1. wuffles

    Atmos 5.1.4 speaker placement in a square room

    You'd think it'd be quite easy to work out speaker locations, but referring to the Dolby Atmos placement pictures, I've got myself confused. First image has overhead rear Atmos speakers effectively behind the rear surrounds. Then further down the same document that appears reversed. I'm...
  2. S

    Question Square room help

    Hello all, hope someone can help with my square room I know it’s not ideal for bass response, it’s 4m x 4m with a double door opening to the right of where I sit and a 10 feet window to the left of me , I’m a metre away from back wall ,ive added pics , bass from my front towers is not great in...
  3. D

    Question Square visible with abundance of Yellow

    Hi everyone, I have a LG - OLED55C7V TV. which had performed a pixel refresher a few days back. I have noticed that when there's a abundance of yellow on the screen a visible square is displayed in the middle of the screen as shown here https://i.imgur.com/CKdLudi.jpg I don't think this is...
  4. C

    ATC SCM40 VS Spendor D7 VS Wilson Benesch Square 3

    Looking for a floorstander with a £4 to £5K budget. Can't be too big, must have a quality Oak finish - wife's input. Have an home audition with the Wilson Benesch Square 3 over 2nd May bank holiday. Arranged a home audition of the ATC SCM 40's over first May bank holiday. Looking to do the same...
  5. B

    please advice i am getting square eyes, looking at 55 inches of joy

    i was helped by dodge originally but haven't pulled the trigger yet. i have regrettably increased my budget by saving an extra month. originally i wanted to spend 1k ish on tv and decent soundbar.. i have moved the posts slightly since initial reseach and can spend abit more i was impressed...
  6. ashenfie

    Question Odd white square appearing onscreen

    I wonder if any one else has seen this happen. It only lasts a few seconds . It a square around 5mm diagonal. The centre of the square in normal picture. It appears for around 5 seconds once in a while and I mean once in a while say every 2-3 days. Aways in the same place top right about 5cm...
  7. IGC

    The Square (Blu-ray / May 2018 / Curzon / Ruben Östlund)

    IMDb Strange little film with Dominic West & the excellent Elizabeth Moss. Top notch from Ruben Östlund. USA only has a DVD. Oscar nominated too.
  8. S

    Square room seating position and sub position / set up.

    Hi, hoping for some advice around subwoofer selection / placement in square room. The room is 19 ft wide by 19 ft long x 7.5ft high. I'll be projecting probably onto a 106 inch screen. I had planned my seating position along the centre of the room but now understand that might be bad for...
  9. raigraphixs

    The Square (16 March 2018) directed by Ruben Östlund

    Cannes Palme d’Or Winner “The Square” “an excoriating razor-burn of a movie that deploys drollery like an instrument of torture” and a “schadenfreude boomerang. Elisabeth Moss, Dominic West, Terry Notary, and Christopher Læssø, Reviews A-...
  10. S

    Explosion In Turin Square

    Hi All, Was just learning about the incident on London Bridge via online news but sadly also learn't that there was an explosion in a square in Turin this evening where many Juventus fans were located: BREAKING: Terrified Juventus fans run from square after 'explosion' heard in Turin
  11. K

    Question Square pixel vs diamond pixel?

    Hi all, I've been researching on buying an LED portable projector and I've come across on the topic of pixel layout. Please can someone elaborate more on the square pixel vs diamond pixel, pros and cons? I will be using it for movies and games and maybe some desktop use. Thanks
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