1. jdeslip

    Stadia is Coming to Mexico

    At a Google for Mexico live event yesterday, Google announced it is expanding Stadia into Mexico. Mexico alone would bring Google Stadia to a territory with 130 million people. Increasing Stadia’s reach from 861 million to 991 million – a very significant 15% increase that is similar to their...
  2. J

    What are you currently playing?

    I see this forum isn't too active and I know Stadia isn't the most popular platform out there by a long shot. But let's get a small community going here in the AVForums. What are you currently playing and have you 100% any games on Stadia? I've only completed 2 games on the service, The...
  3. C

    8" 64bit tablet!

    It's driving me mad trying to find a reasonably priced (2nd hand even), about 8" tablet with a 64bit processor. Either I or Android. This is to fly my new DJI Mini 2 drone, the DJI Fly program to fly it requires a 64bit processor! Heres a screen shot of some typical tablets processors but...
  4. aVdub

    Bargain Stadia Premiere Edition - £19.99

    Best games currently on Stadia (for a novice player)?

    I've not been into gaming for many, many years but with the bargain price recently of £19.99 for the controller and Chromecast Ultra I couldn't resist. Due to being away from gaming for so long what games currently available on Stadia are worth trying? I have a 1 month free trial but will pay...
  6. T

    Free Stadia Pro controller and Chromecast Ultra.

    Just received and an email a couple of days back offering me a Pro controller and Chromecast Ultra for resubscribing to Stadia Pro for one month. I don't know if anyone else received this or not. I'd love to try to get into Stadia, and this might help me a bit more.
  7. M

    Cloud Gaming Survey

    Hello guys, currently I am writing my bachelor thesis regarding gaming/ cloud gaming at the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt. I would be thankful if you can participate and complete my survey while sharing your experience with Google Stadia and how satisfied you are. The survey takes...
  8. HeavenlyWarrior

    Stadia finally coming to Android TV devices

    About damn time I say, though I'm sure they had their reasons for it taking this long. I'm actually being tempted to sell the Stadia kit and the Google TV kit rebuy an Nvidia Shield as I'm a casual GeForce Now user too, and it has the ethernet port.
  9. HeavenlyWarrior

    Stadia closes internal studio to concentrate on third party publishers.

    Not sure if its been mentioned yet but Stadia has closed two of its internal studios to concentrate on growing its platform. Lots of grumbles on Twitter from people not actually looking into whats going on. Looks like Stadia recognises publishing exclusives are something you do when you're...
  10. T

    Google is shutting down it's in house development studios

    This just popped up today. I can see this being the beginning of the end for Stadia. They such little good stuff on Stadia, and what they do have is overpriced.
  11. G

    ChromeCast Ultra data usage, much higher than 10Mbps.

    Having tried Stadia on various devices phones, laptop, TV, and ChromeCast Ultra I always got the impression for what ever reason the games streamed via ChromeCast just looked 'better' on the TV than any other device, however the ChromeCast played badly with my TalkTalk Router and only worked...
  12. AnthonyG

    Cyberpunk 2077 on Stadia Opinions?

    I think like many people they are curious about the offer Google have on where if you buy Cyberpunk 2077 you get a Free Google Ultra and controller bundled with the game. I held off from taking the plunge as the ultimate question is how does it run compared to PS4 Pro version (nowhere has the...
  13. HeavenlyWarrior

    Xbox merging xCloud with Game Pass. Will this kill Stadia off?

    I've been a long time supporter of Stadia, with people refusing to hear out its value proposition in lieu of just trashing it for the sake of their existing tribalism now par for the course. This Xbox merging of services does have me worried though as it's throwing in access to over 200 games...
  14. G

    Anyone else tired Stadia yet?

    Not tried Stadia before but got an email about a free trial, and ongoing cost is only £8.99/month so why not try it. Didn't expect much, but actually very surprisingly playbale and given I needed to spend exactly £0 on new hardware am very tempted to keep it going after the free trial. Destiny...
  15. Spoonablehippo

    Google Stadia Connect Event: TODAY (28/4/30) @ 5pm GMT

    Watch via YouTube here: Stadia New games announcements and rumoured price drop of Stadia Premier Edition bundle to £99! (But take that with a pinch of salt for now)
  16. Spoonablehippo

    AVForum Stadia Friend Exchange

    Thought I better get one of these going lol If you want to add your name to the list, please do so using the format below. AVF Username | Stadia Name Forum Name | Stadia Name @Spoonablehippo | Spoonablehippo#1633 @BMox81 | BMox81#8271 @Timalay | Timalay#9598
  17. HeavenlyWarrior

    120 games coming & Stadia Base tier coming "over the next few months"

    Hi, Doesn't seem to be much action on this forum so I thought I'd add some tidbits that you probably already know. 4K Stadia is rolling out on Chromebooks as we speak in addition to now being available on select gaming phones and most newer generation Samsung handsets. Google will be...
  18. D

    BT bundles Google Stadia with broadband offers

    " BT has become the first European distribution partner for Stadia, Google’s new cloud gaming platform. The partnership will see BT and Google deliver cloud gaming via this new-generation platform to more UK consumers as well as see the two companies work together on initiatives designed to...
  19. BMox81

    Stadia Pro

    Figured it would be worth a separate thread much like the PS+ and Games with Gold threads. Stadia Pro games as of November 2019: Destiny 2 Samurai Showdown Upcoming Games in December: Farming Simulator 19 Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
  20. F

    Question Looking for a cheap around £30 digital compact camera with a big zoom for use at stadium concerts ?

    Hell I am look for a digital compact camera with a big zoom for concerts and sporting events like WWE and stadium gigs. I currently have Fuji Bridge camera which is good for most things like NFL games and other stuff . However at concerts and some events big cameras are not allowed. So I...
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