV which with stand is less than 17cm (6.6 inches)? It needs to fit on a shelve that size. I have been also trying to find a search engine with that depth variable and sadly haven't found one. I have been to two stores and the answer is to go one by...
  3. S

    Wanted Pioneer LX-5090 Table Stand

    Hello, Does anyone have a Pioneer table stand they'd be willing to part with? Looking for models PDK-TS33A or TS36B for my LX-5090. If you know any other Pioneer stands that fit this model please let me know. Thanks, Saajan
  4. R

    For Sale XBox One X 1TB plus stand and 2 games

    Selling my Xbox One X 1TB, plus the stand and a couple of games. In excellent condition, barely used. It comes with the original packaging, power cable and controller. The games are Star Wars Battlefront and Call of Duty. A couple of years old, so not the latest versions. The Call of Duty game...
  5. R

    For Sale Nest 3rd gen thermostat with stand and heat link

    Model display 3.4 Used and in good condition Selling as I’ve moved to Hive Please ask for any further details.
  6. aro03

    For Sale Dynaudio Stand 20 Speaker Stands

    Like new pair of Dynaudio Stand 20 Speaker Stands in black satin for sale. Purchased 1 month ago and assembled for testing, but otherwise unused and in perfect condition. Comes with original packaging and can be shipped. Manufacturer's page: Stand 20 £375
  7. J

    stand from c9 on a b8

    Hi does anyone know if the stand from a c9 will fit on to a b8 tv ? I ve lost my b8 stand thanks.
  8. imortalzZ

    Wanted Note 10 Protective Stand Case (silver)

    Long shot but is anyone selling a Note 10 official protective stand case in silver? May be interested in other branded ones. (Yes i like collecting phone cases 😄) Just to clarify, for Note 10. Not Plus! Thanks
  9. W

    Wanted Alphason New Concept Hifi stand (incomplete or damaged is OK)

    Anybody got an Alphason New Concept Hifi stand they don't need. The black composite plastic type (about 600mm wide) - not the glass shelf type. It doesn't matter if its incomplete or damaged as I only want one or two shelves and the pillars and tie rods.
  10. Ivor_Biggern

    Wanted Alphason AG94 stand in silver

    Hi, I'm after an Alphason AG94 stand in silver, ideally with the updated bracket. Can collect around the North West/ Cheshire areas. Thanks
  11. D

    For Sale Cyrus Audio System - Streamline 2, CDT Transport, Tri-Arbour Stand

    Excellent example of well cared for Cyrus setup that comprises a Streamline 2 Integrated Amp/Streamer, CDT CD Transport, Tri-Arbour Stand, remote control and original boxes, Streamline 2 was sent back to Cyrus a couple of months back for firmware upgrade and brand new box/packaging material...
  12. N

    Question Stand for Sony 4K

    Hi, all. I have a new Sony 4K (270ES) projector which I can't wall or ceiling mount. I need a tall stand which extends around 2 to 3 feet over my head when I'm sat in my couch. Any suggestions please? It has to hold a minimum of 14kgs. Thanks, everyone
  13. C

    For Sale Soundstyle arca 300 av stand.

    Looking for a new home for our Soundstyle arca 300 av stand. It's in the dark walnut finish. Finish is a real wood veneer so can be sanded if required.. Twin doors. Center section has cloth grill that we replaced a few years back as the original was beige. Vented shelves and open rear...
  14. T

    For Sale Power A Vertical Stand for Xbox One X

    In great condition.
  15. I

    For Sale Lamicall Tablet/iPad Silver Metal Stand & Lamicall MacBook Laptop Riser Stand *RRP £45*

    Lamicall Silver Metal Laptop Stand Selling as silver doesn’t match my new Space Grey set-up, so selling to buy a new matching set! About 6 months old and still in excellent condition. RRP £29.99 on Amazon and the only stand with 89 reviews, all at 5 star! And Lamicall Silver Adjustable Tablet...
  16. C

    Wanted Monitor Audio centre speaker stand

    If anyone has a MA centre speaker stand that is unwanted and gathering dust, I'm looking for one for a PLC150. Thanks!
  17. Sci-Fi Geek

    For Sale Hi-Fi stand. Metal with glass shelves.

    For sale my old Sound Organisation Hi-Fi stand. Black open frame with 5 adjustable black glass shelves. Dimensions Height 92 cm, Width 51 cm, Depth 37 cm. Quite old, I purchased used in 2008. Has a missing end cap on one bottom end, some marks on upright sides. It is assembled at the...
  18. R

    For Sale Stands Unique HiFi Stand Cabinet in Mahogany with doors

    Stands Unique Hi-Fi Cabinet in Mahogany. Excellent condition, and very expensive when new. Comes with the optional cabinet doors and sides, which do well at keeping dust out. 88cm high x 72cm wide x 42cm deep 3 adjustable height glass shelves (plus the bottom and the top) Collection only as...
  19. D

    Question TV Stand and tilting

    I picked up the below stand and I don't know if I went somewhere wrong when putting it together as there is now a significant enough tilt (it's leaning back by a few degrees). Guessing this isn't normal but just wondering if anyone has come across this before...
  20. D

    Speaker Stand recommendations - Klipsch R-51M

    I'm building my first home theater setup, and I am looking for a good pair of speaker stands for my rear speakers, Klipsch R-51M. I've been looking at the Rockville 36" ones here: Amazon.com: Pair 36" Bookshelf Speaker Stands for Klipsch R-15PM Bookshelf Speakers: Home Audio & Theater, but...
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