1. Towner

    Wanted Spotify Premium - Codes or Cards

    Hello, just looking to see if anyone has any Spotify Premium codes or cards unused that they need to move on? Thank you.
  2. Edgie70

    Spotify premium question

    Hi all , I have Spotify premium and when I play Spotify via my Yamaha sound bar it says I'm getting pcm audio , is pcm a good quality audio ?? Was thinking of going over to Tidal .
  3. L

    Spotify Question

    I've been listening to a recently released album on Spotify, I'm on my third time through. The strange thing is that I've not had a single advert on any of my listens. I'm not signed up for Premium. Why would this be?
  4. ahaydock

    Bluesound Node 2i: Apple Lossless Airplay Vs Spotify Connect?

    As the title says really curious to know technically which would sound better when using my Node 2i: Apple lossless via airplay using my iPhone or Spotify Connect?
  5. RBZ5416

    Autoplay on Spotify Connect

    Does anyone have this working on any device? When streaming directly to my laptop or phone, the autoplay feature works as it should. As soon as I connect either to my Arcam SR250 the feature is lost. It still shows as enabled in settings but playback stops at the end of an album. Google...
  6. the groundsman

    Volume Normalisation on Spotify

    I've struggled with this for a while. Music from different genres and decades plays at very different volumes on Spotify connect. Most of my listening is from Spotify supplemented with a few locally held files of some obscure stuff that is not on Spotify via a range of different things. Mostly...
  7. A

    Why does spotify sound different using sky q app

    So I have spotify premium on my phone samsumg s10 I have sky Q and I used the spotify app on sky q thinking I would get much better sound as it's all hard wired using my phone I use Bluetooth or heos But using the sky q spotify app my music has much less bass and sounds tinny through my phone...
  8. E

    Spotify Autoplay on Marantz NR1200/HEOS

    I have a new Marantz NR1200 and I have been enjoying it especially for music, however one thing annoys me a lot. I mostly use Spotify Connect to play music through the NR1200 but when I do music doesn't autoplay after the song or album I've played finishes. Normally when I use Spotify on my...
  9. S

    Spotify Hi Fi here at last?

    Hi, I'm not sure whether I'm hearing things but I got a survey from Spotify last night. I started completing it and it laid out the plan options. I back arrowed to check something and the survey disappeared but not before I noticed that it said Hi-Fi now available. The sound seems much better...
  10. Doctor Smith

    Amazon unlimited questions.

    Due to Spotify price increase I'm thinking of trying Amazon unlimited as correct offer gives you 4 months free. A few questions first. Is the family plan £14.99 on top of my 7.99 prime subscription or is the £14.99 prime and unlimited together? Can I listed to it on an apple device? How does...
  11. Apollo83

    StatsForSpotify: Who do you listen to most?

    I'm sure many of you know about this already, but I recently discovered Stats for Spotify, a site maintained by Spotify that allows you to view your most frequently listened to artists and tracks across specified time spans... So...
  12. A

    Looking for a Freeview HD recorder with spotify app

    can anyone tell me of a freeview HD recorder that will allow me to access apps - specifically the spotify app Many thanks
  13. A

    Help with getting spotify onto my hifi system set up

    I'm in UK. Looking to get some kind of media player that connects to internet and allow me to get the spotify app on and also connect to my hi-fi system via RCA (red/white) connectors. As always budget is tight but I would appreciate any help. Many thanks
  14. Sluggster

    Will aMac Mini do what I want it to?

    I was going to get the new version of the Apple TV 4K (2021) but it does not appear to be much of an upgrade from the older version. I‘m now considering a Mac Mini 2021 with the new non Intel chipset. Before moving forward I would like to make sure it will do what I want it to first. It must be...

    Marantz NR1200 Spotify Connect display cycle

    I have the Marantz NR1200 with Dali Oberon 3 and I am very happy with this. When playing from Spotify Connect to the receiver, the display on the unit shows "Spotify". However, when pressing the status button on the unit, I can cycle through artist name, song name and album name. Apparently...
  16. T

    Spotify Connect - Schiit Modi3+ USB vs TV Toslink Help

    Hi Everyone, I need abit of help - Im new to this and abit confused. I've repurposed some old HiFi (Amp & Speaker) into my lounge. I recently purchased a schiit Modi 3+ DAC and have connected my NUC to it via USB and my TV via Toslink. Ive got Spotify on my NUC, and Spotify on my Sony TV...
  17. topgazza

    Spotify Price Increase

    Price of premium package going up from £14.99 to £16.99. Huge increase and I am now discussing dropping the service altogether. Spotify is one of the better streaming services for me but this is becoming unsustainable. Increases in video streaming are also becoming unsustainable as quality is...
  18. Everything Goes

    Spotify Car Thing for older cars

    If you have an older car which doesn't have Android Auto or Apple Car Play and would like to use Spotify on a big screen and voice control, then help may be close at hand. For almost 2 years Spotify have been working on such a device called Car Thing. They are running a trial in the USA and it's...
  19. MirekL

    Streamer with Amazon HD and Spotify without connected phone

    Hi all, I used to have Sonos as my streamed audio source. I was mainly using Spotify. Yes, I know about music quality limitation but the overall user experience was great. After I've upgraded my system I've ended up with Anthem and PlayFi. Don't get me wrong - it sounds amazing and I love it...
  20. danjstratford

    Yamaha WXC50 and Alexa/spotify

    Hi new to forum here to please excuse me if Ive posted in wrong area or anything. have just bought a couple of the wxc50 streamers to use in our new home bar and outdoor area. I can get these to work with Alexa and ask them to turn volume up and down etc and change input HOWEVER.... I can’t...
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