1. G

    Marantz SR6013 Frustrating Protection Mode Issue.

    I have a Marantz SR6013. It failed after a few months blowing the output transistors in the Front Left channel of the 5 Channel Amp board. This was fixed by Marantz under guarantee. Two years later the amp (now out of guarantee) fails again & enters protection mode. I asked a couple of repair...
  2. T

    Marantz SR 6013 - Protection mode. What next?

    I've had two trouble free years with the SR 6013 but after watching a couple of hours of a movie at the weekend , mostly at around -5db, it shut down suddenly. Pressing the power on button results in it switching on briefly and shutting off, with the power light flashing red every .5 of a...
  3. B

    HDMI keeps disconnecting on Projector (BenQ W2700 + Marantz SR6013)

    Hi! I am pretty new to AV equipment so my knowledge is very limited. I'll try my best to give as much details as possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated! My current setup, Amplifier: Marantz 6013 Speakers: 5.2 setup Projector: BenQ W2700 Used to run HDMI v1.4 cable connecting my...
  4. nabhaite

    How to connect external Bluetooth transmitter to Marantz SR6013?

    I am trying to connect an external Bluetooth transmitter to the Marantz SR6013 AVR so that I can connect two headphones to it (and listen to both headphones) simultaneously. Bluetooth transmitter came with a 3.5mm aux cable, an optical cable, and an RCA cable. The only way I was able to connect...
  5. Eugene Zekai

    Marantz PM5005 as Power Amp for SR6013

    Hello, I was wondering if you could use PM5005 as a power amp for SR6013, which is 11 channel processing but only has power for 9. Currently, bi-amping L/R from SR6013 but I have been told that an external amp might improve the sound. My end goal is to have 5.1.4 with bi-amping the fronts...
  6. S

    Loss of Amazon Music Ultra HD on Marantz SR6013

    Evening everyone - happy apocolypse etc etc. Apologies if this has come up already (searched and couldn't find). Since the latest update to HEOS where they moved Amazon Music out of the HEOS app and made an Alexa skill a requirement I have been unable to stream in Ultra HD quality. This was...
  7. J

    Bridging Channels Between Marantz SR6013 and MM7055

    Question; I have a Marantz SR6013 which is a 9.1 AV receiver 140 watts FTC that I’m currently amping with a Marantz MM7055 which is a 5 channel 140 watts FTC. I was playing around with the setup today, as I have many more speakers and I decided to see if you could bi amp or bridge amps by taking...
  8. G

    Streaming movies on a Marantz SR6013.

    What setting should I use when streaming movies on a Marantz SR6013? Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos, THX...? I hate to sound ignorant but shouldn't there be a setting which automatically decides what to do? Or how do you pick? Long story short I set up a 9.2 system that never sounds right. All...
  9. M

    Marantz or Newer Denon

    Hi, Am just getting back into AV and following an internal reshuffle I now have a dedicated room for home cinema set up. Starting with a new receiverI need 3 outputs ideally to feed the home cinema, lounge and family room so I’m looking at either the Marantz sr6013 that can be bought for £699...
  10. H

    NEWS: Marantz SR5013 and SR6013 AV Receivers announced

    Marantz announces a brace of new AVRs with support for all the latest audio and video formats along with added features and improved components. Read the news.
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